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While Barbara Walters picks the Most Fascinating People of 2012, GQ magazine is taking a very different approach for their year end who’s who list. Rather than highlight people who have made huge accomplishments in the past year, the publication picked 25 individuals who were so uninspiring the magazine wants to “stick them on an iceberg.” Way harsh ;)

Who the biggest offender in their eyes? Failed presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, of course. The Republican lands atop GQ’s “Least Influential People” of 2012. The magazine’s social commentators declared voting for him was so uninspiring it was “like hooking up with the last single person at the bar at 4am.” OUCH. To be politically fair, the Democrats also landed on the list. First lady, Michelle Obama ranked No. 7 for failing to motivate Americans to eat healthier. Apparently, the majority are still obese mofos. LOL.

Who else made the cut? From celebrities to athletes to political leaders, no one was safe from their biting commentaries. I’ve picked a few of my favorite blurbs from GQ’s list. Check them out.

check out a few of my favorite blurbs after the jump

The second Madonna named her Truth or Dare fragrance “Naked“, you knew an ad campaign like this was on its way. The 54-year-old music icon has made a career of pushing the envelope using her sexuality at the forefront. And once again, Madge uses this tactic to pimp out her new fragrance by posing topless with a strategically placed “Naked” sign covering her breasts. There’s no denying, Madonna’s body looks fantastic for her age, but is letting it all hang out a clever tactic or a sign of desperation.

“My oldest memory of my mother is her perfume. I carry it with me everywhere. She always smelled like Gardenias and Tuberose. An intoxicating mixture — feminine and mysterious.” – Madonna

Madonna will also be launching a range of lingerie, footwear and handbags under the Truth or Dare brand. Can we expect her other campaigns to feature her topless with a handbag or pair of shoes covering her boobies? I hope not.

Let me just preface this by saying that I’m a huge Madonna fan. Even though I’m not as hardcore as I once was, I give respect where respect is due. Personally, I think all the attacks against her are a tad unwarranted, given her impact on pop culture. That said, I’m not sure if I approve of this ad campaign, as stunningly photoshopped as it is ;) Personally, I think she could’ve achieved a similar visual but in a more mysterious, classier way and definitely more age-appropriate way. Check out the full ad below and see how you feel.

check out the full ad after the jump

A few days ago, the DC Gay Flag Football league did a parody of Gangnam Style, complete choreography, sexy guys, and their own modified lyrics. I hadn’t got around to sharing with you yet, but since Madonna just surprised fans at her New York concert with a performance with Psy, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone. Besides, Madonna + Gay Parody seems to go together anyway.

In Madonna’s performance of “Gangnam Style” with Psy, she does all the choreography with him and gets really into it, even getting down on her hangs & knees for Psy to faux ride her, as the choreography warrants. They even reversed it, with Madonna riding Psy as well!

Yes, I know… “Gangnam Style” just keeps happening everywhere and with Glee taking it on in an episode later this month, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon. Check out the videos below.

Watch both the performance & parody after the jump

Madonna Celebrates 30 Years On Billboard Charts

In: Donovan, Music

On November 6, 1982, Madonna made her Billboard chart debut with “Everybody“, landing at No. 40 on the dance chart. That track became the first of 60 hits and counting to chart on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs tally. Thirty years later, the 54-year-old singer is churning out songs that still manage to land on the music magazine’s weekly roundup.

Given her multi-format appeal, Madge’s reach extends to various formats including pop, adult contemporary and others, giving her a record 156 chart-toppers across all Billboard charts. Check out a few of the entertainer’s Billboard milestones below.

Billboard Hot 100 Top 10

The “Like A Virgin” singer has amassed a record 38 Top 10 hits on Billboard’s signature chart. The Beatles rank second with 34 Top 10 hits. Her first one was “Borderline“, an all-time favorite of mine from her. “Borderline” began a streak of 17 consecutive Top 10s until 1989′s “Cherish“.

check out Madonna’s Billboard numbers after the jump

Madonna has taped a full episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, that airs on October 29, but a four-minute clip has been released and I’ve included it below. From what I’ve seen in the clip, as well as some other pictures on the web from the episode, it looks like these two have a lot of fun. Definitely can’t wait until the whole thing airs!

In the clip you’re about to watch, Madonna and Ellen wear the famous “Vogue” corsets (as shown above) designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for the MDNA Tour. Ellen then invites Madonna’s 12-year old son Rocco out and asks him a few questions like if Madonna is a strict mother. Madonna points out that Ellen and Madonna are distant relatives, but Rocco is not amused. He certainly picked up his confidence from his mother!

To raise money for breast cancer research, Rocco is sent to the dunk tank where Madonna has to throw balls at the target in order to get him wet. Find out how she did below.

Watch the clip after the jump…

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Charlie Hides parody where he pits Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Cher against each other, but today, we’ve got just the fix.

In this new parody, the divas reenact some memorable scenes from The Devil Wears Prada. This movie is up there with Mean Girls as one of those guilty pleasure movies I can watch over and over again. In the parody, Charlie’s version of Madonna plays the role of Miranda Priestly, famously played by Meryl Streep. Charlie’s Lady Gaga plays Andy, the role originally played by Anne Hathaway. Lastly, Cher plays the role of Emily, originally played by Emily Blunt.

When Stefani Germanotta interviews with Madonna for a job at Runway, both her and Cher are not too keen on how Madge treats them. Charlie’s Liza Minnelli makes an appearance as well. Enjoy the parody below!

Watch the video after the jump…

My Top 10 Favorite MTV VMA Performances

In: Matt, Music, Videos

Every year at the end of summer, MTV hosts the Video Music Awards, all an out spectacle celebrating the best music videos of the past year. Each year the VMAs turn out some of the most exciting and theatrical performances.

With this year’s awards show airing tonight, I decided to compile a list of my personal favorite VMA performances. Keep in mind I have a thing for female artists, drama, powerful voices, and train wrecks.

My top 10 list after the jump…

Who releases a brand new video on Sunday of Labor Day long weekend? Azealia Banks, that’s who. That’s one of the many reasons I love this woman. She plays by her own set of rules. FIERCE. The 21-year-old rapper dropped the visual for the title track off her EP, 1991, which was directed by Justin Mitchell. Once again, Banks looks stunning, especially in the close-up scenes.

It’s only fitting, given the song title, that the clip is a sort of homage to early 90s dance videos. Didn’t it seem like most of them during that era featured fashion photography and minimalistic backdrops? If there was one artist who served the most inspiration for her “1991” clip, I would have to pick Madonna’s “Vogue” video. From the suit, to the glamor shots, to the nods to vogue dance moves, the music video definitely evokes the Material Girl. In fact, I also see a bit of “Express Yourself“, “Lucky Star” and “Rain” in there as well. Watch the clip below and see if you notice all the Madonna references.

watch the music video after the jump

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