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Will The Wanted Release Two Albums In 2013?

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Fans of The Wanted, rejoice! The boys seem to have some big plans for 2013 to make it one of their biggest years ever. Like 2012 wasn’t big enough with their hit single Glad You Came topping the charts in the US making them a household name and having star maker Scooter Braun jump on their bandwagon, they have some huge dreams to fulfill in the next year including two brand new albums.

For those fans like myself who already knew of the band in their UK hay-day, their US debut disc featured tracks from their two previous albums with two new bangers, Chasing The Sun and Satellite. The first album which their expecting to release this spring will feature their single I Found You. So why two albums you ask?

Band mate Tom Parker explains that originally, they had hoped to have an album out this Christmas but the group felt it wasn’t quite ready. And, with all the material they have written in the past year, they have enough music for two albums. I have to be honest, I’m not complaining. I am always up for more music from these blokes. In a recent interview in prep for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, the boys discuss the albums, 2013 resolutions and discuss their biggest successes of 2012.

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Earlier this week, the internet was all abuzz about the fact that Lindsay Lohan had been riding with The Wanted on their tour bus, courtesy of her “good friend,” Aaron Samuels Max George. Props on her taste, as he’s certainly my most “Wanted” in that band as well. TMZ reported yesterday, “Sources close to Max tell us Lindsay is in Boston with The Wanted for their show tonight — and we’re told she got there riding first class on board the group’s luxury bus … as Max’s guest.”

Meanwhile, in the other direction…the One Direction, People Magazine is reported that Taylor Swift has apparently been seen canoodling with Harry Styles. They’ve been seeing out in public together, and at a recent party, a source told the magazine that “Taylor and Harry [were] being very smoochie. They definitely [looked] like a couple.”

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The Wanted “Lightning” Music Video

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For all our UK readers, feel free to take a snooze right about now. You lucky blokes have known the goodness that is The Wanted for a couple of years now. Meanwhile, North American audiences have only recently been exposed to them thanks to the group’s first US Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit “Glad You Came“.

Calan, one of our writers, was an early fan and wrote about them back in October 2010. Shortly thereafter Tyrell jumped aboard, and now I’m officially on The Wanted bandwagon. What’s not to like? Catchy pop tunes with terrific hooks delivered by five cute guys. Speaking of which… hands off everyone, I’m crushing on Max George. Sooooo dreamy.

In anticipation of their first American album set to hit stores on April 24, The Wanted officially offered “Lightning” on iTunes the other day. This track, which was the third single from their second UK album, “Battleground”, was a No. 2 hit across the pond. Will the track fare as well stateside? On paper it should since it has the same writing and producing team behind “Glad You Came“. Watch the music video below and see if it has potential to yield another US hit for The male Saturdays aka The Wanted. And remember, hands off Max George (the shaved head one)… He’s mine 😉

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British boy band The Wanted have been taking over America ever since they landed and hit the ground running with a live performance on The Ellen Show. Now, the boys have been keeping busy touring this massive country, trying to gain a fan base across the pond. From what I can tell by their videos from past shows and what other blogs and sites are saying, the boys are making quite an impression on their new fans.

The boys recently sat down with to answer a few questions about their music, their image and what would be their idea of a dream girl. In a secondary video, asks the boys to translate some British slang for them. Those words include bricking and bullocks just to name a few. Check it out below.

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I have to thank fellow writer Calan for introducing me to this amazing group. I have since become obsessed. The five guys from The Wanted have taken the UK be storm with their massive hits and now, their sophomore album Battleground which has already produced two hit tracks, Glad You Came and the infectious Lightning. Now, the boys are ready to slow it a down a bit with the haunting melody of Warzone.

Co-written by members Max George and Nathan Sykes, the song rings out about the experience of being in a relationship and discovering the other has cheated on you. The music video does quite the job of visualizing the lyrics for us as each member of the grew comes home to find their girl with another man. The video was directed by Director X who also helmed their Glad You Came video. The clip was filmed in Brooklyn, NY.

So, with the success they’ve experienced in the UK, do they plan on heading stateside anytime soon? Mercury Records is willing to take the chance but they aren’t rushing into things. They said we experience more from them in North America in early 2012. They admit that the US market is wanting them versus trying to push a UK act into the mix. They’ve also been making appearances on The X Factor in the US and the label plans on adding their music to mainstream movies and television to start building their fan base.

I have no doubt that this quintet will be a hit over here as well. Their music is catchy and their pretty easy on the eye too. Check out their newest video for Warzone below.

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The Wanted Stay “Gold Forever”

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Who are Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes? They are the 5 hotties that make up the London based boy band The Wanted. Calan introduced them to us in October and I’m addicted. Last summer, the group released their first single All Time Low which hit #1 on the UK Singles Chart. Their self-titled album was released in October in hit #3 in the UK as well.

In November, the group signed with American label Island Def Jam to release an album in the US this year. Their newest single Gold Forever released through their new label is due for release March 13th but the video for the track is out now. Its so cute as the boys walk their way through a party, putting clown noses on and acting a fool. You can’t help but fall in love with these boys.

So who’s the gay one? Its tough to tell. There is some bromance love going on a couple times in the video. If any of you have some insight, let me know. But in the meantime, I found some photos from singer Max George’s photo shoot with AXM for their Naked Issue in 2008. So HOT!

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