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For Beyonce’s debut as new Pepsi spokesperson, she pushed around a cart full of the beverage. For the newest promo artwork, she channels Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Soup. If you understand those references, then you clearly know your pop culture, or should I say pop art- an art movement popularized by Andy Warhol in the 1960s.

Beyonce is the latest to incorporate Warhol’s imagery for advertising. The 31-year-old singer is seen wearing bright pink lips, blue eye shadow and neon yellow hair in the ad. She wrote the following on her Facebook, “Pop Art inspires me to Live for NOW.”

I wonder if this new ad will re-ignite the controversy surrounding Beyonce’s $50 million deal. A few thought it was hypocritical for her to sign with Pepsi, given she’s worked closely with Michelle Obama with her health platform. As we all know, soda is a huge factor in the growing problem of childhood obesity. Where do you stand on the situation? Ponder that thought, while you check out Beyonce’s new ad below.

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In a new HBO documentary, Love, Marilyn takes an intimate look into the never-before-seen letters, diaries and notebooks of Marilyn Monroe.

Celebrities featured in the documentary include” Ben Foster, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, Elizabeth Banks, Uma Thurman, Jeremy Piven, Viola Davis, Adrien Brody, Lindsay Lohan, Ellen Burstyn, Glenn Close, Jennifer Ehle, Jennifer Ehle, F. Murray Abraham, Jack Huston, David Strathairn, Janet McTeer, Oliver Platt , Lili Taylor, and Stephen Lang. The celebrities talk about Marilyn’s life and how she impacted them and/or they bring to life some key excerpts from her personal writings.

Apparently there is a lot we don’t know about Marilyn and who the real woman was behind her celebrity persona. Through all of her letters, diaries, and notebooks, we get to learn more about who Marilyn really was. It looks quite fascinating, actually! The film debuted at festivals earlier this year and will premiere on HBO in 2013. Check out the trailer below.

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Elizabeth Taylor isn’t letting a little thing called death slow her down. The movie legend is numero uno on Forbes annual list of Top Earning Dead Celebrities. Taylor passed away due to heart failure in March 2011 and landed at No. 5 on last year’s list. This year, the Cleopatra actress stepped it up and is now the queen amongst the deceased.

Forbes is reporting Liz raked in an astonishing $210 million in the past 12 months. Much of that figure (roughly $184 million) came from her record-breaking Christie’s auction where much of her belongings and memorabilia sold for insanely high prices. With no other auctions planned, Elizabeth will undoubtedly drop on next year’s list, which should make Michael Jackson’s estate very happy. The ‘King of Pop’ was the runner-up this year by earning $145 million.

The difference between second and third place is huge. Elvis Presley was about $90 million shy of MJ’s figure with $55 million in earnings. Other dead celebrities who made the list include John Lennon, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein (yup the scientist) and some dude named Theodor Geisel. For those who don’t know, Geisel wrote under the pen name Dr. Seuss. I’m sure you’ve heard of him 😉 See below to find out how they and others ranked in Forbes’ Top 10 list this year.

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Everyone knows the timeless and gorgeous Marilyn Monroe, but in some ways the mystery surrounding her death took away from the focus on why she was such a legend to begin with. From her breathy voice, voluptuous figure and wide-ranging talents – she remains to be one of the most memorable stars ever.

Just released today on Blu-ray is ‘Forever Marilyn‘, a must-have collection that includes 7 of her most popular films, which include: ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes‘, ‘The Seven Year Itch‘, ‘River Of No Return‘, ‘How To Marry A Millionaire‘, ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business‘, ‘The Misfits‘, and ‘Some Like It Hot‘. All of these films are immortalized in HD for the first time for one must-own collection. As I mentioned, this collection has officially just been released today so get it while you can!

Marilyn Monroe is definitely the flavor of the month. From a feature film, to several artists singing about her, she has seemed to become LA’s latest fad. Recently, Jessie and the Toy Boys and a song leak about Marilyn Monroe and now, Nicki Minaj has a new track circulating on the web.

Titled Marilyn Monroe, Nicki takes a much more introspective look into her own life and career than we are used to hearing from the quirky rapper, mainly because she doesn’t rap at all- she practically sings the entire track. It’s still unknown if this track will appear on Nicki’s upcoming Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded but if so, it’s a step in a great and exciting direction. Listen to the newly leaked track below.

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Gossip Girl Honors Old Hollywood

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No, you don’t have to rub your eyes, what you see above this text is actually happening. CW’s hit Gossip Girl is giving a little shout-out to Old Hollywood for their 100th episode. Why? Because they can I guess. In my head, it really makes no sense to any storyline in progress right now – but hey, it’s the CW where anything can and most likely, will happen. Remember when Hellcats did a random zombie episode? Okay, I have to admit, it was one of my favorite to shoot from the entire season but still, so random.

In early December, Zap2It reported that Blake Lively (aka Serena) would be reenacting the famous Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend scene from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes which starred of course, Marilyn Monroe. As you can see above, Blake is channeling her inner Monroe as the boys give her all the attention.

In more pictures revealed from the episode, Leighton Meester (aka Blaire) appears in a costume circa Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I do not understand this crossover what-so-ever so I hope they do a great job of explaining it in the actual show. What baffles myself and Zap2It is that a picture reveals Leighton pulling Penn Badgley (Dan) her way, not Hugo Becker (finacé Prince Louis). Will this love triangle ever end? Check out the sneak peak below.

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This isn’t the first time Michelle Williams has revisited her Marilyn Monroe persona to grace the cover of a magazine. This, however, is the first time she’s donned on sexy lingerie to do so. As the title says, “Who Knew Michelle Williams Had This Body?“. I certainly didn’t. Some had worried Williams was miscast as the titular star in “My Weekend With Marilyn“, but the 31-year-old actress has proved all her naysayers wrong. Not only has she won accolade after accolade, but now she’s landed the cover of a men’s publication exuding the same sexuality Monroe, herself, would’ve done. The screen legend would be proud.

Photographed by Michael Thompson, Michelle poses for several seductive poses within GQ’s February 2012 issue. I’ve always loved Williams and thought she was cute as a button. After checking out the photo spread, I’ll forever see her in a different light- that of a sex kitten.

For the accompanying interview, the actress addresses questions regarding Heath Ledger and raising her daughter Mathilda. Poor girl, I wonder when and if people will ever stop asking her Ledger-related questions. I think it’s time to let that one go now people. Also in the editorial piece, Michelle talks about her early career. Most notably playing Jen Lindley on “Dawson’s Creek“. See what she has to say about that and the Heath questions below, along with more photos.

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It’s no secret that Jessie and the Toy Boys is one of my favorite music obsessions. Her debut EP Show Me Your Tan Lines has had so much play on my iPod and her single Let’s Get Naughty is one of my favorite weekend anthems. I am literally dying, waiting for new music from this blonde bombshell. Okay, maybe not dying but I really want to hear some. Boom! My wish was granted when I saw that a new song potentially on her first full-length album This Is How Rumors Start had leaked.

The track is called Marilyn and it’s a little bit of a slower track than we are used to from the electro-pop singer. The lyrics ring out “Marilyn, why’d you die young? / Were you running? / Were the rumors true?” While the track may be on a more serious tone for the singer, it doesn’t stop the 80’s-style synths from bubbling through sticking true to her solid pop sound. Hopefully, this one of many solid tracks on the upcoming 2012 LP release. Check out Marilyn below.

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