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EW has one of Hollywood’s leading funny ladies on the cover of their new issue – Tina Fey. Her hit show 30 Rock is soon coming to an end, after seven seasons, 10 Emmys, and countless catchphrases from her character, Liz Lemon: “Blerg! I want to go to there! High-fiving a million angels!”

In the issue, Fey talks about the upcoming season, the other big projects that have kept her busy over the past several years, and what she wants for the future. “I would love to get another TV show on the air someday.” We would love that too, Tina!

Fey looks phenomenal as Audrey Hepburn‘s Holly Golightly character from the infamous Breakfast At Tiffany’s movie. Check out the full magazine cover below, where Tina Fey reenacts the film poster shown on the left in the above header photo. The final season of 30 Rock premieres October 4 at 8pm.

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Keira vs Katie, Whose Fashion Editorial Rocks?

In: Donovan, Fashion

Keira Knightley and Katie Holmes… so much in common. Besides having first names that are five letters long and beginning with the letter “K”, both ladies also grace fashion magazine covers for October 2012. Knightley channels a modern-day Anna Karenina in her Vogue editorial, appropriate given she’s starring in another film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s 1877 novel. Meanwhile, the former Mrs. Cruise goes sophisticated edgy socialite for the Russian edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Both actresses look absolutely stunning in their respective issues.

27-year-old Keira posed for iconic photographer Mario Testino for her spread, while famed Gilles Bensimone snapped 33-year-old Katie. Check out their photos below along with a few quotes. Keira’s co-stars, Jude Law and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, also make an appearance in her Vogue spread.

Keira On Playing Anna Karenina

“When I reread the book last summer, I went, ‘Oh!’ It’s not a romance at all. I don’t think that Tolstoy is saying this is what you should do for love; quite a lot of the time he is saying the reverse. He hates Anna at certain moments. She is both a villain and a heroine. She can be incredibly vain and manipulative. She is somebody who breaks her own moral code, and yet the shame and disgust she lives with because of that make her fascinating.”

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Christina Aguilera Resurrects For Billboard Cover

In: Donovan, Music

It’s official, Christina Aguilera is back. At least that’s what Billboard is proclaiming. They’re not the only ones. Along with her legion of fans, her contemporaries are also singing her praises. Lady Gaga recently tweeted the old Christina is back and declared her love for “Your Body“. The publication snags The Voice judge for their September 29th issue in anticipation for X-Tina’s highly-anticipated comeback album, Lotus.

In the magazine, the 31-year-old singer opens up about her new studio effort and being a mentor/judge on The Voice. She also gives Billboard a sneak peek and first listen at Lotus‘ tracks. So jealous. I smell a huge winner for Christina. Lotus‘ imminent success will probably erase the Bionic debacle from everyone’s memories. Check out the singer looking radiant on the cover below.

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Jennifer Lawrence Dressed In Feathers For W Magazine

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Filming for The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, began this week, but looking at Jennifer Lawrence’s latest magazine cover, you’d think she was shooting the sequel to Black Swan. The 22-year-old actress graces the October 2012 cover of W magazine looking like a half-plucked bird. Like the cover, Lawrence is outfitted with feathers resembling peacocks, flamingos and other fine feathered creatures in the issue. In one of the outfits she looks ready to adorn a Thanksgiving dinner table. Gobble, gobble. Photographer Tim Walker snapped the bird-themed editorial.

In the accompanying interview, Jennifer talks about Hollywood, The Hunger Games and her upcoming film, Silver Linings, co-starring Bradley Cooper. At one point she even refers to her mom as a classy Dina Lohan (sounds like an oxymoron, right?). Check out a few quotes and pictures from her W magazine feature titled, “Gen W“. Side note, is Gen W a thing? I’ve heard of Gen X and Gen Y. Are we just going to go through the entire alphabet ;)

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Gossip Girl fans are stocking up on Kleenex in anticipation for the show’s final season on the CW. After this sixth and final season, it will be interesting to see what kind of careers many of these actors will take on. Fortunately for some, they already have budding film careers as well. One of those actors is the sexy Chace Crawford who most recently saw in What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

While it doesn’t appear that Chace has any film or TV projects on the go after Gossip Girl concludes, I’m sure his boyish looks and sexy body will get a few jobs in Hollywood once the show wraps up. In his new spread of August Man magazine, Singapore’s men’s luxury lifestyle publication- Chace shows off his ripped triceps along with a great suit and wool sweater. The mag also takes Chace bowling while asking him questions about the closing out of his six-year stint with the popular young adult show. Check out Chace’s full spread below.

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In the late 90s, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears battled it out on the Billboard charts. This Fall, the two pop divas will face off against each other on television with competing reality singing shows. Before we get the Nielsen ratings for their Fall premieres, the blonds go head-to-head on newsstands everywhere. Earlier today, Patrick shared Britney Spears’ Elle October 2012 issue, and now I bring you Christina’s Lucky magazine cover.

The 31-year-old Voice judge dons denim shirts, jean vests and lace tops for her photo spread snapped by Robert Erdmann. Apparently it’s the 1980s all over again ;) Inside the issue, X-Tina discusses her new album, achieving success at an early age and her body issues. Check out her photos below, along with a few quotes. Don’t forget to vote on which former Mickey Mouse Club alum has the better October 2012 cover in our poll.

On Fame At A Young Age

“When you’re young, it’s so easy to get bull-dozed. There were these two ladies who worked at the record label who always wanted to come to fittings and dress me up like a Barbie doll. It was disgusting.”

On Stripped’s Success

“I was 21 and fearless. It was a really great turning point for me to be the artist I’d always wanted to be.”

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True Blood just ended its fifth season this week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your TB fill in other ways. Alexander Skarsgård, who’s one of the sexiest studs on the HBO show, just popped up on GQ Style Australia’s annual Spring issue. That’s right, Spring. While we’re planning our Fall & Winter wardrobes here in North America, those lucky Aussies down under are preparing for warmer weather. SIGH.

Who better to showcase the season’s hottest looks than the handsome 36-year-old actor. Skarsgard definitely looks mighty damn fine in that black v-neck on the cover. I’m sure snapping this smoldering Swede was a breeze for photographer Steven Pan. In the accompanying interview, Alexander discusses his experience in the military, his upbringing and experience at Comic-Con. Check out more pics and his responses to the aforementioned topics below.

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On “Once Upon A Time”, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming fights his enemies with his sword. For a fashion editorial in Da Man’s latest issue, he wields an even more powerful weapon- a fierce wardrobe. Clothes can definitely elevate any man, and the 30-year-old actor certainly proves that in this photo spread photographed by Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack. Props also should be given to stylist Drew Manares for picking the pieces. Check out a few quotes and photos below from the issue which features James Marsden on the cover.

On His Happy Ending

“I hope to direct, to have a family, to create my own films and TV series, and ultimately to have the ‘happy’ in ‘happily ever after.’”

On His Complicated Character

“I think of it in a slightly different way. It’s not so much that there are challenges, as much as the two characters live in two different emotional states. In the case of ‘Charming,’ he is forthright, confident, honest and brave. ‘David’ is the opposite: he is weak, confused, and lost. So I use the script as a jumping off point and explore their characteristics accordingly.”

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