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In the next instalment of the Bridget Jones saga, our British heroine finds herself in a bit of a quandary. She’s not sure if Colin Firth or Patrick Dempsey is the baby daddy of her unborn child. Not a bad problem to have if you ask me 😉

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, Renee Zellweger finds her paternity problems on a superheroic level. Footage from Bridget Jones’s Baby and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are spliced together to create an amusing new trailer. Is it wrong that I actually want to see this fictitious flick? Check out the clip below.

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When I first heard Meghan Trainor’s sassy new single, “NO,” it reminded me a bit of Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!).” After watching this awesome mashup, I’ll now think of “Overprotected” by Britney Spears instead. In my defense, both those pop hits were released in 2001 😉

Producer Raheem D spliced together Trainor’s latest video with Britney’s classic clip for one stellar mashup. From the hair flips to the abandoned warehouse, Trainor does an excellent job of channeling Brit. If you’re going to spice up your image, you might as well look to one of the masters. Check out the video below.

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The 88th Academy Awards air tomorrow Sunday, February 28 on ABC. The ceremony begins at 5:30 pm PST with the red carpet footage starting at 4:00 pm. Are you planning on tuning in? I am and holding a small soiree to watch it all go down.

During the marathon telecast, multiple bathroom breaks are needed. Let’s face it, most people tend to do it during the technical awards. While necessary to elevate every movie, their categories go mostly unnoticed. That is until now.

YouTube channel Burger Fiction compiled an epic supercut featuring every Oscar winner in the Best Visual Effects category since the first show. From Wings to Interstellar, every award-winning film is highlighted. Check out the montage below.

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Watch Pixar Films Pay Tribute To Classic Films

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Directors often pay tribute to classic films by recreating memorable scenes for their own movie. After watching this amazing montage clip by Jorge Luengo Ruiz, Pixar does it quite a lot.

Ruiz meticulously sifts through the studio’s vault and pulls out scenes that pay homage to classic films from Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and more. He’s clearly a huge movie buff. This must’ve taken hours to compile and edit. Check out the clip below.

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Troye Sivan broke out in a big way this year with his debut album, Blue Neighbourhood. His coming-of-age video trilogy was heartbreaking visual opus. Adele, Adam Lambert and Sam Smith are just a few of his famous fans. The 20-year-old Aussie delivers once again with his latest recording.

Romantically speaking, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are no longer a couple. On the professional front though, they sound great together. At least their songs do. Sivan covers their respective singles, “Hands To Myself” and “Sorry,” for a sensational mashup.

Sivan recorded the medley for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Check it out below. And if you haven’t checked out his original material, definitely do. He’s a revelation.

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YouTube just dropped it’s annual video wrap-up compilation and like its predecessors, it’s a must-watch. The epic mashup highlights the videos, people, music and movies that made 2015.

The video-sharing website enlisted more than 150 YouTube creators from all over the world to do sketch-like takes on popular videos from the past year. Set to the music of The Weeknd, Silentó, Major Lazer & Dj Snake, and OMI, they re-imagined popular clips including Shia Labeouf’s ‘Just Do It’ speech, pizza rat and more. Check out “Now Watch Me 2015” below.

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Just when I thought I’d heard every possible rendition of “Hello,” I stumbled upon this. Apparently, even movie characters like C-3P0, Harry Potter, Dr. Evil, James Bond and more want to jump on the Adele bandwagon.

YouTube user Matthijs Vlot edited together multiple clips from well-known movies to create a cover of the Brit’s smash single. I can’t even imagine how painstaking of a process this was. Bravo to Vlot for having the patience. God knows, I couldn’t have. Check out the cinematic rendition below.

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Didn’t get out to the movies in 2015 as much as you’d hoped? Get a quick rundown on what transpired at theaters this past year thanks to

The film website mashes up every trailer released the past twelve months and fit them all in just nine minutes. Even more impressive is the fact the way they’re seamlessly edited together makes quite a narrative.

My favorite part happens when Ted talks about Samuel L Jackson being in every movie and then a quick montage of his films released the past year are shown. Hilarious. Check out the masterfully crafted video below.

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