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Ever since St. Petersburg’s Governor Georgy Poltavchenko signed its new homophobic law, companies like Mercedes-Benz and PepsiCo have been urged to boycott St. Petersburg. The gay “propaganda” law imposes administrative fines on the so-called “propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism” and pedophilia to minors.

The foggy and subjective law is so broad that it allows for unscrupulous law enforcement to detain anyone they perceive to be breaking the law. The new legislation has the caught the world’s attention and drawn the disapproval of many countries. Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is so deeply concerned, he urged a travel advisory be issued warning Canadians traveling to St. Petersburg.

Homosexuality is legal, though some still strongly disapprove of it. Canadians are advised to avoid displaying affection in public, as homosexuals can be targets of violence. A law prohibiting public actions propagandizing homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and transsexuality among minors, and prohibiting public actions propagandizing pedophilia, will come into effect in St. Petersburg on March 17th, 2012. Public actions (including dissemination of information, statements, displays or conspicuous behaviour) contradicting or appearing to contradict this law may lead to arrest, prosecution and the imposition of a fine. Similar laws are already in effect in Ryazan, Arkhangelsk and Kostroma. – Canadian Travel Advisory

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Madonna has just premiered the “Girl Gone Wild” music video on E! News and it’s now online and included below for your viewing pleasure. The video, shot in black and white, was filmed in Los Angeles and directed by Mert & Marcus.

The Queen looks absolutely fabulous in the video, surrounded by sexy shirtless men with their hands all over her. I was also excited to see that she had enlisted the help of the fierce high-heeled Ukrainian pop/dance troop, Kazaky (along with some additional male dancers). Love them!

The video is incredibly sexy and I’m guessing that those that didn’t like the song before might find that it will grow on them with these visuals. Oh, and randomly… Madonna’s eyes bleed at the end – as shown above. Enjoy the video below and be sure to get the album on March 26!

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Kelly Clarkson Covers Shania Twain & Madonna

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Kelly Clarkson is currently on her “Stronger Tour” promoting her fifth studio album. The concert has been met with positive reviews from both critics and fans alike. During a segment of her show, the original American Idol returns to her roots and performs covers of well known hits. It’s like Season One of the FOX singing competition all over again. Instead of being saddled with theme weeks, Clarkson picks the songs based on fan requests. Depending on the particular night and city, Kelly belts out tracks from various genres. From pop, to rock to country, Clarkson delivers a solid cover every night.

So far on her tour, two particular covers have caught my eye. The first is from her recent concert in Ontario. Since she was on Canadian soil, the 29-year-old singer paid homage to a Canuck icon. Kelly gave a solid performance of Shania Twain’s signature balled, “You’re Still The One“. Speaking of ballads, the other cover that spoke to me was her take on Madonna’s 80’s hit “Crazy For You“. Clarkson’s performance of this track is good, I hope she records a studio version of it soon. I’d definitely buy it.

On a side note, it’s surprising that, to my recollection, I’ve never heard a cover of Madge’s ballad in any of the singing reality shows out there. It seems perfect for someone to have an Idol moment on. Check out both covers below and cast your vote on your favorite.

listen to both live covers after the jump

Apparently, “I’m Addicted” to writing about all things MDNA this month and today is no exception. Several of Madonna’s MDNA tracks have surfaced online and it has got me so excited for the official release which is just a matter of days away! I have included the full versions of the following leaked:

  • “I’m Addicted”
  • “Gang Bang”
  • “Turn Up The Radio”
  • “Some Girls”
  • “I Don’t Give A F…”
  • “I’m Sinner”
  • “Love Spent”

So exciting! Get your Madonna fix by listening to them all below! Also, stay tuned for the “Girl Gone Wild” music video premiere which is less than 24 hours away! Although you can hear the songs below, be sure to respect the music industry by downloading the album from iTunes. I placed my pre-order a while ago and can’t wait til it’s released!

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Tomorrow, Madonna’s music video for “Girl Gone Wild” finally comes out, but to give you daily dose of Madonna, we have yet another preview for you. This one is for “Best Friend” and was produced by the Benassi Brothers and the Demolition Crew. The song will be included on the Deluxe Edition of the album.

Madonna sings, “Your picture’s off my wall, but I’m still waiting for your call / and every man that walks through that door will be compared to you forevermore.” She then continues into the chorus with, “Still I have no regrets, cuz I survived the biggest test. I cannot lie and I won’t pretend, but I feel like I lost my very best friend.”

Once again, it sounds like Madonna may be referring to her past marriage with Guy Ritchie in her lyrics. Madonna has such an air about her and the thickest of skins, that it’s refreshing to hear that she is indeed human singing these honest lyrics about some of the hard times and hurt that she has felt in her life. Give the song a listen below. It’s not my favorite.

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The release of MDNA is just around the corner and the teasers just keep coming! Just yesterday, Donovan wrote about “I F*cked Up“, which was actually a full track as opposed to a one minute preview.

The latest preview is for “Beautiful Killer,” produced by Martin Solveig. Madonna sings, “I can’t really talk with a gun in my mouth,” and then in the chorus, “You’re a beautiful killer / With beautiful eyes.” You may recall that he produced “Hello” with Dragonette, and also produced “Give Me All Ur Luvin’”, as well as “Turn Up The Radio” from MDNA.

I actually quite like what I hear from this track so far. Give the preview a listen below and let me know what you think.

Listen after the jump…

So far most of the song previews we’ve heard from Madonna’s upcoming album have all been short snippets. It’s been beyond annoying, if I’m being perfectly honest. Hallelujah, that today we have a full-length track from “MDNA“. Madonna has officially released the Martin Solveig-produced “I F*cked Up” for her fans to enjoy. If you love it, you’ll have to buy the deluxe edition of the CD since it’s only a bonus track. Personally, it’s one of the better tracks I’ve heard from her upcoming release.

Based on all the previews we’ve heard, “MDNA” is shaping up to be one of Madonna’s more eclectic albums in recent memory. “I F*cked Up” is departure from what we’ve heard so far and is more of a ballad with sincerely heartfelt lyrics than a club-ready track. No nonsensical gibberish here for the sake of accompanying club beats. In the surprisingly honest track, Madonna apologizes for messing up a relationship. Could art be imitating life? Is Madonna taking a page for her extensive dating history for this emotional track? Guy Ritchie perhaps? You be the judge. Listen to the latest morsel from “MDNA” below.

listen to the full-length track after the jump

Another day, another Madonna MDNA song preview. For today’s teaser, Madonna teases “I Don’t Give A…” featuring Nicki Minaj. I’m not sure what to think of this song. When I first listened to the teaser, I thought it sounded like a mess. Then I listened to it a few more times and it totally grew on me. Here are some of the lyrics:

“I’m gonna be okay. I don’t care what the people say. I’m gonna be alright. Gonna live fast and I’m gonna live right. I’m moving fast, can you follow my tracks. I’m moving fast, cuz I like it like that. I do ten things all at once and if you have a problem, I don’t give a…”

One can only assume that Madonna is talking about her failed marriage with Guy Ritchie in the song (you’ll hear why when you hear the rest). She talks about living life in the fast lane and never being enough for the guy she’s singing about. It’s an “I’m better off without you” type song. Check it out below and let me know what you think. This one isn’t like any of the others previewed so far.

Listen to the preview after the jump…

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