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Model Behavior: Travis Hanson

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

For the past couple of Tuesdays, I’ve doubled up on the Model Behavior feature. This week, you’re only getting one because Travis Hanson deserves the spotlight all to himself. No disrespect to the previous male model hotties, but this six foot one stud is dang fine. He’s all man sprinkled with boyish charm. Win and win.

Hanson originally hails from Wisconsin and currently lives in New York. At first glance, he sorta reminds me of another previous Model Behavior feature, Caleb Halstead. No offense to Caleb, but Travis Hanson is muchas sexier.

If I were to list off all his model credits, we would be here all day. That’s how in demand this model is. A few of his fashion editorial highlights include appearances in Client Magazine, Dolce & Gabbana spread for Love Magazine, Slurp Magazine, L’Officiel Hommes, Vogue Hommes Japan, Arena Homme and V Magazine. Other notable gigs include strutting for Jeremy Scott and appearing in an ad campaign for Roberto Cavalli. Check out the hotness that is Travis in plenty of pictures below.

view lots of sexy pics of Travis Hanson the jump

Model Behavior: Ryan Bowden

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

Once again, I decided to feature two guys for this week’s Model Behavior. Don’t get used to this double-header of eye candy every Tuesday just yet. It’s only temporary. If you read my post on Daniel Hamaj, you know why I did it. Last week’s fresh meat models were such a hit, I decided to feature another 20-year-old. Ergo Hamaj. But if you’re similar to me, and like your men a little older and with a bit more meat, say hello to Ryan Bowden.

I fully acknowledge that being 27 isn’t old by any means, but it makes me feel less pervy lusting over someone this age then someone who just turned 20. Bowden is definitely worth salivating for. He sports facial hair which I love, and plenty of moles which I also love. This British model has been in the industry for almost 10 years. In addition to modeling, he also acts and sings. He currently resides in London and represented by New Madison Models. Check out a few of his sexy pics below.

view lots of sexy pics of Ryan Bowden the jump

Model Behavior: Daniel Hamaj

In: Donovan, Fashion

You’re all dirty, dirty, dirty boys. Last week, I decided to feature two younger twink’ish male models and you ate it up. Both Colin Brazeau and Daniel Akyeampong racked up some serious page views. Typically, I only feature one hottie a week for my Model Behavior feature, but once again I’m giving you two guys to gawk at. Since you all obviously like fresher meat, I’m going to feature another 20-year-old for those who like chicken. Then for the others, including myself, who like their men a bit beefier and aged be sure to check out Ryan Bowden, my other pick for this week.

All I dug up on Daniel Hamaj is that he’s 20-years-old and originally from Slovakia. He’s done mostly editorial work for fashion magazines. A few photographers he’s worked with are Julia Spicker, Michael Brus, James Giles, and Marco Negri to name a few. Hamaj currently lives in Milan but cites New York City as his favorite place. Daniel is represented by a few agencies include View Management, Wiener Models, Request Model Management and New Madison Paris. Check out this up-and-comer who will no doubt become a prominent name in fashion industry in years to come.

view lots of sexy pics of Daniel Hamaj the jump

Model Behavior: Colin Brazeau

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

Even though I like my male models a bit older and buffer, I thought I’d mix it up this week for my Model Behavior feature. Not only are you getting two this week (applause), but you’re also getting ones that are relatively young. A little extra treat for those who like your men “fresher”. Daniel Akyeampong is only 20-years-old, while Colin Brazeau is 19. Since I don’t want to come off as a creepy old man, I’m going to try to keep my signature comments PG-rated. LOL.

Brazeau was attending Northwestern University in Chicago before he decided to take a year off college to pursue modeling full-time in New York City. Just in case you were wondering, he was majoring in Economics and minoring in Music. Good looking, smart and musically-inclined, someone’s a modern renaissance man.

So far, his risk to pause his post-secondary education is paying off. He’s appeared in fashion spreads for V-Man, Fiasco Mag and Playboy. In addition, he’s done catalog work and slowly building his runway resume. Colin already caught the eye of photographer Rick Day and posed for him in a steamy shoot. Must be nice to be Day for a “day”. Snapping male models day-in, day-out must be a difficult life. NOT. Enough chitter chatter, let’s get on with the pictures. Be sure to check out this week’s other male model, Daniel Akyeampong, after this one.

view lots of sexy pics of Colin Brazeau the jump

Model Behavior: Daniel Akyeampong

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

If you’ve read my other Model Behavior feature this week, Colin Brazeau, you know I decided to feature some young fresh meat this week. I little chicken in between all the beef we show here on Homorazzi is a nice change of pace, plus it gives some eye candy to our readers who like their men taut and lean. Also, as promised last year, I’m making more of a concerted effort to show more diversity in my weekly Model Behavior feature. Daniel Akyeampong has a little somethin’, somethin’ and certainly fits the bill.

Even though Daniel looks like jail bait, he’s actually 20-years-old. Phew. That being said, he’s been modeling since his teens so picking age-appropriate pics for this feature proved difficult given his baby face. Speaking of his teen years, he was photographed by Bruce Weber for an ad campaign for Abercrombie’s teen line. Now an adult, Akyeampong is repped by Boss Models in NYC and Nous Model Management in LA. With his stunningly defined body, I have no doubt Daniel will be a face and body we’ll be seeing for a long time. Check out a few of his portfolio pics below.

view lots of sexy pics of Daniel Akyeampong the jump

Model Behavior: Roger Frampton

In: Donovan, Fashion

For this week’s Model Behavior, I wanted to feature someone in high fashion. I could easily feature fitness models with bulging biceps every week but I like to change it up. British model Roger Frampton is an excellent choice to head back to the world of fashion. Plus, I was sort of in the mood for a green-eyed strawberry blonde hottie. Frampton fits that criteria and then some.

I couldn’t find too much in terms of biographical information about Roger, which shocked me considering he seems to be everywhere. In editorial fashion spreads, he’s appeared in GQ, Instinct Magazine, Arena Homme, Wallpaper Magazine and Fantastic Man to name a few. With regards to ad campaigns, his perfect bone structure scored him gigs for Thomas Pink and Polo Ralph Lauren. He’s also strutted on the runways for some big fashion players like Perry Ellis, Emporio Armani and Vivienne Westwood.

If you were curious to know if looks run in the family, the answer is “yes”. He has four other brothers, David, Peter, Freddie and Joel, who are also male models. The five Frampton brothers posed for photographer Alasdair McLellan in the Winter/Spring 2011 issue of Arena Homme. Check out that image and many more below.

view lots of sexy pics of Roger Frampton the jump

Model Behavior: Holden Nowell

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

As promised last week, my Model Behavior feature is back to its regular Tuesday slot. This week’s tasty model treat is courtesy of Tyrell. He suggested Holden Nowell after watching Carly Rae Jepsen’s super catchy “Call Me Maybe” music video. I have to say I agree with Tyrell, Holden is super sexy in the clip. He appears as the object of Jepsen’s affection. Who can blame her? Holden is all kinds of tasty mowing the lawn in his shirtless glory. If you haven’t seen the music video, you definitely have to check it out. There’s even a gay twist at the end.

Holden Nowell is a Canadian male model hailing from Calgary, Alberta. This blue-eyed brunette is one tall drink of water. Standing at a tall 6’2½”, Holden has a long lean torso that will have you drooling. A few of his notable career highlights include posing for respected photographer Greg Vaughan and appearing in a Frankie Morello ad campaign. Typically, Holden isn’t my type of guy, but there is something about his sexy bad boy next door look that’s extremely appealing. Check out a few of his pics from his portfolio below.

view lots of sexy pics of Holden Nowell the jump

Model Behavior: Julio Capeletti

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

Now that my 2011 Model Behavior Showdown is over, I can get back to sharing some of the hottest male models around and get back to my weekly Model Behaviors. Let’s face it, we need to drool over some new meat. After thoroughly enmeshed in recapping my 2011 picks, it’s time to focus on some fresh “talent”. No offense boys, but it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Editor’s note. Next week, Model Behavior will go back to its normal publish time of every Tuesday.

Since I’m making a concerted effort to get back into shape this year, I thought my inaugural 2012 pick had to have a smoking body. I’m using Julio Capetti as one of my gym inspirations to motivate myself into a workout routine. This flab isn’t going anywhere without some sweat and a lot of tears. LOL. What better way than to inspire me than gawking at a hot Brazilian male model. You know they’re my weakness, along with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Talk about polar opposites on my guilty pleasure list.

I couldn’t find much biographical info on this handsome man. But with a body like this, who really cares about his background? All the research I need can be found inspecting his finely toned body. He’s not too big and not too muscly. Julio is just right. Most of the following pics were taken for a photo shoot for JAM underwear by photographer Roman Gellida. How lucky was Roman to spend an entire day with Julio telling him what to do with is sexy body. Some boys get all the luck. Check out why I picked Julio as my first Model Behavior feature of 2011 below. Hopefully, he’ll inspire me to do more squats, sit-ups, bench presses and all that “fun” stuff at the gym in the coming year. Here’s hoping.

view lots of sexy pics of Julio Capeletti the jump

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