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Pretty soon, the world can see Tyson Beckford shed all his clothes in next year’s Chocolate City. Since it’s also set in the world of male strippers, naturally comparisons will be made between his upcoming film and with Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike.

According to the 44-year-old former model, the differences between black strip clubs and white strip clubs are quite long. He cites more energy, rhythm and more importantly the opportunity to touch in black ones.

Beckford also goes on to talk about his gay fans and their support, along with losing a loved one to HIV. Check out more quotes and photo below from his spread in the latest issue of HIV Plus Magazine.

On Losing Someone To HIV

“Oh, yeah. I lost my cousin. She was a nurse. She was taking care of someone with HIV, and as they were cleaning up the sheets she got pricked by a needle. That was it for her. It was very rapid – within six months.”

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Channing Tatum who??? Who else thinks that the third Magic Mike installment should feature male members of the Justice League instead? Can you just imagine Henry Cavill (Superman) bumping and grinding his sweet ass on stage? Papa’s got some dolla bills to spend ;)

In March 2015, DC Comics pays homage to Warner Bros. by recreating some of the studio’s most iconic films. Roughly 22 movies will receive alternate variant posters featuring comic book characters instead of the respective film’s original cast.

Some of flicks that inspired the comic book publisher include The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz, Beetlejuice, Harry Potter and even Free Willy. Check out some of the others below. The above Magic Mike poster was illustrated by Emanuela Lupacchino.

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Are you ready for the real magic?” asks the movie tagline. HELL YEAH, I enthusiastically respond!!!

Magic Mike XXL isn’t the only male stripper film heading to theaters in 2015. If you prefer chocolate to vanilla, then Chocolate City will be more to your liking. Director Jean-Claude LaMarre takes you in the world of male exotic dancing but with an urban edge.

Tyson Beckford headlines a hot stable of studs including Ginuwine of “Pony” fame, Michael Jai White and Robert Ri’chard. The 43-year-old male supermodel has previously said he’s open to doing a full-frontal scene.

“I have no problem showing it. I don’t know if we are going to do any frontal, but I don’t care – I am not shy,” he says. If down there is even half as amazing as what he’s got going on top, it should be phenomenal. I hope producers embrace an NC-17 rating. I’d pay to check out his anaconda on the big screen.

Chocolate City also features a couple of famous ladies as well. Vivica A. Fox and Carmen Electra add a little estrogen to the film. It’s scheduled to hit theaters on March 19, 2015. Check out a couple of preview vids of Tyson doing his thing. Be forewarned, one of a little NSFW-ish.

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It pays to have Ellen DeGeneres on your side. Especially if you want a part in Magic Mike XXL.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who’s frequently the guest DJ on her daytime talk show, already has a gig in the highly-anticipated sequel. DeGeneres even waxed his extremely buff torso on camera in preparation for his role. Her sexy gardener Nick, aka Bill Reilich, has now booked a role in the film.

A couple of weeks ago, DeGeneres blindsided one of the film’s producer into taking an impromptu meeting with Reilich. It appears it was all worth it. Channing Tatum called Ellen while filming to tell Bill the great news.

“Nick! What’s up man?” Channing said. “After careful inspection of your ab region, we have deducted that we need you in Magic Mike XXL.”

I wonder if his ab region was the only part of Bill’s anatomy Channing and the powers-that-be checked out. Recently, alleged nude pics of Bill have surfaced. Let’s just he doesn’t disappoint in any department.

Check out Bill learning about his big break below, along with more shirtless photos. I’ve embedded the video of Ellen waxing tWitch as well for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

watch Bill receive the call after the jump


On numerous occasions Michael Strahan has playfully talked about appearing in the Magic Mike sequel. It’s been a running joke whenever Channing Tatum appeared on Live! With Kelly & Michael. On Monday’s episode the 42-year-old television personality confirmed a role in the upcoming Magic Mike XXL. Excited for Strahan to shake what his momma gave him on the big screen?

In other Magic Mike-related news. Last week, Ellen DeGeneres scored her hot gardener Nick a screen test for the film. If you’re watching Season 12 of the long-running daytime show, Nick is a new addition that’s often shirtless. #thxellen.

The buff piece of eye candy first appeared on Ellen earlier this year as one of The Cream Pies. Not sure exactly why DeGeneres’ team didn’t use his real name Bill Reillich, but oh well. Whatever his name is, he’s definitely got the guns, the abs… I could go on. Watch gardener Nick’s meeting with the film’s producer below, along with Strahan dropping the big news.

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Sorry lawbreakers, Matthew McConaughey won’t be back to enforce all the stripping laws. Greg Jacobs who is directing the Magic Mike sequel confirmed what was widely speculated. No McConaissance for Magic Mike XXL.

Guess someone’s too big for his britches after winning an Oscar ;) I kid. Thankfully, Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer will return to show off their seductive moves.

In addition to revealing McConaughey’s status, Jacobs revealed some tidbits about the plot of the highly-anticipated sequel.

“What am I allowed to say?” Greg told IndieWire. “It’s road trip movie and put it this way, it’s different enough that once you see it you’ll understand why we made a sequel. No one will be accusing us of making the same movie twice.”

Magic Mike XXL hits theaters in July 2015. In the meantime, check out Matthew’s stripping performance in the original. It’s most likely the last time you’ll ever see him wearing chaps. Enjoy.

relieve his last stripping performance here


Did you spend the bulk of last weekend binge watching Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black? I still haven’t gotten around to it as of yet but plan on carving out some time this upcoming one.

Bennett (Matt McGorry) and Daya’s (Dascha Polanco) forbidden love affair play out is one of the more engaging storylines. If you’ve seen McGorry without his shirt, you know why his prison guard character is a fan favorite.

In a new video from College Humor, Matt channels his inner male stripper for what he thinks is an audition for Magic Mike XXL. Watch him show off his killer abs in the sexy clip below.

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Steven Soderbergh directed Magic Mike but is stepping down from the sequel but will remain an executive producer. After months of speculation, his successor has been uncovered. Greg Jacobs has been bestowed the enviable task of directing oiled-up buff men for the highly-anticipated sequel.

Jacobs has been Soderbergh’s right-hand man for many projects. He’s been the first assistant director on such films as Solaris, Traffic, Erin Brockovich and all the Ocean’s Eleven films. The last film he directed was Wind Chill released in 2007 starring Emily Blunt. Indiewire was the first to break the news, along with the official title of the sequel. Find out below.

check out the official title after the jump

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