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Adam’s (Cheap) Horror Pick: 6 Souls

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Cheap as in…. well, not amazing.

The only reason I fought the urge to ignore yet another “demonic possession” movie scoring a whopping 4% on Rotten Tomatoes was the protagonist role accredited to the ever-lovely Julianne Moore. The ageless ginger has constantly saved difficult movie after difficult movie for me with her tremendous acting ability and today is no different- though, this time she can only do so much to bolster this pained script. Honestly, I wonder if she was friends with the director or owed her bookie a couple mil cause things production seemed sloppy at best.

6 Souls is an admittedly scary look at the intersection of multiple personality disorder and demonic possession (according to this film they mingle). Julianne plays the role of a critical psychologist who debunks cases of MPD (actually referred to in the psych world as Dissociative Identity Disorder… but that sounds less sexy to the audience). Called in on a special case by her father, she starts to question how her (quite handsome) subject can so perfectly portray the personalities of other dead actual living beings. Played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the “antagonist” of the film also adds some decent acting chops to the film but between the two of them it’s really not enough to call this film an actual success.

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Adam’s IGNORE This Movie Pick: The Lifeguard

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Oh Kristen, can’t you please just focus on finishing the Veronica Mars film?

The Lifeguard is a boring look at an existentially angsting 30-something (good god I hope she’s not pretending to be in her 20s) who quits “the rat race” lifestyle of big city living and working as a reporter to return to her sleepy town in Nowheresville to take up her old home with the rents’ and job at the local pool as a lifeguard. Already I can tell you’re clicking to the next article. Yes, this movie is much more for those looking for drama, a pseudo love story and for us 20-30 year olds who likely have too much time on our hand to think about the minutia of daily comings and goings as they/we search for meaning outside of “making money and being powerful“.

Kristen Bell is by all means a fine actor in this production and there’s nothing hoakey or bad about it, but good lord does this thing move slowly. Focusing on her sad return to a simpler time, this movie follows the older lifeguard as she slowly but surely falls for a high school senior (I think his name is David Lambert… he is MUCH too young for me to call hot, but he’s cute enough for those into that type). The story is painful as you watch the blond regress but eventually discover herself through the eyes of a younger and non-spoiled younger man. To be honest, I did NOT watch this one all the way through but saw enough to warn you about it.

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Movie Review: The Heat

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Melissa McCarthy returns to the big screen today alongside Sandra Bullock in the new comedy, The Heat. Bridesmaids director Paul Feig directs the film, so naturally I went in expecting another hilarious comedy.

The story has Sandra Bullock reprise her role from Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 as the stuck up FBI agent Sarah Ashburn, while McCarthy plays her unlikely, rough around the edges partner Shannon Mullins. The two have been unwillingly paired up and assigned to catching a drug lord. The two clashing personalities make for a hilarious combination and while predictable, garnered many laughs from yours truly.

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Movie Review: World War Z

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People have been talking about World War Z for a long time now, but not because of what you might think. The film, which boasts a massive 200 million dollar budget, has suffered numerous setbacks, rewrites and reshoots causing its release date pushed back form December 2012 until well… today.

Brad Pitt stars in and produces this epic Zombie flick, which suffers greatly from its rewrites. The movie is disjointed and scattered. With very little exposition, it is extremely difficult to find one character to be emotionally attached to. The scariest thing about the film, after an extremely well done opening which had me on the edge of my seat, was realizing that I had to sit through two more hours of mediocre acting from characters I don’t care at all about. If Brad Pitt wants to continue with classical horror genres, I’m sure Interview with a Vampire could use a revamp (pun not intended).

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Movie Review: Man Of Steel

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This was the big one folks, the big super hero movie of the year. Sure we had Iron Man 3 and we’re getting Thor 2 but DC had this one last shot to make a good Superman movie, and they totally succeeded.

With the mega success of the Marvel Movie universe, DC had to really show up to the party with all their new toys to make an impact. Lately the DC movies have not been the greatest (Green Lantern) or they have been completely missing (Why haven’t we gotten a Wonder Woman?), and with Marvel kicking ass well the pressure is definitely on. *** NOTE *** I am going to keep this as spoiler free as I can k?

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Movie Review: The Internship

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Last year at around this time I had mentioned how sick I was of Vince Vaughan playing the same characters in essentially different variations of the same movie. This year, when I heard that he had teamed up with his Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson for The Internship I have to say I got a little excited. The two have a crazy funny chemistry on screen that seems to turn out a hilarious movie. Unfortunately, hilarious would be an overstatement here.

The Internship, which Vaughn also co-wrote and co-produced is the equivalent of a 2 hour Google commercial, mixed with a PG rated Wedding Crashers with leading men who are 10 years older with jokes aimed at a crowd 10 year younger. While I was definitely laughing at certain parts of the film, it wasn’t enough to leave me satisfied and definitely not enough to warrant a second viewing.

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I’ll tell you right now, if this group of straighties had a couple gays at their brunch, things would NOT have turned out as disastrously as they did for these heteros. Without giving anything away (though the man in the hazmat suit on the cover of the poster doesn’t help much with keep up the “big surprise” of the film), It’s a Disaster surrounds the Sunday Brunch of 4 couples as they introduce new boyfriends, enjoy vegan cuisine and reveal deep dark secrets about one another. No, this isn’t a thriller and no one stole anyone’s baby, BUT drama is aplenty with this motley crew of flawed lovers as they completely ignore the food in front of them (thank god not the liquor though) and have at er’!

Staring memorable funny b-listers like Arrested Development‘s David Cross who plays (ya RIGHT) the date of Bourne Identity‘s Julia Stiles alongside Ugly Betty’s now pretty America Ferrera (I say “now” because OBVIOUSLY I didn’t catch her in Sisterhood of the Traveling whatever… I am a top!). They keep the “acting” side of this movie alive while the other co-stars mainly push through with neurotic and oft slutty performances that hide their greenness to the screen. That said, Erinn Hayes of TV-flop Worst Week plays a Type-A bitch to a tee- she even gives me a run for my money. The plot is unique basing their horrendous brunch around an actual man-made disaster affecting the rest of the world outside and humour here is at its best when things are at their most realistic as the couples allow their “always late” friends to actually die because of their truancy. The movie isn’t winning awards but is great for a first or fiftieth date night in.

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Adam’s Brit Pick for Laughs: I Give It a Year

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I am definitely a lover of all things British. No, I don’t just mean Simon Baker– even though he stars in this movie as the impossibly charming and flawless “other man”- rather I’m referring to the caustic humour and utter lack of propriety and censorship that the English use these days for TV and film. Even in just watching the short trailer below you get an idea of the off-side comedy and racy jokes found therein BUT, is that enough to make a movie?

What I Give It a Year lacks in plot line realism or emotional connectivity with its audience, it makes up with effective storytelling and believable character growth (and regression). Long story short, it’s the classic boy meets girl and gets married too quickly believing in passionate love and quickly finds out they are NOT meant to be as friends whisper: “I give it a year.” The extra layer to this puppy is that both the bride and groom played by the amazing Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall respectively each have their own extra marital love interests played themselves by the hilarious Anna Faris and sexy Simon Baker. But, here’s the disappointing part: Rose is no longer the passive aggressive WASP of Bridesmaids and Anna is the dumb bunny of House Bunny, instead the leading ladies play shadow version of their former hilarity and you end up wishing that they were the “old them”. Still, the movie has some great scenes and combines American and British humour to produce something worth watching with someone you aren’t about to divorce… seems too on the nose.

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