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Wow. I don’t know why, perhaps with my own experiences with the subject matter of the lyrics, but this song and music video is really powerful to me. The song is called “Telemiscommunications‘ and it’s a duo by two really great artists: deadmau5 and Imogen Heap.

It’s all about long distance relationships and when people are apart because of work. The “Telemiscommunications” part plays in with how it’s extremely difficult to really be present with the person you love when there are all of these distractions around. It’s hard to be with someone by cell phone and often times things get interpreted differently. Imogen Heap sings, “This is just so unlike us / Come back to horizontal islands / If we could win just one small touch / Contact versus tele-miscommunications.” It’s a really beautiful song and in the video, various forms of animation are used to tell the stories of people in the airport struggling with their emotions as they are away from their partners.

Definitely a must-see video. It’s very creative and brings the lyrics to the song to life in a very powerful and artistic way. Check it out below.

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Tonight, Melanie Amaro returns to the stage where it all began. The 20-year-old singer heads to The X Factor for a homecoming to perform her latest single, “Long Distance.” The track is officially the third single from her forthcoming debut album, Truly which has been pushed back to early 2013.

With a superstar roster of producers like Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (Beyonce, Lady Gaga), Tricky Stewart (Rihanna, Christina Aguilera), Bleu McAuley (Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez) and Kuk Harrell (Britney Spears, Usher) brought on, I hope the album tracks have more ‘hit’ potential than any of Melanie’s previously released tracks.

“So much has changed since I won X Factor,” Melanie says. “I’ve been able to spend every waking moment pursuing my career as an artist, and I’m recording in a real studio with incredibly talented writers and producers. I’m as excited about being on the show as I was when I first auditioned, and I’m as devoted to music as I’ve ever been.”

Will “Long Distance” be the breakout hit, she and Simon Cowell are so desperately looking for? Probably not. If “Don’t Fail Me Now” (Which I love BTW) couldn’t resonate with consumers, I highly doubt this one will. But don’t take my word for it, check it out below.

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Google Blocks Infinite SMS iPhone App

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infinite-smsSo I’ve been text flirting with this guy from Miami who I met last February in Whistler during WinterPride. Because Rogers recently decided that text messages to the US are now considered long distance they now charge $ 0.25 per International text. Bastards!

Enter Infinite SMS, an iPhone app developed by a small start-up from Seattle called Inner Fence. The idea was that this app could send FREE text messages to any US number for free through GoogleTalk. So I’ve been using this to text message my friends in the US. Trés cool until a few days ago, Goggle decides to block all messages sent using GoogleTalk. Bastards! Read the related article from eWeek.com in the next part of the post.

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