CBS just revealed the 18 castaways competing on the 28th season of Survivor. For only the third time in the past nine seasons, it’ll feature all newbies and no returning players. Hallelujah.

Survivor: Cagayan, themed “Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty” was filmed in the Philippines once again. The 18 castaways will be divided into three tribes of six. The tribes reflect the distinguishing qualities that people bring to the game and test whether there is any truth to the pre-conceived notion that certain characteristics will help you win the game of Survivor.

While the cast are all first-timers, there are a couple of notable names. Former NBA All-Star Cliff Robinson is among the crew, along with Miami Marlins president David Samson. The rest of the cast includes a pro poker player, a former Miss Kentucky Teen USA, two police officers, a nuclear engineer and two former NFL cheerleaders. Regarding the latter two, one ends up on the brains tribe while the other on the beauty. Speaking of the beauty tribe, I was expecting more. In fact, there a couple of hotties on the other tribes that I would put in the beauty tribe instead. Check out the Survivor: Cagayan cast below.

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