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Though statistics show women are more likely to be sexually assaulted, one in six men are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. A powerful new PSA created by The Joyful Heart Foundation, Viacom and organization 1in6 raises awareness for this important issue.

The video, titled “No More,” features several celebrities reciting 20 things you should never say to a male sexual assault survivor including “That doesn’t happen to guys,” “He just needs to get over it,” and “Why didn’t he fight back.”

Nick Lachey, Tim Gunn, Courtney Cox, Mary J. Blige, Hillary Swank, Marcia Gay Harden and Mariska Hargitay and her Law & Order: SVU team, including former colleague Christopher Meloni, are just a few who lend their voice. Check out the clip below.

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It’s no secret that Rashida Jones can carry a tune. She shows off her vocals on an annual basis to duet with Jimmy Fallon for his yearly holiday recap of the year’s previous songs. Plus, she’s the daughter of legendary producer Quincy Jones. Music is in her blood.

Back in October, the 39-year-old Parks and Recreation actress lent her vocals to a new song from Boss Selection, a project from producer Sunny Levine. The music video for the laid-back jam, “Flip and Rewind,” has just arrived.

Staying true to the throwback vibe of the track, Jones serves major 90s realness in the clip. She pays homage to TLC, Mary J. Blige, Brandy and more who had major hits during that decade. Check out the fun clip below featuring some memorable fashion trends from that era. Baggy overalls and oversized blazers anyone?

“The inspiration for the video that [writing partner Will McCormack] and I directed was to try to evoke the feeling of the ’90s, but not in a mocking way,” Jones told Rolling Stone. “I think for you and I both, it’s such an important time musically, emotionally, and psychologically. Every part of us formed during the ’90s, and we took all of the quintessential R&B videos from the ’90s and did our best to recreate them.”

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NBC learned the hard way that without household names, people just aren’t going to tune in to their annual musical production. Peter Pan‘s ratings didn’t take flight like the Carrie Underwood-fronted The Sound of Music production the year before.

The peacock network definitely didn’t play around with casting this time around. The Wiz Live! is jam-packed with recognizable faces. Naturally, NBC is highlighting the star-studded cast in the latest promo.

David Alan Grier, Ne-Yo and Elijah Kelley as the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow respectively, along with newcomer Shanice Williams as Dorothy ease on down the yellow brick road in the clip. The faces of Queen Latifah, Amber Riley, Common, Uzo Aduba, Stephanie Mills and Amber Riley and their respective characters are shown during their journey.

The three-hour The Wiz Live! event on NBC on December 3. Check out the promo below.

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NBC Releases The Wiz Live! First Cast Promo Pics

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NBC unveiled the first promo pics for their next live musical production, The Wiz Live! The first batch only features Dorothy and her Yellow Brick Road travel mates, but I fully expect plenty more to come featuring the rest of the cast as the telecast date of December 3 approaches.

Shanice Williams snagged the coveted role of Dorthy Gale after a nationwide search for a talented unknown. Meanwhile a trio of veterans, David Alan Grier, Ne-Yo and Elijah Kelley step in to portray the beloved roles of the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow respectively.

Also participating in the production are Queen Latifah as The Wiz, Mary J. Blige as Evillene, Uzo Aduba as Glinda, Amber Riley as Addaperle, Common as Bouncer, and Broadway’s original Dorothy, Stephanie Mills, as Auntie Em. I can’t wait to check them out in their respective costumes. Until the peacock network unleashes those pics, check out Dorothy rocking her new ruby-colored kicks below, along with the boys in their get-ups.

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As with any award shows, the middle stretch of the Emmys last night was a big yawn fest. Just get to the big awards already, right? Thankfully, this insanely awesome commercial aired during the telecast. It gave me life.

The Internet is still buzzing about the Apple Music ad featuring Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington having a dance party over at Mary J. Blige’s crib. How do I score an invite to the next one, ladies? Ava DuVernay who directed the clip revealed that it was just a taste of what’s to come.

“Yep, first of three. @AppleMusic rolls them out throughout the week. Loved playing w/ Queens Kerry, Taraji + Mary xo,” the Selma director tweeted.

I wait with bated breath for the other two installments to drop. In the meantime, relive the first one in all its glory below.

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Though better received by critics, NBC’s Peter Pan Live! failed to match the massive ratings of its predecessor. Say what you will about the legendary wooden acting of Carrie Underwood, but the country superstar delivered the viewers.

While producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are on the hunt for a talented newcomer to play Dorothy, the peacock network has enlisted two marquee names to add star power to their upcoming The Wiz Live! Having established household names to anchor the production are a must. NBC clearly realized their misstep from last year’s disappointing showing. Find out below what Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige are playing in the live production.

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Spike TV’s breakout hit, Lip Sync Battle, returns Thursday, July 9. The series still has plenty of big names to feature before closing out its freshman run. Among those still on deck are Iggy Azalea facing off against her fiancee Nick Young, Will Arnett versus Alison Brie and Andy Cohen battling it out with Willie Geist.

The LL Cool J-hosted series brings out the big guns for the two-part season finale. Empire’s Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard go head-to-head in a big way to win the coveted trophy. Henson brings out Mary J. Blige during her “Fine” showstopper, while Howard channels Rick James perfectly for one of his performances. Check out the trailer below.

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Fresh off her way-too-short appearance on Empire this week, Mary J. Blige drops a brand new video. On a serious tip though, Blige was highly underutilized on the FOX drama. All she did was duet with Terrence Howard on “Shake Down.” Next time, I want a showdown with Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson).

Doubt” is the latest single off her critically-acclaimed The London Sessions. The Ethan Lader-directed clip finds the 44-year-old singing her little heart out in an empty theater. But by the end, it’s a packed house. It’s a simple clip, but when you’re the Queen of hip-hop soul, bells and whistles aren’t needed. Plus, the simplistic nature is very fitting for her London Sessions era.

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