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Christmas may be over, but I thought I’d still share this festive goodness with you today. Originally intended for “Glee’s” holiday episode a couple of weeks ago, this musical number was unfortunately cut from the final edit. Thankfully, the producers decided to release it online. Speaking of the last episode, how awesome was that black and white portion of the show? Looooooooved it.

Using Madonna’s classic cover of “Santa Baby” as inspiration, Santana (Naya Rivera) definitely channeled her inner Material Girl to deliver a solid performance. It’s very reminiscent of Madonna paying homage to Marilyn Monroe but with a sexy brunette Latina twist.

The clip takes place in a jewelery store where Santana flirts with the sales clerks while trying on some serious bling. Only the expensive ones of course. It’s Santana we’re talking about after all. Gotta admit, McKinley High’s resident lesbian looks smoking hot. Wearing a tight-fitting sweater dress coupled with a pair of slutty wintery boots, this woman is muy caliente. Obviously, she’s trying to use her feminine wiles to score a discount. One of the most interesting parts of the video is who she’s in the store with? Betcha you can’t correctly guess. Find out below to see if you hit the nail on the head.

see the video and see who’s in the jewelry store with her after the jump

Super Bowl XLVI is still a couple of months away, but that hasn’t prevented Madonna from rehearsing for the big day. We all know how much of a perfectionist she is, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Word has it, Madge started working on her 15-minute halftime show this week. According to fan site, her performance will include a medley of five songs from her discography.

Seeing that her 13th studio album drops next year, one of the tracks will be her lead-off single, “Gimme All Your Luvin’“, previously titled as “Give Me All Your Love”. Expect both Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. who appear on the track, to join Madonna in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. I can’t wait to see what Minaj is going to wear.

Have any guesses on what the other four songs will be? Being that it’s a sporting event, don’t expect any of her hit ballads, but rather her biggest dance pop hits instead. I have to say the “Material Girl” singer did an excellent job of picking songs to represent different parts of her long career. She has something from her debut album all the way to her upcoming one. See if you can correctly predict the other four tracks before reading ahead.

find out which songs she’ll be performing after the jump

How I missed this Britney Spears morsel last week is beyond me? On Spears’ 30th birthday, fansite gave Brit’s fans a gift in the form of new music. I should’ve probably air quoted “new” since the track seems more like leftover scraps from a previous studio album rather than new material. Still, if you’re a fervent Spears fan… any new material is music to your ears.

“This is a girl who stays strong through the toughest of times, yet continues to carry on with a positive attitude and inspires millions of people around the world. She is truly my favorite artist and gives me strength and passion for craft. Britney gave me this song ‘Love 2 Love U’ several years ago, and am very happy to be able to share it with fans today. Happy Birthday, Brit. We love ya.” –

Love 2 Love U” is heavily inspired by Madonna’s huge 1987 hit, “La Isla Bonita“. Not only does it sample the beat, but also borrows heavily from the song’s lyrics. Madge’s version was island-inspired, and so is Brit’s. Her take seems to be more Caribbean-infused though. I guess, Brit was listening to a lot Rihanna, Sean Paul and Sean Kingston at the time. Check out the previously unreleased track below.

listen to the track after the jump

Madonna Reveals Her “Masterpiece”

In: Music, Tyrell

I cannot wait for Madonna’s new album next year. After we got a taste of Gimme All Your Love, I was hooked and ready for some more Madge. Now, a new song has hit the web and it reminds us all of the American Life days. The song is titled Masterpiece and will be featured in the final credits from her directorial debut, W.E.. The song is about falling in love with someone who is like a work of art. The lyrics sing out:

“If you were the Mona Lisa. you’d be hanging in the Louvre.
Everyone would come to see you, you’d be impossible to move.”

William Orbit produced the down-tempo track which has been confirmed to appear on her upcoming album. I think it’s a nice addition in comparison to what we’ve already heard which makes me think this album will be more eclectic in comparison to her dance heavy confessions and her hodge-podgey Hard Candy. Give a listen to Masterpiece below and tell us what you think.

Listen to “Masterpiece” after the jump.

In the music industry, women are pitted against each other all the time in a game of “she said / she said”. This is partially to do with their ego and partially to do with the tabloids making matters worse. Either way, people seem to love the drama and controversy of it all. I came across a video uploaded a couple days ago by Rich Juzwiak (the arts writer at The Daily and blogger at has put together clips from interviews where one diva has talked trash about another. It’s absolutely amazing. The one rule for the video is that the person speaking in each clip must have been talked about in the preceding clip. It’s interesting to see how they all come together.

One major source of drama was definitely Mariah Carey. Whether it’s the former rivalry between her and Whitney Houston, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, or even Jennifer Lopez, Mimi seemed to be at the center of it all. Another rivalry I forgot about was between Janet Jackson and Madonna. In one of the clips, Janet is asked how her music compares to Madonna’s, and she responds: “It’s dance music, I’ll say that… which is very similar. I think… How do I put this? I think what I do has class to it. I’ll say that.”

The montage even features more current rivalries such as a more media driven, Lady Gaga vs. Christina Aguilera. Enjoy the video below and stay on Mariah’s good side!

Watch the video after the jump…

Madonna’s “W.E.” Movie Trailer Is Finally Here

In: Movies, Patrick

While we’re gearing up for her new album coming out in 2012, we’ve still yet to see Madonna‘s film, “W.E.” The movie was written and directed by the queen of pop herself and finally a trailer for the romantic drama has just been released. The film tells the story the affair between King Edward VIII (James D’Arcy) and American divorcée Wallis Simpson (Abbie Cornish) and a contemporary romance between a married woman and a Russian security guard.

The film tells what is known as “the 20th-century’s greatest royal love story,” while in tandem telling a the contemporary love story set in New York. The film comes out on February 2, 2012. Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think!

I don’t have any expectations for a film that is written and directed by Madonna, but I have to admit, the trailer was successful in capturing my interest and I may actually even watch it. I guess Madonna does know a thing or two about scandal so she was likely able to channel her experiences through the script and the actors. Watch below and let me know what you think.

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Madonna is back bitches. A while back, Patrick informed us all that Madge was working on some new music and now, we are being treated to a full listen of Madonna’s upcoming single. The latest leak is for the song Gimme All Your Love and it truly is a throw back to Madonna’s older sound which I LOVE! A big what up to Martin Solveig for doing what he does best. The lyrics ring out:

Give me all your love and give me your love
Give me all your love today
Give me all your love and give me your love
Let’s forget about time
And dance our lives away

In actuality, we won’t hear the track in it’s entirety until Madonna hits the stage at the Super Bowl on February 5 alongside Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.. We’ve also been told that Madonna will debut a total of 5 new songs from her upcoming album during the performance. Color me excited! Listen to Gimme All Your Love below.

Preview “Gimme All Your Love” after the jump.

OMG, I can’t wait until Lourdes starts going out and doing stuff on her own – I love her! I think this is the most footage slash dialogue I’ve heard from her ever. As you may or may not know, Madonna & Lourdes are searching for the next “Material Girl” to be the face of their brand.

In the following video, Madonna is sitting in the makeup chair getting her hair done and trying to discuss the talent search with Lourdes (in a total staged scenario). Lourdes seems very disinterested in what her mother has to say, evening leaving mid conversation to go get a plate of fruit. Madonna doesn’t want any fruit because it hurts her stomach.

Stressed about ensuring they find the right person, Madonna lists all of the qualities they’re looking for in the role, explaining, “…likes to shop, but cares about feelings.” Lourdes then says, “Nobody’s like that.” Her mother responds by saying, “No one? I’m like that.” Lourdes says, “Well, it’s debatable.” HA!

Watch the video after the jump…

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