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Movie Review: In Time

In: Donovan, Movies

Any movie that begins with a shirtless Justin Timberlake is alright by me. In an instant, I was glued to the screen once I saw Timberlake’s sexy back… literally. In all seriousness, with the Occupy Wall Movement making headlines everywhere, “In Time” couldn’t have picked a better time to hit theaters. In essence the movie is a social commentary about the division of the haves and have-nots. In this society, money is replaced with time as the currency of choice. The rich can live forever while the poor live minute by minute.

In this retro-future world, everyone stops aging at the age of 25-years-old. No botox needed. Once they reach that age, the countdown to their death begins. Everything in this society is paid for by giving up minutes, days, weeks out of your life. Timberlake plays Will Salas, a young man trying to support himself and his mother. In a twist of fate, Salas meets a wealthy man (Matt Bomer) who’s tired of living. Before committing suicide, Bomer’s character transfers all his time credits to Salas and encourages him to “not waste his time“. In other words, make a difference in the world.

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Movie Review: The Color Purple

In: Dan, Movies

A few months ago I reviewed the novel, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, and was incredibly moved by the tale. The book and movie set was a Christmas gift from fellow cast member, Alex, and I vowed to read and watch both and witness the magic that he has consistently preached every time we were together in the same room. I’ll admit, I was dragging my heels on the movie as I loved the book to an unnatural obsession and have been recommending it myself to anyone who will listen, and I was worried about Steven Spielberg’s ability to adapt this fantastic piece of literature for the big screen. With that said, Alex assured me that the movie stayed incredibly true to the original novel’s storyline, and that our home girl Oprah Winfrey’s performance would shatter all preconceived ideas around her abilities as an actress.

May I be the first to say this, Alex, you were one hundred per cent correct. Oprah’s performance was simply the tip of the iceberg for this movie! Whoopi Goldberg had her breakout, Golden Globe-winning performance in the 1985 Oscar® nominated film, directed by Steven Spielberg. The cast was pieced together to create the incredible ensemble, and I truly believe each actor perfectly embodied their characters. As previously mentioned, Oprah Winfrey tackled her first feature film acting role in this film, portraying Sofia, married to Harpo (her name backwards – as if the fate wasn’t predetermined for this role). If you’ve read the book, then you’re well aware of how extremely poignant and demanding this character is to the storyline, and Oprah Winfrey nailed it! I couldn’t believe her ability to transcend and grow with her character and she aged through the years. There is one scene near the end of the film with nearly the entire cast seated around the dining room table to share what would end up being one of their last meals together, and Oprah absolutely stole the scene. I completely agree with her Academy Award® nomination for this portrayal.

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Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

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Because Vancouver was the #2 city in in the world that wanted to see Paranormal Activity 3, last night Tommy, Nic, myself and two of our friends (Matt & Tim) were among the first victims to watch it. Despite the fact that we had to be there early to brave the lineup, it was definitely worth it. Upon entry into the theater, we were each given free popcorn, a free bottled drink, and a Paranormal Activity 3 t-shirt – Fun!

After watching the trailer for The Devil Inside (which also looks super freaky), we jumped right into the film. You’re probably wondering how we go from the past to the present. Well, as you’ve seen from the previews, pretty much the entire film takes place when Katy and Kristi are just little girls. That being said, at the beginning, there is a way that the link the jump from present to past. In an effort to not spoil the film for you, I won’t say anything more than what you already know from the trailer.

The rest of my review (without spoiling the plot) after the jump…

This one will NOT make you laugh, let’s just get that out of the way. Lars von Trier- if you don’t recognize the infamous name- is an acclaimed Danish director and writer of such movies like: “Dogville“, “Dancer in the Dark” and the very creepy Anti Christ which I reviewed a couple years ago. This time around he combines extreme cinematography with succinct but layered dialogue to create a beautiful but PACED film that lives up well to its melancholic titling.

A quick dictionary dotcom search of melancholia reminds us it’s a constant state of depression and “gloomy forebodings” which pretty sums up for the theme of this movie as two sisters struggle with their sadness and the possible end of the world. Stop, don’t click away haha, I know I’m not exactly motivating you to run to the video store and rent this puppy (also, don’t even bother, as it doesn’t get released until early October in North America though you CAN find it online *coughcough*). And yet, it’s definitely worth the watch- I promise. Also, for the gays, Alexander Skarsgård (hot Eric Northman from “True Blood”) and Kiefer Sutherland are sexy in suits in this and though they play a bit of a doormat and asshole respectively, they look damn nice doin’ it.

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Movie Review: The Help

In: Dan, Movies

This past week Alasdair and I were lucky enough to take in an advanced screening of the novel-to-move, The Help, based on the incredible tale from Kathryn Stockett, with the adapted screenplay written and the movie directed by Tate Taylor. To say I was excited about this film would be an understatement. I absolutely loved the novel, primarily due to Stockett’s writing style and the incredibly endearing and heartwarming characters (and plot line) that filled the pages. I was desperate to see how this fantastic piece of literature would be transcribed for the film screen, and which of my favorite characters would be true-to-form from what I imagined when simply reading the lines and speak.

If you aren’t familiar with the storyline of the book, or the film, let me break it down for you. The movie focuses on the lead character, Skeeter, played by Emma Stone (from Easy A, Zombieland and other cinematic gems), a white woman in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s, who decides to go against all that she knows and write a book about the African American woman in her town, employed be her family and friends. What makes this book, and in turn the plotline of the story unique, is her goal is to write the story from the perspective of the help, from their voices. In a time when racial segregation was at its breaking point, and Martin Luther King was organizing a march for change, Skeeter had her own plans and take her own stance at making change.

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Movie Review: The Change-Up

In: Movies, Nic

Inside Hollywood gossip scoop! – Me and Ryan Reynolds are madly and love and gonna’ live happily ever nakedly.

The Change-Up opens with a joke scene involving poo, and ends with a sentence that involves the word penis. So that gives you a good idea of what to expect. Other than that, Jason Bateman plays Dave, a man married to Jamie (Leslie Mann), with three children, a successful career as a potential partner at a firm, a load of money, and a beautiful house. My future ex-husband Ryan Reynolds plays Mitch, a less than successful struggling actor who enjoys smokin’ weed, sleepin’ around, and long walks to pizza hut. Dave and Mitch are best friends from highschool who have everything and nothing in common. Whilst drunk pissing in an unmarked fountain in a park, they tell each other they wish they had each others lives waking up in the morning in each others bodies (I could make a joke about being in Ryan Reynolds body HERE), and bing bang boom you gots Freaky Friday with potty humour.

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Movie Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

In: Movies, Tyrell

On Wednesday, Patrick and I were treated to a special preview of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, in theaters today. I was excited to see this film for a few reasons. The first is that a majority of it was filmed here in Vancouver and Patrick and I even saw one of the scene set-ups while on a walk one day. Second, I have a few friends in the film. One is Leah Gibson (also from Twilight) and I know some of the stuntmen who play a number of the apes in the compound. And lastly, I grew up around the Planet of the Apes films with my dad being a huge fan. So, I was interested to see how they would tie it all together and use new technology to make the apes look incredible.

While I wasn’t disappointed, I wasn’t blown away either. The film was shot really well so I have to give props to fairly newcomer director Rupert Wyatt. Tackling such a fan-followed film series has got to be tough but I think he did a pretty great job. James Franco was also great in the leading role and in moments where he played opposite Andy Serkis (Caesar) and John Lithgow (his father), you really saw his acting chops come to life. Another notable performance is that of Freida Pinto who plays Caroline, the love interest of Will Rodman (Franco). So what’s the basic synopsis of the film?

I’ll tell after the jump, but first, if you’ve never seen the originals, I want to give you a little bit of a catch-up. In the original film, during space travel in a cryogenic state, their vehicle crashes and the humans arrive on the Planet of the Apes. Throughout the film, we discover that the apes believe they were created by God and that Adam and Eve were primates. This changes when they find a human doll in a cave. Also, we discover that the Planet of the Apes is actually earth at the end of the original film. With that being said, check out what happens in the new film below.

Film synopsis, review, rating and trailer after the jump…

Movie Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

In: Movies, Nic

How much do I love Emma Stone? Oh wait, that’s not the point of this. Back it up.

Crazy, Stupid, Love stars Steve Carell as a frumpy middle aged man, divorce from Julianne Moore pending, who finds himself single and not so swingin’. And then there’s Ryan Gosling, and oh dear lord, THEN there’s Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling plays Jacob, who sees Cal (Steve Carell) at a bar a couple nights in a row and decides to make him his pet project. Let’s say that nobody has ever been that charming ever in any movie than Ryan Gosling was. Let’s see how many more times I can say “Ryan Gosling”, in this post. No let’s not, let’s move onto my original point.

I love Emma Stone. Emma Stone plays Hannah, and in a pretty separate story line, finds herself settling for a guy, medium hilariously played by Josh Groban, and getting picked up by Jacob at a bar, only to shoot him down and continue settling. In the meantime Cal’s son is in love with his babysitter (played by Analeigh Tipton of Top Model fame), who’s in love with Cal secretly. Love stories ensue in A GREAT WAY, hilarity of story lines intertwine, things make sense, people fall in love, I smile my face off. It’s a gooder. Oh and Kevin Bacon’s in it. After an ensemble comedy, I think six degrees become three in the game.

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