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Once again, TorrentFreak’s annual Top 10 list of most pirated movies surprises me. Last year, high-brow films like The King’s Speech and 127 Hours made the cut, while other blockbusters failed to crack the list. This year is no different. Obvious choices like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and The Avengers made the list at No. 10 and No. 4 respectively, but the flick that was the most illegally downloaded of 2012 is a bit of a shocker.

Believe it or not, the high school comedy Project X topped the annual list. With an estimated 8,720,000 illegal downloads, it earns the distinction as the most pirated movie of the year. The film grossed roughly $100 million during its run at the box office. It’s interesting to compare that to The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1‘s numbers. The vampire flick ranked at No. 10 with 6,740,000 downloads but grossed $712 million. Check out what else made the Top 10 list below.

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CONGRATULATIONS to Matthew R. for winning this contest. I’m sure he’ll look dashing in his new Giorgio Brutini plain-toe six inch boot. Thanks to everyone who entered.

To celebrate “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” hitting theaters on Wednesday December 21, we’re holding a “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” win that look contest. And we’re not talking about that prosthetic nose shown in the poster above. Rather, we’re giving you a chance to “walk away” with some stylish footwear.

Giorgio Brutini has kindly given us a pair of boots to give away to one lucky reader. Several boots from Brutini’s line will be featured in the fourth installment of Mission Impossible. All you have to do is provide your name, shoe size, email address and we’ll randomly pick a winner on Wednesday December 21– the film’s opening date. Enter below.

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A few months ago, Paramount released the first teaser trailer for Mission Impossible 4, awkwardly titled “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol“. How’s that for a mouthful of jibberish. With the release date only a couple of months away, the studio debuted a brand new full-length trailer yesterday. Director Brad Bird even appears in it to introduce the clip. What, Tom Cruise wasn’t available?

Gone is the previous hip-hop background track and back is the traditional score associated with the spy series. Why mess with a good thing, right? The music isn’t the only thing that’s changed. With a longer trailer, more action, more chases, more explosions and fights have been jammed in. Somewhere in between all that, a few plot insights have been revealed. Ethan Hunt and the remaining IMF team go rogue to clear their organization’s name. Intrigued yet?

Joining Tom Cruise for the fourth installment are Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Simon Kegg and Josh Holloway. Filming for the film took place in various international destinations including Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Mumbai and Vancouver. Props to Vancity, my hometown, for making that list. ” Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” is scheduled to premiere in North America on December 16, 2011. Should you choose to accept this fourth mission, check out the new trailer below.

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Randomly the other day, Tyrell and I watched Mission: Impossible 3 on TV, and now the trailer for the fourth instalment of the film has just been released… “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol“. Having just rewatched the third one which I thoroughly enjoyed, I now have high expectations for the fourth one and at this point I’m on the fence. The film takes place in Dubai, and Cruise and his team are on an “impossible” escape mission, where if anyone of them screw up, they’ll be labeled as terrorists. It doesn’t seem as intense or exciting as the previous ones. Really, the only part that gets my blood pumping is when Tom Cruise is climbing a skyrise. Other than that, it seems kind of “okay”.

Actually, on second thought, it might just be the music played during the trailer. It’s Eminem featuring Pink in “Won’t Back Down“. I have nothing against the song, but I don’t think it is was the best choice in conveying the level of intensity that is expected from a film like this. Towards the tail end of the trailer, we finally hear a variation of the famous “Mission Impossible” theme song, but unfortunately but it’s not played long enough for me. Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think.

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