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To kick start the new year, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are trying out new workouts all week long. They’ve tried parkour and mini-trampoline exercises and on today’s show they tackled Bollywood dancing. The Live With Kelly & Michael! co-hosts were joined by Mr. Hercules himself, Kellan Lutz, to attempt the dance moves. Lutz is so adorable in the clip. He dons a colorful sash and tries his best to follow the Doonya Bollywood workout instructors. It’s definitely a must-watch.

Speaking of Hercules, a new behind-the-scenes clip has made its way online. It features more visuals of Kellan flexing his muscles during fight scenes. Just in case you thought the Greek epic was all bloodshed and gore, underneath it all, director Renny Harlin maintains its a love story. Yeah, right!!! Call it what it is, it’s soft-core porn ;) Check out both clips below.

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When the press constantly calls you the next Mariah Carey, it’s only wise to placate them. Ariana Grande continues to channel the “#Beautiful” singer in her latest clip. Whether it’s Carey’s signature short denim shorts, the mismatched prints, outdoor graffiti backdrop or the dancers busting out some old school dance movies, “Baby I” is serving up major 90s realness. It’s a fun visual which should’ve really been released during the summer.

Grande’s debut album Yours, Truly hit the streets this week and immediately shot up to No. 1 on the iTunes album charts. Naturally, Ariana has been everywhere promoting it. One of those engagements saw her performing “Almost Is Never Enough” on Live With Kelly & Michael. Sufficed to say, she slayed it, along with her duet partner The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes. They were giving me Carey-Boyz II Men shivers during it. I really hope the rumors about these two dating are true. They’re just so damn adorable. Check out Ariana’s new visual below along with her wicked live performance.

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At 66-years-old, Dolly Parton’s mind is as sharp as they come. The country legend was subjected to rapid fire questions during her appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael. Not only did she answer five questions in a minute, but she did it with panache and with humor. I have to admit she’s pretty quick on her feet. When asked her favorite color, Parton answer “Clairol, number 249″. LOL.

Before the lightning questions, they briefly discussed the honorary doctorate Parton is receiving. Michael asked her if he could call her “Doctor Dolly” or “Double D” for short. She quickly replied, that it wasn’t new to her because, “I’ve been called that for years.”

The one thing not covered in the interview were the rumors that surfaced earlier this week that Dolly was in a lesbian relationship with her childhood friend Judy Ogle. Parton dismissed the rumors already stating that she’s not gay, but her fans are. Amen to that sister. You’ve got one here. Check out Dolly’s rapid fire session below.

watch the interview below

“Nine months and I am about to give birth to my new co-host,” Kelly Ripa joked as she hit the Live! stage this morning. After a cryptic interview prior to the announcement on Good Morning America, Kelly was ready to tell her faithful audience who would be sitting next to her for a new chapter of the show.

After over 60 co-hosts, Kelly and her team have finally decided on former New York Giants star, Michael Strahan. “I am so happy to be here and be a part of this,” Michael stated after entering the stage and giving Ripa a big hug. It’s undeniable that these two have great chemistry on screen and have become the best of friends. But, will these two stand the test of time (and ratings) like former co-host Regis Philbin did? Check out the video announcement and share your thoughts below.

Watch Kelly & Michael’s official announcement video after the jump.

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