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True Blood is around the corner and you know what that means. Time for HBO to parade Joe Manganiello shirtless to entice viewers to tune in for the premiere. Truthfully, I don’t know what I’m more excited for, the actual show or Manganiello whoring himself out to various magazines.

The 36-year-old actor graces the cover of Men’s Health June 2013 issue. Photographer Patrik Giardino snaps him as he rock climbs. I’m not sure what’s more chiseled, the rock formations he’s scaling or his ripped body. Perhaps the reason his muscles pop so much in the editorial is due to advice given by his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger.

On Advice Given By Arnold Schwarzenegger

“We had a photoshoot for the movie [Ten] poster. I was wearing a sleeveless top, crossing my arms and flexing,” he recalls. “Arnold came in and said, ‘I see you’re flexing your biceps. Don’t do that. Keep it loose and [with crossed arms] put the other hand back to push [the muscle forward]—you’ll get an extra three inches.’”

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Will Union J be a SMASH Hit?” asks Attitude magazine. I surely hope so. I’m sorta digging their debut single “Carry You.” It’s also nice to see a boy band out there with an out-and-proud gay member. And the cute one to boot, at least in my opinion he is. Jaymi Hensley and his boys cover the youth issue of the British gay publication where Hensley talks everything homosexual.

Even though the 23-year-old came out to his family and friends years earlier, it wasn’t until the weekend of the seventh live show of The X Factor did he come out publicly. Instantly he became a role model for young adults struggling with their own sexuality.

“I thought it was important for kids to know I have made nine weeks on X Factor without having to speak about it, but when I do, it’s going to make absolutely no difference whatsoever.”

Jaymi tells Attitude it was a lot easier for him to come out than another X Factor contestant- 6th series winner Joe McElderry. Find out why below.

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Simply too much. Too hot. Too sexy. Too handsome. Those lips, that hair, those piercing eyes. Henry Cavill is too good-looking for his own good.

The 30-year-old just oozes manliness on the cover of Details June/July 2013 issue and in the “Waiting For Superman” editorial inside. I think it’s his hottest cover to date. What I would’ve given to step into photographer Mark Seliger’s shoes for that day. “Okay Henry, just unbutton another button.” Did I just go there? I’m going to stop myself before I become an even bigger blabbering fool. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy.

“When I found out I got the part, I was home playing World of Warcraft. I had to play it cool. But the second we hung up, I just sprinted up and down my stairs cheering and whooping like a madman. I kept looking in the micro, going, ‘I don’t believe it. I’m Superman.’”- Henry Cavill

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Gerard Butler For June Russian GQ

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Russia sure does love their Hollywood actors, don’t they? Josh Duhamel gracing the cover of InSytle Magazine’s current issue isn’t the only thespian covering a Russian publication this month, Gerard Butler also gets into the action.

Appropriately enough, the 43-year-old actor channels his inner action star for a Russian GQ fashion editorial snapped by photographer Danil Golovkin.

Butler was most recently seen in the surprise hit Olympus Has Fallen. Originally projected to open with $7 million, the film earned $30.5 million in its opening weekend. Take that Butler haters ;) Check out his latest photo shoot below.

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In all honesty, I have no idea if Josh Duhamel even traveled to Russia for the photo shoot. All I do know is that the 40-year-old actor looks smoking in his editorial for the Russian version of InStyle magazine. And that’s all that matters to me.

Photographer Yu Tsai snaps Duhamel in a variety of looks, ranging from casual to formal attire. Whether on the beach, lounging in a hammock or riding a really tiny motorbike (I’d ride bitch), Joshie works every piece to its last thread. Check out his entire spread for the publication below. PS. If we have any Russian-speaking readers on the site, I’d love a translation of the cover. Please and thank you.

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James Franco gracing the cover of GQ’s June 2013 issue surfaced last week. Now we have the rest of the results from his photo shoot with Terry Richardson. The 35-year-old actor hams it up with a skeleton and even gets serviced by it. Definitely appropriate given that it’s the publication’s Comedy Issue. Check out the photos below, along with a few quotes from his interview where he discusses upcoming film projects and which of his previous movies “sucks.”

On Possibility of Pineapple Express 2

As far as why Pineapple Express 2 has not been made for real, I don’t know what the holdup is. I would do it, Danny McBride would do it, Seth Rogen would do it. I think Seth and Evan [Goldberg] just need a fire lit under their asses. 

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To quote Jennifer Garner in 13 Going 30, Nicki Minaj is thirty, flirty and thriving. Photographed by Sebastian Kim, the 30-year-old rapper looks like a human-size bag of cotton candy with her colorful ensemble on the cover of Teen Vogue. Inside the issue, Minaj compares Hollywood to high school, discusses her thoughts on social media and her rough childhood. Check out more pictures and quotes below.

Regarding Social Media

“I used to read the bad things people said about me. Then I asked myself, ‘Why am I reading that when I have millions of people saying great things?’ You cannot give negativity power. I tell teens, if you’re having a problem, there’s nothing wrong with deleting your social media. If people keep taunting you and you keep reading it, it’s poison.”

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Lana Del Rey Covers Fashion Magazine

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I wonder if deciding on “Young & Beautiful” as the title for her contribution to The Great Gatsby soundtrack was meant to be autobiographical because it describes her perfectly. The 26-year-old is pure eleganza on the cover of Fashion magazine. Donning her signature red lipstick, Lana Del Rey gives off a slight Spanish vibe with her spread for the Canadian publication. In the accompanying interview, she talks about which women she admires, the early Oscar buzz for her new song and why she thinks she’s in the same boat as Lindsay Lohan. Check out photos snapped by Mark Williams and Sara Kirakawa below.

On Oscar Buzz For Great Gatsby Track

“Feeling like you’re respected among the people who do the same thing you do is incredible and necessary. I don’t believe in the school of hard knocks, although I’ve had them. All that stuff about whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is so not true. Do you know what makes you stronger? When people treat you and your art with dignity.”

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