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One week from today, I’ll be seeing Willam in person when she performs with Detox & Vicki Vox at White Party next Sunday. Can’t wait! Until then, there’s another hilarious episode of Willam’s Beatdown to enjoy. I can’t believe this is the fourteenth freaking one already! She’s done a lot of beating already!

Willam always says he’ll put anything in his mouth, but now it’s time for him to prove it! In this episode of Willam’s Beatdown, you can enjoy glue eating, a crotch shot and the baby food challenge. In this episode, the victims include: PrankvsPrank, ItsKingsleyBitch, EleventhGorgeous and Piink Sparkles.

Check out the video below to learn some tips on what not to do and why, watch the video below.

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This week, in celebration of International Women’s Day, Willam salutes all that is Woman, with a trip to the itty bitty titty committee, a lesson on feminine douching, and a visit from none other than The Wing Girls! If you miss this one, your lady parts might fall off!

After getting a lesson on how to deal with having small boobs, Willam shares a video by a woman named Kenya Parker-Johnson who goes on a rant about smelly vaginas. This girl is passionate about the subject. After the “stinky girl gash,” Willam moves onto a gay couple where the older guy is doing the makeup of his twinky redhead boyfriend (who looks like he wears makeup regularly). Willam jokes that the redhead is the top and says that he look like the offspring of if Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchette had a baby…with Chucky. Willam’s reaction to the end result of the makeover is hilarious: “What did you do to Little Orphan Tranny!?” LOL.

For the last portion of the episode, Willam shares a video by The Wing Girls who talk about what to do after sex (ie. cuddling, etc.). After making fun of them, she introduces them into the study and asks the various questions including what they think about fisting. Watch the video below!

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I have to say, I’m so impressed that Willam has been so consistent with her Willam’s Beatdown YouTube series. Most of the time, these types of shows start of strong then die off after a few episodes… but not this one!

This week Willam gets some cooking advice, learns how to do a messy bun and tries out some new gay vocabulary from Tyler Oakley. Willam also learns about a hot new makeup trend that’s so new, no one is even doing it yet. After twelve episodes this one is actually one of my favorites. Seriously, so funny. At one point during the video, Willam asks herself, “God, does my dad watch this?” LOL. Also, when the Queen of Blending does Willam’s makeup at the end and shows her what she looks like in the mirror, Willam says, “Ugh… F*cking bitch. I look like a prostitute who flunked out of clown school. Don’t touch me anymore.”

Also, I’m so excited about the fact that Willam, Detox and Vicki Vox are going to be at White Party in Palm Springs later this month. I’m going to make sure I meet her and hopefully have a picture or video to share with you in a future Willam’s Beatdown post.

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It’s time for another BEATDOWN! This week Willam gets a back alley fashion show from Joey Graceffa, a peek inside nudist camp, a beauty tutorial on lashes that would make Tammy Faye Baker proud, and a little lesson about Christianity and boobies from Trisha Paytas!

The first beatdown is of a video by gay fashion YouTuber, Joey Graceffa. Some of the things Willam says are quite funny, especially when getting worked up over the colors he uses to describe things (ie. salmon instead of red). The only thing I will say is I can’t stand the use of the word “faggot” which was used a lot in this segment in reference to Joey and it took me out of it a bit. Next, Willam takes on a promo video for a nudist revolution which of course opens up the door to many insults from Willam. We then move from gashes to lashes with Marina Joyce and her lash tuturial set to strange video game music.

The highlight of the video for me is when Willam goes after slutty Christian YouTuber, Trisha Paytas, which is not her first time being a victim of the beatdown. My favorite thing Willam says is, “I’m pretty sure this video contributed to the Pope’s recent resignation. He’s like, ‘Oohhh, f*ck.‘” Things get crazy when Trisha is actually there in the studio with Willam to wrap up the episode. Love it! Watch the video below.

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Willam is back with her 10th EPISODE of Willam’s Beatdown. She is one busy drag queen! Wearing her sexy yellow racing outfit, Willam is all revved up and ready to go in this one.

As the video kicks off, an annoying YouTuber dressed as a crazy pirate gets the beatdown for various reasons. Next up is a guy giving his grandma a drag queen makeover – it’s quite the transformation. My favorite part of the episode is when she takes on a YouTuber named JLoveTalk. In the particular video in question, the girl talks about how penis size matters to girls while twirling her hair and sounding like a total idiot. She goes on to explain how it has to “fit the puzzle” and also gives her two cents on penis size for black men and asian men.

The episode wraps up with androgynous YouTube star, named Miles Jai. He does his makeup while Willam does her usual bitchy critique. The twist here is that she’s actually in the studio in person after her beatdown and gives Willam a hard time as payback. Watch the new episode below.!

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Willam‘s back with another episode of Willam’s Beatdown with “so many bizitches…so little time,” as she puts it. There are a handfull of makeup and hair tutorial videos that she attacks with one non-tutorial viral video that is just plain effed up.

In this episode, Willam learns how to look like The Joker’s Girlfriend, how to get rid of a lady moustache, tips on getting highlights and more. The random video I was referring to is Alonzo Chadwicks, “Sittin on a toilet” video and Willam decides to sing the song as well. The last girl gets the worst of Willam’s beating in this episode when Willam says, “Oh my God, Jay Leno put his dick inside a Mrs. Potato Head and this popped out eight months later. It was a premee.” Yikes! Way harsh, Willam!

Watch the new episode below, and in the meantime, makeup tutorial YouTubers everywhere… beware!

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A few days ago, Willam released a brand spanking new episode of Willam’s Beatdown, and best believe, this is is a good one. On this episode, Willam takes on Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen, gets a Holiday makeup tutorial from DailyGrace and goes Ganguro style with Glowpinkstah.

We’ve actually written about My Drunk Kitchen before and these drunk cooking tutorial videos are pretty hilarious. Needless to say, when combined with Willam’s commentary you get double the funny.

One thing that happens in this episode that’s hasn’t happened in another other Willam’s Beatdown episode is that one of the YouTubers that she makes fun of actually comes into the study to confront her directly. Watch the latest episode below!

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It’s an all new episode of Willam’s Beatdown! In this episode, Willam takes us around the world from the buns of Sweden (or Russia) to the tanning beds of Canada! Willam covers husbands getting made up, Gregory Gorgeous learning phonics, and Barbie doll private parts!

The first clip is from itsjudytime and in the video, she does the makeup of her very, very whiny husband. In the second, Canada’s Gregory Gorgeous is back to talk about tanning beds (which he can’t seem to articulate) and self tanners. He is one interesting character. Following that, we see Lilith Moon who is talking about buns & braids. She seriously looks like a vampire – what’s with her scary eyes!? Lastly, Michelle Phan is back to teach people how to look like a plastic Barbie doll.

As you can see from the photo above, Willam is pretty in pink in this episode. Of course it’s her real hair. Wig? She’s not familiar. Enjoy the video below!

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