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Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare Part 2

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Not too long ago, I shared with you the hilarious “Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare” parody video in which Madonna struggles to get her career back on track because Lady Gaga took everything away from her – including her gays. Now, a “Part 2″ to this series has just been released and it’s just as funny. This time, Madonna continues to get tormented by Gaga who is prank calling her and scheming against her with a little help from another gay icon…

If you liked the movie “Death Becomes Her,” starring Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, you’ll especially love this video. I used to own that movie on VHS – LOL. Just as in the last spoof, many other gay icons (including Cher) may their little cameos in the story as well. Enjoy!

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A parody on all of our favorite gay icons? Yes, please! For me, the only one missing is Britney Spears – #sad face. In the following video, we enter into Madonna‘s nightmare: Lady Gaga. Madge calls up Gaga because she wants her career back, but at first, runs into a problem. Gaga has never heard of Madonna, and hangs up. She calls back and says, “You’ve stolen my looks, my music, and my gays and I want it back!” Gaga keeps hanging up on her.

It seems like a hopeless situation. Madonna just wants her crown back…but was it always hers? Nope. Before Madonna was Cher. So, she calls up Cher to apologize and say she knows how she feels. Cher’s not buying it.

Later on, Madonna finds herself at “Divas Anonymous,” which is moderated by Sue Sylvester. Others in the support group are Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross, and Barbara Streisand. This scene is hysterical. Could this all just be a bad dream? Or is Lady Gaga actually her living nightmare? Find out by watching below.

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Yesterday, while everyone in the U.S. was celebrating the Fourth of July, Madonna started work on her new album. Her business partner and manager, Guy O’Seary made the announcement on Twitter to inform fans:

“It’s official.. Madonna’s 1st day in the recording studio for the new album… Very exciting.. Happy 4th of july”

A new Madonna album is always welcome news. Even Kylie Minogue responded on Twitter by immediately responding, “Yaayyyy!!! Madonna has sold 180 million albums worldwide over the course of her 28 year career. This album will be her 15th studio album. The last time she released an album was in 2009 when she released “Celebration,” which was a combination of new and old music.

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A few days ago, a 29-year old from Boston named Robert Jeffrey decided to share a video of him from the summer of 1991 where at 9 years old, he performed to Madonna’s “Vogue” in front of a blue screen background. The video has since gone viral.

That summer, his parents took him to Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire where there was a business in the casino that gave tourists the chance to lip-sync to their favorite pop songs in front of a blue background. Needless to say, little Robert was eager and ready to participate!

Why did he decide to upload the video now? He figured he’d do so in honor of the twentieth anniversary of Madge’s “Truth or Dare” and in celebration of the upcoming film “W.E.“, which she is directing. He introduces the video by saying, “Here is my nine year old self paying tribute to the woman who changed my life and continues to inspire me just as much today as twenty years ago.” Watch the video below. This kid killed it! I’m so glad his parents let him “express himself,” considering what other parents may have done as I mentioned in the “sissy boy” story the other day.

Video after the jump…

Britney Spears is not shy about her open love for queen of pop, Madonna. Before Lady Gaga came around and started being inspired by her songs, Britney performed with her live on stage and even collaborated on her track Me Against The Music. And, if you’ve seen Britney’s terrible movie Crossroads you remember her little rendition of Open Your Heart at the very beginning.

Well, rumor was that Britney was going to be doing a very exciting cover on her upcoming Femme Fatale Tour and speculation was definite that it would be a Madonna song. When a 13-second clip of Madonna’s 1983 classic Burning Up hit the web, we all rejoiced… could this be the cover we’re all dying to hear?

Now, a HQ recorded version (so that Britney can lip sync for her life on stage I’m sure) has hit the web and we are absolutely loving on it. The tour kicks off in Sacramento in six days so only time will tell if the leak is true. Regardless, the cover itself is a lot of fun and doesn’t stray very far from the original hit. Let’s hope she fills the stage with some seriously great 80’s dance moves and some killer outfits.

Listen to Britney sing “Burning Up” after the jump

Madonna Teams Up With Daughter Lourdes For Song

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Coincidentally, I was just telling Tyrell the other day that I hope 14 year old Lourdes follows in her mother’s footsteps and becomes a huge pop sensation. She has the best person in the world to train her! Perhaps this will come true now that’s she’s recorded a song with her mother, Madonna.

When Madonna, 52 years old, released her “Celebration” album a few years back, there was a song called “It’s So Cool” that was released as a bonus song on iTunes. It’s a great track, but was never promoted too much. Well, the song was also recorded with Lourdes but that version was never released. Now, the track is going to be featured on Madonna’s next album (and/or) the upcoming soundtrack to her movie ‘W.E.’. I’m stoked to have Lourdes join Willow Smith and the others in the next generation of pop superstars.

If you haven’t heard “It’s So Cool,” check it out below. Personally, I recently revived it and added it into my current playlist.

Listen to the original version after the jump…

2011 MET Ball: Fashion Roundup

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Starlets, models, divas, and legends all brought their fashion A-game to last night’s 2011 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit in New York City. The night celebrated the unveiling of the “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” exhibit at the museum. Sarah Burton, who designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was on hand to honor the work of the late designer and unveiled the exhibit. It was the biggest night of the fashion calender.

With all these ladies fighting it out for top fashion honors, you knew there were would be as many hits as there would be misses. Thankfully, they didn’t disappoint on either fronts. Check out a few of the ladies who looked stunning and those who stunned, and not for a good reason.

Gossip Girl Stars (above)

Leighton Meester: Louis Vuitton
Blake Lively: Chanel
Jessica Szohr: Topshop

Normally Blake doesn’t disappoint, but this was not good. It didn’t compliment her banging body. Jessica looked a little too clubby for a gala. Loved Leighton’s dress and shoes, but not together. As a whole, the Upper East Siders didn’t fare so well.

view more best and worst dressed stars after the jump

In conjunction with her long-awaited album “Love?” dropping tomorrow, Jennifer Lopez debuted the music video for “I’m Into You” on The Today Show. It’s the follow up to her humongous hit, “On The Floor“. Just like it, she’s enlisted a rapper to add some hip-hop edge to the track. Even though Lil Wayne provides sick rhymes for the single, he doesn’t appear in the music video. Instead, she enlists hunky telenovela star and former Man Crush of mine, William Levy to provide added heat to the hot video. Here’s J. Lo explaining why she chose the Cuban sex stick to co-star with her.

“It was funny because over Christmas, I had my whole family at my house, and every day my cousins and my aunts and everybody tuned in to this thing [telenovela] to see this guy … I called my cousins and they were like, ‘It’s William Levy. You’ve got to get William Levy!'”

I have to admit, I like the song more after watching the music video. When I first heard the track, I wasn’t a super fan and thought she was copying Rihanna‘s footsteps by releasing an island-sounding track as her second single. But consider me a convert now. La Lopez traveled to the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza to film the scenic clip. Melina Matsoukas directed the pop singer who looks absolutely stunning in every shot. It’s like Madonna’s “Cherish” music video fused with Beyonce’s “Deja Vu” set in a Mayan setting. Watch the clip and you’ll totally agree with my references.

watch the music video after the jump

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