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Destiny’s Child To Release New Album This Fall

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Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are all busy “Independent Women” these days. Well, at least two of the three are 😉 So, the thought of a new album by Destiny’s Child seems surprising. Are the three really reuniting to drop new material? The answer is “yes” and “no”.

Former manager Matthew Knowles revealed to the Huffington Post that two new albums are coming with the first one scheduled to hit stores later this year. None of the ladies, however, are hitting the recording studio together. Instead, the album will be made up of previously unreleased tracks. In other words, we’re getting rejects from previous albums. Are you ready for all that recycled “jelly“? Thanks Matthew Knowles. I guess Papa needs extra cash to pay his “Bills, Bills, Bills“, especially those automo’bills.

Given that none of these songs made the cut originally, I can’t imagine any of them being hit singles. Furthermore, the Destiny’s Child lineup changed multiple times over the years. Does this mean that previous members like LeToya Luckett, Latavia Roberson and Farrah Franklin might appear in the cover art and on some of the tracks? Interesting!!! Check out snippets from Matthew’s interview regarding a possible reunion tour below.

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Beyonce’s Dad Drops Music Video For New Girl Group

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Last week, I first shared Matthew Knowles’ brand new girl group, From Above, with you. Beyonce’s dad is hoping his new army of British singers can achieve the same level of success that Destiny’s Child did. Will lightning strike twice for him? Maybe, but it’ll be hard without the likes of Beyonce or Kelly Rowland in the group. That being said, he’s certainly taken a few moves out of their playbook and re-appropriated them for From Above.

Firstly, the group’s name has the same celestial heavenly sound as Destiny’s Child. Secondly, he’s enlisted his ex-wife Tina Knowles to style the ladies for the music video, which BTW was not a wise move. Remember some of that tacky shizz DC used to wear back in the day? Now Tina’s styling choices are even worse. From Above’s look is an amalgamation of House of Dereon rejected designs with leftover wardrobe scraps from Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce.

But by far the most blatant rip-off Matthew Knowles has used for his new venture is stealing Beyonce’s signature “Single Ladies” hand gestures. Apparently plagiarism runs in the family. LOL. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a shame that Knowles hasn’t updated his managerial repertoire for a new decade. I actually don’t mind “Not The Same Girl“. Sure, it’s a bit Danity Kane meets The Saturdays but has a catchy beat and solid vocals. Check out From Aboves’ debut music video below.

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Meet Matthew Knowles New Girl Group “From Above”

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Would Destiny’s Child and members of the group like Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have been household names today if it were not due to the genius of Matthew Knowles? Well, we’ll soon find out. Beyonce’s dad and former manager is launching a new girl group called From Above. He feels the market is lacking in girl groups and thinks it’s time for another phenomenon like Spice Girls, Pussycat Dolls and Destiny’s Child to rule the radio airwaves.

The makeup of the group is a bit tricky. Apparently, five girls from the UK were flown to Houston, Texas for Knowles’ boot camp. Upon arriving there, they were met with two other girls who were also vying for a place in From Above. Expect the unexpected as they always say. The entire process was documented and currently airing over MTV affiliates in 160 countries.

Even though the show is still airing it would seem based on the cover art above that the final five girls have been selected. The group consists of, from left to right, Chelsey Reynolds, Ashley Shaw, Daisy Evans, Monique Robert and Seyi Joshua. Their debut album, “Breaking From Above” will be released digitally on December 12 and the show’s theme song “Work” and first official single “Not The Same Girl” released as singles on November 29.

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5 Celebrity Baby Scandals!

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As the world knows by now, the Terminator has sperminated the nanny. If that wasn’t enough, it turns out Arnold Schwarzenegger an array of other mistresses at his beck and call. As shocked as I am, this is just the latest celebrity baby scandal to rock the news. In fact, celebrities have been doing this for years.

Lets take a trip down memory lane to revisit five of the most infamous celebrity baby scandals that shocked us!

5. Gavin Rossdale

I’ll admit that I am completely envious of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s marriage. They are the perfect rock couple, complete with their fashionable children and extremely successful careers. What a lot of people forget, however, is that Rossdale actually has an illegitimate child with his former lover Pearl Lowe. When he was 23, Rossdale had a brief fling with his, then, good friend, Lowe, who had a boyfriend at the time. When she became pregnant, it was assumed that Lowe’s longtime boyfriend was the father. To make things even crazier, Rossdale was asked to be the child’s godfather! As the child, Daisy, grew up she started to display more characteristics of her famous godfather rather than of her dietician father. Hmmm… After a bit of denial on both ends, paternity tests were done concluding that Rossdale was, indeed, the little Daisy’s father! Whoops!

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Beyonce Drops Her Dad As Her Manager

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One of the richest and most successful female artists out there right now, Beyonce Knowles has dropped her father, Matthew Knowles as her manager. He’s been managing her career since she was a teen in Destiny’s Child. Now, she’ll be an “Independent Woman”.

“I’ve only parted ways with my father on a business level. He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly. I am grateful for everything he has taught me. I grew up watching both he and my mother manage and own their own businesses. They were hard-working entrepreneurs and I will continue to follow in their footsteps.”

Her father also used to manage Kelly Rowland and her music career, but she too went her own way in January of 2009. Since then, it seem that her career has totally taken off. Her latest track, “What A Feeling,” is absolutely going to be my one of my summer anthems.

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The Commander is letting you know that she’s no longer a Destiny’s Child, she’s a Grown Ass Woman, another track on her third studio album. Produced by Stargate, it’s actually one of her favorite tracks on the album, although we’re not sure if it’s going to be a single or not. It definitely has potential. It’s a slower song, kinda reminds me a little of JoJo’s “Too Little Too Late,” actually – and if you recall, that received HUGE radio play.

I’ve never heard the phrase Grown Ass Woman, but it sounds like Kelly’s trying to make it happen. After all, from here on out, she’s our Commander! At least for this summer, as she continues to release these hot tracks.

In other news, Beyonce’s Dad Matthew said today in a press release that Destiny’s Child will NOT reunite:

“Contrary to rumors online of a Destiny’s Child reunion, there are no plans for the group to reunite for a performance or album. The rumors are false. Destiny’s Child made an unprecedented impact in contemporary music, becoming one of the best-selling groups of all time. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have each moved on to successful solo careers. The members remain close, but will not reunite as a group.”

Meh. They’ll obviously reunite one day. There is always a reunion.

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