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Movie Review: The Change-Up

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Inside Hollywood gossip scoop! – Me and Ryan Reynolds are madly and love and gonna’ live happily ever nakedly.

The Change-Up opens with a joke scene involving poo, and ends with a sentence that involves the word penis. So that gives you a good idea of what to expect. Other than that, Jason Bateman plays Dave, a man married to Jamie (Leslie Mann), with three children, a successful career as a potential partner at a firm, a load of money, and a beautiful house. My future ex-husband Ryan Reynolds plays Mitch, a less than successful struggling actor who enjoys smokin’ weed, sleepin’ around, and long walks to pizza hut. Dave and Mitch are best friends from highschool who have everything and nothing in common. Whilst drunk pissing in an unmarked fountain in a park, they tell each other they wish they had each others lives waking up in the morning in each others bodies (I could make a joke about being in Ryan Reynolds body HERE), and bing bang boom you gots Freaky Friday with potty humour.

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Movie Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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On Wednesday, Patrick and I were treated to a special preview of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, in theaters today. I was excited to see this film for a few reasons. The first is that a majority of it was filmed here in Vancouver and Patrick and I even saw one of the scene set-ups while on a walk one day. Second, I have a few friends in the film. One is Leah Gibson (also from Twilight) and I know some of the stuntmen who play a number of the apes in the compound. And lastly, I grew up around the Planet of the Apes films with my dad being a huge fan. So, I was interested to see how they would tie it all together and use new technology to make the apes look incredible.

While I wasn’t disappointed, I wasn’t blown away either. The film was shot really well so I have to give props to fairly newcomer director Rupert Wyatt. Tackling such a fan-followed film series has got to be tough but I think he did a pretty great job. James Franco was also great in the leading role and in moments where he played opposite Andy Serkis (Caesar) and John Lithgow (his father), you really saw his acting chops come to life. Another notable performance is that of Freida Pinto who plays Caroline, the love interest of Will Rodman (Franco). So what’s the basic synopsis of the film?

I’ll tell after the jump, but first, if you’ve never seen the originals, I want to give you a little bit of a catch-up. In the original film, during space travel in a cryogenic state, their vehicle crashes and the humans arrive on the Planet of the Apes. Throughout the film, we discover that the apes believe they were created by God and that Adam and Eve were primates. This changes when they find a human doll in a cave. Also, we discover that the Planet of the Apes is actually earth at the end of the original film. With that being said, check out what happens in the new film below.

Film synopsis, review, rating and trailer after the jump…

Movie Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

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How much do I love Emma Stone? Oh wait, that’s not the point of this. Back it up.

Crazy, Stupid, Love stars Steve Carell as a frumpy middle aged man, divorce from Julianne Moore pending, who finds himself single and not so swingin’. And then there’s Ryan Gosling, and oh dear lord, THEN there’s Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling plays Jacob, who sees Cal (Steve Carell) at a bar a couple nights in a row and decides to make him his pet project. Let’s say that nobody has ever been that charming ever in any movie than Ryan Gosling was. Let’s see how many more times I can say “Ryan Gosling”, in this post. No let’s not, let’s move onto my original point.

I love Emma Stone. Emma Stone plays Hannah, and in a pretty separate story line, finds herself settling for a guy, medium hilariously played by Josh Groban, and getting picked up by Jacob at a bar, only to shoot him down and continue settling. In the meantime Cal’s son is in love with his babysitter (played by Analeigh Tipton of Top Model fame), who’s in love with Cal secretly. Love stories ensue in A GREAT WAY, hilarity of story lines intertwine, things make sense, people fall in love, I smile my face off. It’s a gooder. Oh and Kevin Bacon’s in it. After an ensemble comedy, I think six degrees become three in the game.

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Movie Review: Cowboys & Aliens

In: Donovan, Movies

In my absolute mayhem of a life right now selling pride ( I took a couple of hours to unplug from everything and go check out the screening of Cowboys & Aliens. Well let me tell you, unplug is definitely what I did through the 2 hours of this shoot em up cowboy disaster.

The reason is ay it was a disaster is because I just didn’t get it. Now don’t get it twisted it wasn’t that it was too smart for me, it was that it didn’t have a plot. It was so bad that when I left I was like WTF WAS THAT?!?

While there are some really cool effects (I guess), I don’t I’ve ever seen a movie completely devoid of any plot whatsoever. So I’m going to give you a little synopsis about what I thought this movie was about.

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Movie Review: Captain America

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Okay, let’s just get this out of the way. In comparison to recent comic book movie adaptation, “Captain America” wasn’t as good as “Thor“, but heaps better than “The Green Lantern“. And when compared to the 1990 version, we’re talking Oscar Best Picture caliber.

Captain America: The First Avenger” is the story of one man’s destiny to become the world’s First Avenger. Steve Rogers is a 98 lb thin-framed young man wanting to serve his country. Due to his physical shortcomings he’s been denied by the military to fight for his country multiple times. When a chance encounter with a military scientist happens, Rogers all of a sudden finds himself asked to participate in an experimental program that would turn him into a new breed of Super Soldiers to take down Hitler. In his new muscular incarnation, Captain America, he leads a band of soldiers to take down the evil HYDRA organization- a Nazi deep science division.

As you can tell from the description above, Captain America takes place in the 40s which I was a fan of. It was like Indiana Jones meets Iron Man. Chris Evans was very believable in both his scrawny and muscular incarnations. He had the vulnerability to carry off the boy who was bullied and the presence to pull off superhero stature. The one thing I wish the writers took more advantage of was Evans’ natural comedic skills. If Hemsworth can make people laugh in “Thor”, than Evans is more than capable.

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Well Potterheads the time has come for the 8th and FINAL movie in the highest grossing movie franchise in history. I was so nervous for this movie because as an UBER fan I wasn’t sure what they were going to keep, what they were going to omit and how they were going to bring it to the screen. It’s a very odd feeling watching a movie and knowing pretty much exactly whats going to happen. I mean I know the ending of the series and everyone who read the books knows too…so how much do I write about?

I guess from this point on you’ll have some spoilers….well kind of spoilers because let’s face it everyone knows what happens.

In my last Harry Potter review I wrote about how amazing Part 1 was, how it set the tone perfectly and ended at the exact spot that it should’ve, well as soon soon as the lights went down pt2 picked it up and it did not stop. If there is one word to describe this movie, I would say that it is INTENSE. David Yates kept in every major point from the book, everything that needed to be in there to move the story ahead was. What he omitted I actually didn’t even care about, and the way he explained the Horcruxes was perfect.

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Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

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What would you do if you had the most annoying, terrible and harassing boss in the world? Would you just sit back and take it or would try and do something about it? That’s the question that new comedy Horrible Bosses opening today asks. Patrick and I were fortunate enough to get an advanced screening of the film and let me tell you, it’s pretty funny. But, it’s not as funny as you want it to be unfortunately.

Starring the comedy stylings of Jason Sedekis of SNL, funny man Jason Bateman and fairly newcomer Charlie Day, this troublesome trio has a little bit of heartburn when it comes to dealing with their ridiculous bosses and decide they should just kill them off. But, the three boys don’t know much about killing anybody. So what do they do? They decide to go the roughest part of the city to try and find a hitman. That after having an incident with a wetwork man that Dale finds on Craig’s List. Too funny.

More of my ‘Horrible Bosses’ review after the jump

I was fortunate enough to see a sneak preview of one of this summer’s biggest blockbuster, romantic comedies, Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon in 3D. No seriously, this movie is the perfect flick for the girls to check out for a ‘girls night out’ this weekend! The movie is hitting theatres on Friday, July 1st and if you had any doubt about whether you should see it in theatres, you must! The incredible love story that plays out throughout the plot of this film, between the two lead characters, Sam Witwicky played by Shia LaBeouf and Carly played by Victoria Secret Angel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had me on the end of my seat, giggling with laughter and rife with emotion. Shia LaBeouf’s ability to cry in this film and show his vulnerable side was absolutely breath taking, and dare I say, Oscar-worthy. Rosie’s breakout film roll in Director Michael Bay’s third rendition of this tragic, war-riddled romance was poetic and riveting. The 3D visuals further added to the depth of this film.

Okay, okay, okay. If you couldn’t tell I was being factious with that opening paragraph, then you don’t know my sense of humor! It’s true, I did in fact go to see Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon, and it does in fact star those two actors, it is my no means a romantic comedy for the ages. There is a love story, with some incredible wit; however, I can’t say this summer blockbuster will live up to its previous two predecessors. The film once again focuses on the continue war between the Autobots and Decepticons, this time focusing on a Cybertronian spacecraft that has crashed on Earth’s moon, and holds a critical piece to saving their home planet of Cybertron. Now, if you are a Transformer fanatic, you probably just got a chubby from those words. I on the other hand didn’t play with the action figures, but was extremely impressed with the entertainment value of this film. I went in with an open mind, after enjoying the first Transformers flick from a few years back. The flow of the movie was fast paced, and the fight scenes between the transforming cars/machines were beautifully done and wildly realistic. Granted, I knew I was watching machines that had just transformed into warriors from different Ford vehicles, so the realism could only stretch so far!

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