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2011 Model Behavior Showdown: The Finals

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For the past year, I’ve highlighted a different male model every week to share with you. Whether they graced the covers of fashion magazines, strutted their stuff on the runway or showed off their hot bodies for underwear shoots, I tried to pick models from every facet of the modeling industry. For the past few weeks, I’ve pitted these weekly features from my Model Behavior series for you to vote on.

After three rounds of intense battle, we finally have our finalists for the 2011 Model Behavior Showdown. The top two finishers of each round automatically earned their spot in this year’s Top 10. To fill the four remaining Wild Card slots, I scoured through all the results and picked the four highest vote-getters from all three rounds. Now it’s all up to you to determine the hottest model for 2011. Vote often to make sure your favorite is crowned Homorazzi’s 2011 Model Behavior Winner.

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Model Behavior 2011 Showdown: Round 3

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We’re in our third and final preliminary round for our Model Behavior 2011 Showdown. Who’ll make it to Top 10 of 2011? It all depends on your votes. Speaking of votes, are you curious to know what the results of Round 2 were?

Winning the second round of the showdown was Craig Malozzi with 40% of the votes. Coming in second was Kamil Nicalek garnering 23% of your votes. The two automatically join Bernardo Velasco and Andrew Stetson who took first and second place during Round 1.

The four of them automatically earn their spots in our Final Showdown which will feature the top two vote-getters of each round. The remaining four wild card spots will be determined by the next four highest receiver of votes from all three rounds. Based on last week’s results, third and fourth place finishers River Viiperi and Parker Hurley stand a good chance of making the finals.

Without further ado, take a trip down memory lane and see which fashion and fitness models I featured during the last part of 2011. Remember, if you want your favorites in the FINALS, vote for them and vote often. Some of these hotties have fervent followings and vote hardcore for their men.

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Model Behavior 2011 Showdown: Round 2

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Round 1 of our 2011 Model Behavior Showdown is officially in the history books. As promised, the top two vote-getters automatically earn their spot in the finals. Congratulations go out to Andrew Stetson and Bernardo Velasco who received 31% and 28% of the votes cast. Coming in close behind were Jamie Dorman and Jed Hill who garnered 27% and 26% respectively.

Depending on how Rounds 2 and 3 go, Dorman or Hill might earn one of the four wild card spots up for grabs. It all depends how many votes the runner-ups in the upcoming rounds get. Side note. How bummed were you that “Once Upon A Time” killed off Dorman’s sheriff character on the show? I was. Damn you ABC. I’m going to miss my Jamie sporting that sexy facial hair on a weekly basis.

If you enjoyed last week’s roundup of my Model Behavior selections from last year, you’re going to love this second crop featured from March til July. Show some love to the following guys and make sure you cast votes for your favorites from Round 2. They’re not going to make the finals on their own.

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Model Behavior: Rob Evans

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For those who were worried that I wouldn’t do a Model Behavior post this week due to Round 1 of our 2011 Model Behavior Showdown starting today, they need not worry. I would never deprive you guys of your weekly male model fix. I’m not that cruel 😉

As I was looking through my previous features and compiling them for Round 1, I noticed I was seriously lacking in diversity. I didn’t realized I was on a bit of a rut. My choices ranged from blond jocks to Brazilian hotties with a sprinkling of muscly beefcake thrown in for good measure. Moving forward, I’ll try to be more conscious to include sexpots from all colors of the rainbow. On that note, say hello to Rob Evans.

This 6’3″ British bloke is truly a knockout. Prior to becoming a male model, he boxed for a living. Now he’s making his mark in the fashion industry and people are taking notice. In a world where waif-y and broody models dominate, Rob is turning heads with his masculinity and chiseled physique.

Rob was recently featured in Givenchy’s Spring ads and walked exclusively on the runway for the fashion house. Other brands Evans has worked for include Chrstian Louboutin, Jeremy Scott, Jean Paul Gauthier and Trussard 1911. Evans photo editorial work can be seen in Glamour magazine, l’Officiel Hommes and i-D magazine to name a few. Check out the pictures below to see why the industry loves this rising star.

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Model Behavior 2011 Showdown: Round 1

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Last year, my first annual Man Crush Showdown proved so popular, I thought I’d do the same for my Model Behavior feature this year. Model Behavior was born to give our readers more opportunities to ogle at hot shirtless men. For this feature, I specifically just focus on male models. From high fashion, to swimwear to fitness models, I try to include all facets of the modeling industry. This new feature was met with resounding success. In some instances, the spin-off has surpassed my popular Man Crush series. It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise since these guys are paid to strip down and show off their toned physiques and photogenic mugs.

Since I started Model Behavior late in 2010, it felt silly last year to have a battle with only the handful that I featured by year’s end. Not wanting them to feel left out, I decided to include them in our first annual Model Behavior showdown. I divided the eligible models into three rounds. This week will feature hotties from October 2010 to the end of February 2011.

The two models who garner the most votes will automatically earn a spot in the finals. Then, when all three rounds are completed, I’ll look through all three rounds and pick the next four highest vote-getters to round out the Top 10 who’ll battle it out for model supremacy for 2011. Without further ado, let’s look at the candidates vying for the top two spots in Round 1.

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Model Behavior: Tarik Kaljanac

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

In honor of Movember being almost over, I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind you all to make last minute donations to any of your friends who’ve participated in this month-long fundraising activity for prostate awareness and research. Let’s face it, it takes commitment to growing out and maintaining a moustache if you’re not used to it. Not everyone can pull of the look (myself included), so I wanted to dedicate this week’s Model Behavior to a stud who looks smoking hot with some fur above their upper lip. Meet Tarik Kaljanac.

This 21-year-old stud hails from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Along with being a fitness model in his native homeland, he’s also a former title holder of the Mr. Universe title. Tarik walked away with the “crown” in 2010. Once you see his smoking hot body and bone structure, you’ll see why. During the competition he also won Mister Internet and believe it or not, Best Body Runner-Up. WTF??? Can you believe, there was someone who had a hotter physique than him? This I have to see for myself.

In his spare time, Tarik loves to mountain bike, play football, drive fast cars and motorcycles, dance and listen to music. He loves to hang out with my friends, go to the beach and enjoy night life in the city. Sounds like a fun guy to hang with. Where do I sign up. Check out what Kaljanac has to offer in several pics below. You might need an industrial-sized fan to cool off afterward. Consider yourself warned.

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Model Behavior: Julian Schratter

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The second I saw Julian Schartter, I knew I had to feature him in this week’s Model Behavior feature. He looks like the love child of two other model’s I’ve featured on the site. When clean-shaven, he reminds me of Spanish/Finnish River Viiperi and with facial hair, I see traces of Brazilian Marlon Teixeira. Funny enough, Schratter is just a good ol’ California boy.

Julian was born in 1989 in the Bay Area, San Mateo to be exact. He’s currently represented by Next LA and Wilhelmina New York. His handsome face has appeared in Seven For All Mankind, DSquared, Dolce & Gabanna and Armani Exchange campaigns. Schratter has also done fashion spreads for DNA Magazine, Details and Vogue Mexico to name a few. Julian’s talents are not only limited to in front of the camera. He’s also an aspiring photographer. You can see some of his work on his official website.

The 6-foot-one (and a half) stud currently resides in New York City. A few of his interests and hobbies include music, traveling, and the arts. Check out Julian’s sexiness in a few pics below. Make sure you don’t have to get up from your desk anytime soon *wink*.

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Model Behavior: Lucas Bernardini

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While flipping through my list of potential male models to feature this week, I realized it’s been weeks since I last featured a hot Brazilian man. Shame on me. The second I realized my faux pas, I decided to remedy that immediately and shine my Model Behavior spotlight on a worthy stud. Meet 6’0″ born and bred Brazilian, Lucas Bernardini. Born in 1991 in Sao Paulo, Lucas was studying business in school before a friend introduced him to a modeling scout. And the rest they say is history.

Bernardini moved to New York City in 2010 and quickly signed with Q Model Management NY. In the past two years, he’s built up his portfolio with ad campaigns for Diesel, Everlast, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Calvin Klein to name a few. Given his oozing sex appeal, photographers Greg Vaughn and Rick Day have both snapped the stud in all his shirtless glory. His editorial work has been featured in Capa and Revela magazine.

To keep his money-making body in shape, Lucas runs, surfs, does yoga and meditates in Central Park. I’d love to see him “downward dog” his juicy assets in my face anytime. He can attribute his meaty thighs to playing his favorite sport, soccer or as they say in Brazil, football. Check out all that Lucas has to offer below. You won’t be disappointed.

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