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Who you gonna call? No disrespect to Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy, but I’d rather dial Chris Hemsworth. That deep voice of his is music to my ears. Can you imagine having phone sex with him? I’d die.

The all-female Ghostbusters reboot released stills featuring the four leading ladies and for the first time, a photo of Hemsworth. The 32-year-old plays the team’s secretary and office manager which was originally played by Annie Potts. I wonder how many words per minute he can type? Get your first peek below.

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Who you gonna call? Forget the OG crew. These ladies look like serious bad-asses.

Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon are ready for action with their proton packs in their character posters. If the artwork is any indication on how killer this all-female reboot will be, consider me sold.

Check out the posters below. Ghostbusters storms into theaters on July 15, 2016.

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Is it me, or does every character Melissa McCarthy play kinda the same? Don’t get it twisted, I think she’s hilarious, but a little variety would be nice. But I suppose, if it ain’t broke, why bother fixing it, right?

The 45-year-old actress plays a powerful and insanely rich, but not incredibly nice woman in The Boss. She finds herself penniless after being sent to prison for insider trading. When she exits jail, she lives with her former employee played by Kristen Bell. McCarthy concocts a new scheme to regain her wealth after taking Bell’s daughter to a Girl Scouts-like meeting.

Kathy Bates, Kristen Schaal and Peter Dinklage also star in the upcoming comedy. It’s scheduled to hit theaters on April 9, 2016. Check out the amusing clip below. I LOL’d a few times. No lie. Hopefully, all the good parts aren’t featured in the movie trailer.

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Being the face of the revolution against President Snow pays.

Forbes reveals that Jennifer Lawrence is the highest paid actress over the past 12 months. At a whopping $52 million, she soars above her compatriots. No doubt a good chunk of that coin comes from The Hunger Games franchise. Her lucrative endorsement deals for brands such as Dior certainly pad her bank account quite nicely as well.

Coming in at the runner-up slot is Scarlett Johansson at $35 million thanks to The Avengers and Lucy. Rounding out the Top 3 is Melissa McCarthy at $23 million.

Last year’s top dog Sandra Bullock falls to No. 15 on this year’s list, earning $8 million according to the publication. Check out below which other actresses are laughing all the way to the bank.

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It turns out the dimwitted character he played on Parks and Recreation might not have been a far stretch for a young Chris Pratt. He was quite naive and extremely trusting when he first arrived in Los Angeles. If, this story is true.

The 35-year-old shares the details about his first headshots. Apparently, a random photographer SLASH stranger approached him on the streets of West Hollywood. He invited him back to his place to shoot him for free. As it turns out, it was legit and he was just a generous guy. But, can you imagine if he was a psychopath?

Melissa McCarthy was also on the Graham Norton Show and dished about her first headshots as well. She was surprised the show got their hands on them, given that she thought she had the only existing copies in her possession. Guess she was wrong. Check out both hilarious clips below.

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Movie Review: The Heat

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Melissa McCarthy returns to the big screen today alongside Sandra Bullock in the new comedy, The Heat. Bridesmaids director Paul Feig directs the film, so naturally I went in expecting another hilarious comedy.

The story has Sandra Bullock reprise her role from Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 as the stuck up FBI agent Sarah Ashburn, while McCarthy plays her unlikely, rough around the edges partner Shannon Mullins. The two have been unwillingly paired up and assigned to catching a drug lord. The two clashing personalities make for a hilarious combination and while predictable, garnered many laughs from yours truly.

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One of Hollywood’s leading funny ladies right now, Melissa McCarthy recently stopped by Sesame Street to hang out with Elmo and learn some choreography. Why? Because the word of the day was “Choreographer.”

In the clip below, Melissa and Elmo decide they want to learn some dance moves and Elmo says he knows a good choreographer that can help them. When Elmo comes back with the choreographer is confused. “That’s a penguin…” Elmo responds, “A penguin who loves to make up dance moves!” The first move on the agenda is the “Flappawappa Boom Boom.

Watch Elmo, Melissa and the Penguin all dancing together below.

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Tonight (Friday, February 8), the highly anticipated comedy, Identity Thief is opening in theaters starring the hilarious Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. I’m so excited to see this movie because it looks so funny and also because I’ll watch anything with Melissa McCarthy in it.

The film centers around a man named Sandy (Bateman) and a woman named Diana (McCarthy) who steals his identity. When Sandy finds out who has stolen his identity, it’s his mission to track her down and stop her. Once he’s found her, they end up having to travel together to get the whole situation resolved. The following is a scene from the movie when the two are at a restaurant and Diana uses some of her techniques to get what she wants from the server, played by Ellie Kemper (The Office, Bridesmaids)

As I mentioned, the film comes out tonight and it’s bound to do some damage at the box office this weekend. Enjoy the hilarious scene below!

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