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A new show on Logo called Operation: Vacation debuted last weekend and today (Saturday), the second episode will air and it’s worth checking out!

The concept of the reality show is that one selfless person in every episode will be surprised with a well-deserved dream vacation crafted by travel experts and with the secret help of their family and friends. Operation: Vacation taps into everyone’s inner explorer by taking viewers on the trip of someone else’s lifetime! Changing someone’s life starts with changing their perspective – and this show fjords rivers, hikes mountains, crosses oceans and climbs 30,000 feet-to give back to someone who’s always wanted to see the world but hasn’t yet had the chance. Fun, heartwarming, and inspiring, it’s the Extreme Makeover of travel shows! The show is hosted by Karl Schmid and Claire Newell.

I’ve included the first episode below if you want to check it out, as well as a preview of the series as a whole. Looks like there are lots of tearjerking moments to come!

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Last week, I shared with you two of my favorite sexy scenes from Episode 6 of DTLA. This week, I have three scenes from Episode 7 for you to check out and once again vote for your favorite out of the three. To lure you in, one of the scenes is called “Elevator Sex” Hmm… going down? Haha.

In the first scene titled “Brian Is Gone“, Lenny’s (Darryl Stephens) nudist/hippy neighbors come over to help lift his post-breakup spirits, while Brian (Matthew Stephen Herrick) has an emotional breakdown. In second scene titled “Elevator Sex,” Matthew (Patrick McDonald) & Marky (Scott Pretty) get hot & heavy when they go to explore the top of the elevator shaft (Something tells me that wasn’t the only shaft explored). Finally, in the third scene, Kai (Hiro Tanaka) is in the “Principal’s Office” to deal with the drama going on between him and one of his gay students. This is definitely one of the more intense scenes as Kai is falsely accused of some pretty serious things by both the student and subsequently his parents.

Watch the three clips below and vote for which one you like best. A new episode of DTLA airs on OUTtv tonight (Wednesday, December 8) and this coming Friday on Logo. Enjoy!

Watch three scenes after the jump and vote for your favorite…

Tonight, the Episode 7 of DTLA is airing on OUTtv. To recap on what happened in the last episode, Lenny and SJ met and shared advice with each other and later, SJ and Norm have a crazy night out on the town. Rafi helped Kai pass a test, while Stefan landed a new client. Matthew is becoming suspicious of Marky. (I feel like I just gave one of those speedy Glee recaps at the beginning of the episode – “…And that’s what you missed on DTLA.”)

Rather than just writing about what happened, I’ve included two of my favorite scenes from last week’s episode to make it more interactive. The first one is where Lenny (Darryl Stephens) has his co-worker Oliver over and after Oliver spills wine on his shirt, the boys end up in the bathroom to clean up the mess… while creating another one – wink 😉 In the second clip, Matthew (Patrick McDonald) and his hot acting partner are getting critiqued by their acting coach (Leslie Jordan) one of their… sexier scenes. Watch the sexy clips below and vote on which one you liked best. If you’re in the US, a new episode will air on Logo this Friday.

Watch two scenes after the jump and vote for your favorite…

Premiering on October 24 on Logo and OUTtv is a new LGBT scripted drama called DTLA that is both poignant and funny. It depicts the relationships of seven friends with varied ethnic, cultural, and sexual orientations who work and live in the vibrant community of Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a story of love, friendship, loyalty, and being true to oneself — no matter what the cost. It is the first dramatic series with LGBT leads since Queer as Folk, Noah’s Arc, and The L Word.

I’ve had the opportunity to preview most of the first season and let me tell you – I’m hooked. You get so invested in the characters and their complex lives are really something I think a lot of us will be able to relate to. There are also many familiar faces, included Darryl Stephens (Noah’s Arc), who is also one of the writers and producers. The series also stars, Matthew Stephen Herrick, Marshelle Fair, Patrick McDonald, Ernest Pierce, Scott Pretty, Hiro Tanaka and more. Also, expect to see some big names like Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace), Jeremy Jackson (Baywatch), Melanie Griffith and Sandra Bernhard. Yes, that’s right, Griffith and Berhard play lesbian lovers in the series and as you’ll learn in the Google Hangout (inluded below) that we did with Executive Producer Larry Kennar (The L Word), there is one very hot scene between the two ladies.

Check out the trailer for the series below, as well as the Google Hangout we did this past Friday with the series creator. Included on the conversation was myself, Tyrell, Christopher Spargo from Logo, and the special guest, Larry Kennar, creator of DTLA. Be sure to tune in on October 24 for the premiere!

Watch the trailer & our Google Hangout with the creator after the jump…

Tomorrow on Logo, famous Philly mobster known best as “Big Lou” is going to make his reality TV show debut. Moving from the “big house” to LA is going to be quite an adjustment for Lou, especially for the fact that he is going to be living with his gay son, daughter, son-in-law and his ex-wife. You think your family is dysfunctional? Wait until you meet The Verdi’s. If you know your mobster history, you’ll know that Lou was arrested after his club in South Philly was discovered to be a front for gambling and loan sharking. Now, his daughter has taken up the club owning business.

Michel Verdi and her husband Jay Krymis own West Hollywood’s popular gay nightclub, Fubar and are strong supporters and advocates for the gay community. Lou’s openly gay son Louis Verdi Jr. works for his sister and brother-in-law. Jay has the rough task of not only being a great business owner, but being a great husband to Michel, helping mother-in-law Dotsie DAgostino adjust to LA living, help balance out Big Lou’s old world ideals and guide Louis as a young adult. It’s a loud and crazy house but I’m sure it’s going to make for some great television.

In The Big House” doesn’t debut until tomorrow at 10/9c on Logo but thankfully, the network has released a few extended trailers and previews to get us all amped up for the series premiere. You can watch all the videos by clicking below.

Check out the trailers and previews for “In The Big House” after the jump.

Last night, Logo aired their annual NewNowNext Awards which take place in Los Angeles. Last year, Homorazzi attended the red carpet for the event and snagged some pretty great interviews. This year, the show was hosted by Kelly Osborne and featured performances from Adam Lambert and the sexy red headed Neon Hitch.

Adam’s performance had been released earlier to the show’s airing to drum up some hype for the awards show and it did a pretty great job. Especially due to the fact that he performed a full version of his new single Trespassing. I am absolutely loving the track and his performance just reminded us all why he is a star. That boy can sing!

Neon performed a fun version of her track F*ck You Betta with the help of Drag Race queen Latrice Royale. Check out the performances and see who won the night’s coveted awards (voted by the public of course) below.

Check out both Adam & Neon’s performances after the jump.

The A-List Dallas Trailer Has Arrived

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Giddy up and saddle-up for a season of good ol’ fashioned southern hospitality mixed with a wagon full of drama. I’m talking about Logo’s newest reality show The A-List Dallas. Following the success of it’s predecessor, The A-List New York, these boys (and one gal) are ready to show us what gay life in the south is all about. They say everything is bigger in Texas and by the looks of this trailer, it’s definitely the hair, the personalities and the drama that’s bigger (and better than ever).

Meet Chase, Phillip, Levi, Beau, James and Ashley. They are ready to duke it out for us starting October 3rd and I can’t wait. Already, we see relationships gone arye, incredible coming out stories and ultimately, what it’s like to be gay in such a conservative part of the country. I have to be honest, I haven’t checked out any of the second season of A-List New York but I am very excited to check out Dallas has to offer. Check out the trailer below. Sorry to our friends outside of the US, the trailer won’t work for you. (Sad face.) I am on the hunt for a video that will viewable for all so stayed tuned!

Watch the “A-List Dallas” trailer after the jump…

Honest Logos: What If Logos Told The Truth?

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So true, right? How many people use YouTube to upload their animal cuteness videos?

A talented freelance graphic designer named Viktor Hertz from Uppsala, Swedan has decided to draw attention and poke fun at some of the most well known logos by altering them to what he feels they would be called / look like if the designers who created them were injected with truth serum. Amazeballs!

From your favorite vodka, fast food chain, time waster, or operating system, he’s covered some of the best and here’s hoping he keeps it up! I’ve included some of my favorites below as well as the link for you to check out the rest of them on his Flickr account.

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