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Mikky Ekko burst onto the scene when Rihanna featured him on her smash hit “Stay.” Since his splashy debut, he’s worked with David Guetta, French Montana and others but nothing has come close. Perhaps his luck will change with his collaboration with Giorgio Moroder.

The legendary Italian producer tapped the 30-year-old for “Don’t Let Go” off his forthcoming Deja Vu album. It’s not another disco-tinged production, but it does have club-ready beats. Ekko’s dark vocals give the banger a haunting vibe.

The only remaining track off Moroder’s LP that I haven’t heard yet and am extremely curious about, is his work with Foxes. I have a good feeling about that one. Until that one arrives, give his Ekko collabo a listen below.

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This past weekend, Rihanna performed her beautiful ballad, “Stay” at the Grammy Awards. Now, the music video for the song is out and we’ve got it for you to check out below.

Rihanna really shows her softer, more vulnerable side in the video as she strips down and sits very still in the bathtub. “The video was really, really simple. I pretty much stayed put in a bathtub,” Rihanna told E!. She’s deep in thought and really connected emotionally with the lyrics. There are moments where it’s as if she loses her breath on the word “Stay,” which I found very powerful. Is she talking about Chris Brown and her inner turmoil in deciding that she wanted to be back together with him? That’s what I got from it, but this type of thing is open to interpretation and anyone can make what they want of it.

The song and video is a duet with Nashville singer, Mikky Ekko and the two voices work really well together on this song. Rihanna had promised an “emotional,” “personal” and “powerful” video with “Stay” and I’m thinking that she certainly delivered. Check out the video below.

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