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Bring out the vats of spray-on tan. Seriously, how much do they use throughout the season? With the largest cast ever assembled for “Dancing with the Stars”, the season nine premiere spanned three nights. On Monday, the men took center stage while the women took the spotlight on Tuesday. For the first time ever, each celebrity was required to perform two dances on their respective night. Yikes! Adding insult to injury, the celebrities this year are restricted to a maximum amount of time they’re allowed to practice. Last season saw such a record number of injuries that the producers are taking extra precautions to ensure that doesn’t happen again. By throwing two dances and less training time at the celebrities, you know this is going to spell T.R.A.I.N.W.R.E.C.K. ABC, be sure to give those “DWTS” producers a raise. Wink.

Since there are so many celebs to talk about, I’m just going to briefly glaze over their performances and group them into four distinct groups.

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Dancing with the Stars 9: Dancers Announced!

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Dancing with the Stars Season 9 will commence live on September 21st for a three night premiere with 16 new stars that are in between jobs right now. Here they are…


Kelly Osbourne
Singer, actress, media personality. Daughter of rock icon Ozzy Osbourne and socialite Sharon Osbourne. Had a few hits: “Papa Don’t Preach,” “One Word,” and “Sleeping with Nothing” which were released in 2005 and all hit #1 on the Billboard Dance charts.


Melissa Joan Hart
Actress, Producer, Director. Melissa is best known for her role as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She also starred in Clarissa Explains It All. No longer is she teenage, as she is married with two children of her own.

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