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On The Electric Lady, Janelle Monae boasts several high-profile collaborations including Prince (“Givin Em What They Love”), Esperanza Spalding (“Dorothy Dandridge Eyes”), Solange Knowles (“Electric Lady”) and Erykah Badu on “Q.U.E.E.N.” which was the lead cut.

Out of them all, my favorite is hands down “PrimeTime” featuring Miguel. Partially, because I love slow jams, but also because I have a slight crush on the R&B crooner. That man just oozes sex when he sings. Every time I hear “Adorn,” I just want to get busy. At long last, a visual has premiered for their epic single. Why this hasn’t charted, especially on the R&B charts, is beyond me? Fingers crossed the clip garners some radio airplay and chart activity.

In the clip, Monae plays a “cyber-server” named Cindi Mayweather who works at a night club called the Electric Sheep where show droids entertain rich patrons. In other words, a classy high-tech strip club. While working, she meets Joey Vice played by Miguel. After getting harassed by horny male customers, she quits and frolics with Miguel on the rooftop and at another party. Watch these two get their flirt on in the Alan Ferguson-directed video below.

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Cher Returns To The Voice To Mentor Contestants

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After almost a decade not performing live on television, the “Woman’s World” singer choose the NBC singing competition to debut her comeback single. Cher must’ve really enjoyed her time on the fourth season finale of The Voice. She returns to the show, but this time as one of the mentors during the battle rounds for Season 5. Find out who she’s paired up with below, along with the other three mentors.

“This group of wildly successful musicians will add their distinctive talents to their respective teams” Paul Telegdy, NBC’s late night and alternative programming president said in a statement. “I know Christina, Adam, CeeLo and Blake are very much looking forward to having them come aboard.”

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Miguel Covers P!nk Down Under

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If you didn’t know by now, I have the hugest hard-on for Miguel. Hands down, he’s the best and sexiest male R&B singer in recent years. Single-handedly, he reignited my love for R&B slow jams with his extremely steamy track, “Adorn.” Naturally, I was going to share the 27-year-old singer’s acoustic cover of this classic. It doesn’t hurt that it’s one of our favorite tracks from P!nk.

While on a promotional tour in Australia, Miguel stopped by Fifi & Jules to deliver a wicked acoustic set including “Just Like A Pill.” He gives the track new dimension with his stripped-down and emotional rendition. If you’re a fan of P!nk’s classic track, you definitely have to watch it. As an extra added bonus, I embedded a cover by Miguel of another pop starlet. A couple of years ago, back when he was starting out, he took on “Hold It Against Me” for Billboard. Check out both performances below.

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When Kelly Clarkson saw Miguel’s performance of “Adorn” at this year’s Grammys, she fell in instant lust. During her acceptance speech, she told millions of viewers how damn sexy she thought he was and practically begged to record a track with him in the future. Until that amazing collaboration happens, this wicked duet between Miguel and Janelle Monae will have to suffice. I can’t think of a better consolation prize. Love both these two artists.

Monae’s forthcoming album, The Electric Lady, doesn’t come out until September 10 but we’ve already heard a few tracks from it. Each single that the 27-year-old singer releases keeps getting better and better. I thought her collabo with Erykah Badu on “Q.U.E.E.N.” was tight, but this one is just beyond epic. It reminds me something Prince would’ve done back in his hey day. From the sultry guitars to their steamy vocal delivery, “PrimeTime” is one badass come-f*ck-me song if I ever heard one. Don’t take my word for it. Give it a listen below.

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Since Brian and I had a few friends over on Sunday (joint birthday BBQ), I wasn’t able to watch True Blood til last night. Talk about a belated birthday gift. I haven’t been this captivated SLASH turned on by an episode of the HBO show in seasons.

Arguably, the scene between Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Ben/Marlow (Robert Kazinsky) was one of the supernatural series’ hottest moments ever. Never have I wanted to have a shaving session more ;) For this alone, Kazinksy needs a spot on my Top 10 Hottest True Blood Guys list. Making the moment even steamier was the use of Miguel’s super sexy track, “Adorn.” Man, I love that song like you wouldn’t believe.

When TB first aired, I was all about Kwanten, but as the seasons aired, Alexander Skarsgård and Joe Manganiello became my favorites. During the latest episode, Ryan made a comeback. Not only was his homoerotic scene with Kazinsky everything, the vision of him doing pullups was a sight to behold as well. Never have I been so mesmerized by sweaty back muscles. Check out his workout and the shaving clip below. Be sure to have a glass of ice water nearby. You’ll need it to cool off.

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A few of our Spanish-speaking readers described Mariah Carey’s Spanglish version of “#Beautiful” as being #terrible. While I’m pretty sure the translations aren’t on point 100 percent, I do enjoy “#Hermosa” tremendously. I’m always down for a little bilingual action. You can imagine my #glee when Mimi released an accompanying music video for the alternate version of her hit collaboration with Miguel.

Instead of being caged up in a chandelier-filled barn, Carey and Miguel vacation on the beautiful Italian island of Capri. The two are shown in a rowboat, exploring the Blue Grotto, walking the cobblestone streets of the island and other sightseeing activities. All those scenes are intertwined with images of Mariah and Miguel laying down their Spanglish lyrics in the recording studio. Overall, I like the video. It’s tempting me to book another vacay in Italy. Check out the new clip below.

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Mariah Carey Drops #Beautiful Spanglish & Rap Remix

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If you’re a longtime fan of Mariah Carey, the following two remixes shouldn’t come as a surprise. We all know the woman loves her rappers. Over the years she’s worked with Ol’ Dirty Bastard (“Fantasy”), The Lox and Mase (“Honey”), Jay-Z (“Heartbreaker”) and Jadakiss (“We Belong Together”) to name a few. This time around she picked Harlem rap sensation A$AP Rocky to add a rap interlude. As much as I love a little swagger, I’m not really feeling his appearance on the urban remix. However…

On the flip side, I’m loving the Spanglish version titled “#Hermosa.” I’m a sucker for a little bilingual action. If you’re one of her hardcore lambs, you know the 43-year-old diva has dabbled singing in Spanish previously with her hits “Hero” and “My All.” The Spanglish and urban remix are two of five planned “#Beautiful” remixes being dropped in the next few days. Expect a couple of hardcore dance ones within that bunch. Check out the first two below.

listen to the new versions after the jump

I’m not sure an explicit version of “#Beautiful” was necessary, but Mariah Carey did. The 43-year-old offers up an alternate audio and video version of her current Top 20 hit. Apparently Mimi felt a few expletives were missing. Normally, I’m not a fan of gratuitous usage of the F-bomb, but Miguel uttering “f**king beautiful” is sorta hot.

If you’re favorite parts of the video were the barn scenes, you’re in luck. Gone are shots of Carey riding bitch on a motorcycle. The alternate visual is fully set in the barn with more time focused on Mariah dancing in front of the “Adorn” singer who BTWs looks even cuter in this version. His mischievous smirk is supes sexy.

Even though I don’t mind the new #explicit cut, I would’ve much preferred an official remix. I’m not sure this cut will help propel the track much higher than its current Top 20 peak. Check out the new version below.

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