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With the Grammy’s coming up tomorrow, it’s only fitting that all week long, people have been compiling their favorite performances from Grammy’s past and People Magazine is no exception. However, it appears that a few performances happening at this weekend’s Grammy’s may raise a few eyebrows and be added to some lists for next year’s posts.

For example, The Beach Boys are ready to make a comeback with an upcoming tour and are kicking it all off at the Grammy’s. Joining them on stage will be Foster The People along with Maroon 5. If you’ve been watching the Grammy’s for the last few years, you’ve noticed that they are all about unlikely collaborations and making them happen on stage.

Another unlikely combo will the Grammy’s tribute to dance music. The performance is set to include David Guetta and Deadmau5 alongside Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and The Foo Fighters. Who ever thought you’d see all of these artists on stage together. Not me, that’s for sure. Check out People’s Top 10 list below.

People’s 10 Most Outrageous Grammy Performances after the jump.

Madonna’s Record Breaking Week By The Numbers

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At 53-years-old, Madonna is proving she’s still got it. Like they say, numbers don’t lie and Madge certainly put up some pretty impressive numbers this week. No doubt buoyed by her AH-MAZ-ING Super Bowl Halftime performance which broke viewership records. About 117.8 million people watched the Material Girl sing a medley of her hits along with her current single, “Give Me All Your Luvin‘”. Sure, her performance was reminiscent of Kylie Minogue’s recent Les Folies world tour (swap out the Greek imagery for Egyptian ones), but I loved it.

Madonna’s upcoming twelfth studio album is on its way to becoming another huge hit for the singer. “MDNA” pre-orders have propelled the album to the top of iTunes stores in 50 countries, making it the largest one day pre-order of any album in iTunes history. The lead cut from “MDNA” is also making its voice heard. It debuted at No. 13 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. Appreciative of all the fan support, Madonna commented, “Thanks for all the L-U-V!! from around the world.”  See more interesting numerical facts of Madonna’s week below.

check out a Madonna’s week by the numbers after the jump

If you’re tired of reading about Madonna’s half-time show, M.I.A. flipping the bird or anything Super Bowl-related, then this isn’t the post for you. But if you loved the tracksuits Madge’s breakers were sporting, then you’ve come to the right place. During Madonna’s “Music” segment, her backup dancers wore these wicked white track suits with music note details. They looked familiar but I couldn’t place them until I did some research. The athletic gear were part of Jeremy Scott’s collection for adidas Originals Spring/Summer 2012 line.

Scott has collaborated with adidas for several seasons now, but his most recent is probably his best, IMHO. While it’s still too daring and bold for most consumers, it has a few wearable pieces for those wanting to take a fashion risk but not look like they’re heading to perform a gig. Sporting a cohesive theme for the first time, the pieces have an Americana and musical theme with a flashes of cowboy accents and animal-inspired prints. All and all, if Elvis Presley were kickin’ around today, I can totally see him rockin’ out a few of Scott’s pieces.

“the collection pays tribute to American pop culture and brings a little jungle flavor to the urban scene and dresses the now ubiquitous wings in stars and stripes.”

Check out the adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott Collection’s Spring/Summer 2012 look book featuring Mexican male model Jorge Villarreal below. My personal fave, along with the white music note track suit, is the gold winged tasseled jacket. I can’t think of a place to wear it, but I LOVE it.

check out more looks from Jeremy Scott’s collaboration with adidas after the jump

I know it may seem like I’ve been writing a lot about Madonna lately… and that’s because I’ve been writing a lot about Madonna lately. Just count yourself lucky that I didn’t write a separate post to tell you about the MDNA cover for the Standard Edition, shown above. More importantly, following the buzz of her spectacular Super Bowl Half Time Show, she has now revealed her tour dates for 2012.

Let me tell you, Madonna’s going to be one BUSY lady! The tour will begin May 29 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and will be her most extensive tour ever in terms of number of dates, The list below shows that Madonna will first make her rounds in Europe, then head to North America to dish out her MDNA to all of her eager fans in the U.S. and Canada. Although it’s not shown in the list below, Madonna also plans to head to Australia in early 2013, making it the first time in 20 years!

“Of the shows we’re doing, I’d say 25%-30% will be markets she’s never played before,” said Arthur Fogel, CEO of Live Nation Global Touring, worldwide producers of the tour. “There’s still a few left. We’ll get to these markets where she’s never been, some exciting new places, and get back to Australia after too long a time.” Find out if Madonna is coming to a city near you below.

Check out the itinerary after the jump…

Everyone’s talking about Madonna’s performance last night at the Super Bowl. I for one loved it. Aside from some of the megamix of some of her old songs, she played her lead single from MDNA, “Give Me All Your Luvin“.

The performance version of the song was a remix with party-rockers, RedFoo and SkyBlu of LMFAO. Now we’ve got the full version of the song here for you. She’s a smart lady for always collaborating with artists who are big in the current music scene, don’t you think?

This version will be a bonus track on her upcoming album and still features Nicki Minaj, but the bird flipping M.I.A. is just that… missing in action this time around. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think!

Listen to the remix after the jump…

After SO much anticipation, the Super Bowl happened and Madonna‘s Half Time show did not disappoint at all! TOUCHDOWN! Sure, there may have been some (or a lot of) lip synching and maybe even a little stumble at one point, but overall it was incredible. In my own mind, she sent a very clear message to all who have compared her to Gaga: “Do you know who I am? I am the Queen of Pop. I run this mother.” Literally, I had chills.

Madonna is a brilliant business woman in how she is able to evolve her music and her career, utilizing the people that are current to her advantage (Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Cee-Lo Green, and LMFAO). It reminds me of when she peformed with Britney, Christina and Missy at the MTV Music Awards. It was incredible and she certainly has once again raised the bar for future performers. What she did with the lights, the marching band, and the choreography was bang on.

One of my favorite parts was “Like A Prayer,” making me reflect on how Madonna has continued to push the boundaries of pop music in her career and who has long been such a gay icon… and now here she is at 53 years-old having the time of her life. That’s when the chills really kicked in. Watch the performance (again) below.

Watch after the jump…

My 5 Favorite Super Bowl Halftime Shows

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Today, Madonna will hit the stage at halftime during Super Bowl XLVI, joining a long list of famous musicians who have tackled the monstrous feat. As Madonna has said in multiple interviews, she nervous for the performance as this game is one of America’s biggest moments. You don’t really have an opportunity to mess it up. With so many eyes on her tonight, I thought it would be fitting to take a retrospective look at some of my favorite Super Bowl Halftime shows.

The halftime shows vary from year to year and the act sometimes depends on the location from what I can gather. The show has popped out with artists like *NSYNC, Janet Jackson and Black Eyed Peas and rocked out No Doubt, Aerosmith and of course, U2.

However, sometimes the halftime show strikes out in a major way. For a while, Disney seemed to sneak its way into every show and in turn, made for some creepy performances. A perfect example would be when the New Kids On The Block performed in a It’s A Small World with a shout out to the troops who were deployed in Operation Desert Storm. The result was a complete mess. Hopefully, Madonna has crafted something that will have us talking for all the right reasons. Check out five of my favorite halftime shows below.

Check out my favorite halftime performances after the jump.

Glee hasn’t been light on the spoilers lately. They just keep pumping out photos, videos and songs like it’s nothing to get fans and the like excited about upcoming episodes. In my honest opinion, despite Ricky Martin guest starring on Tuesday’s episode, I think they need all the promo they can get for the upcoming The Spanish Teacher. A follow-up episode to their Michael Jackson tribute is going to be a little tough to follow.

Thankfully for those of you who like to get a sneak peek, the songs from the episode have been leaked online and like the episode insinuates, the playlist is full of Spanish tracks to get your body moving. My favorite is Chord Overstreet’s mash-up of Bamboleo with Enrique Iglesias’ Hero. Really? Enrique? They couldn’t have chosen a Ricky Martin song to throw in there instead considering he’s the episode’s major guest?

Other tracks include Ricky and Naya Rivera taking on Madonna’s La Isla Bonita while Mercedes (Amber Riley) sings out a very soulful rendition of Gloria Estefan’s Don’t Want To Lose You. The major WTF moment in the episode will be Will Shuester’s take on Elvis Presley’s A Little Less Conversation. I may just have to wait to see this one in context to make full judgement. Give a listen to the tracks below.

Listen to all the tracks from “The Spanish Teacher” after the jump.

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