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Lifetime has revealed the official poster for the upcoming film, Liz & Dick starring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. The poster has Lohan as Taylor on the left hand side, with the words, “Controversial, Love Affair, Diamonds, Provocative, Scandal, Tabloid, Front Page, Child Star, Beautiful, Leading Lady, Sexy, and Paparazzi” fill up the right. As you probably noticed, pretty much all of those words can be applied to Lindsay Lohan’s life so it’s actually quite brilliant in my opinion.

When Lohan was first cast in the film, she said, “I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.” In the photo, Lohan wears bright red lipstick and is draped in diamonds. The poster can be seen below.

Now for the latest Lindsay drama. Last night, she was involved in an incident that TMZ is reporting got her arrested last night. Find out what exactly happened below.

The poster and why she was arrested after the jump…

Yesterday on his show, Anderson Cooper took a miniature stab at Lindsay Lohan during his segment, The First 15 Minutes. The topic of conversation was the recent tweets between Amanda Bynes & Lindsay Lohan regarding Bynes’ recent behaviour patterns and traffic violations. If you missed the tweet, Lindsay said:

“Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +,”

Anderson retorts by saying that he doesn’t know Lohan personally, but he feels sorry for her. He states that she should focus on a comeback. I think he’s right. The end of 2012 has certainly become the time for one. Just ask Christina Aguilera. Finally, Anderson finishes off his thoughts by saying Lindsay should “just do her job” to which the audience responds with roaring applause. Check out the video below.

Check out the video Anderson’s Lindsay comment after the jump.

Lindsay Lohan VS Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes is the latest former child star to head into a downward spiral. She had her license suspended a while back (DUI charge and two counts of hit-and-run) but has since been photographed behind the wheel and on top of that, even smoking up in her car. I also recently read something about her talking to herself on the treadmill at the gym – not sure what that was all about but bizarre nonetheless. Her car was impounded on Sunday morning and she received a misdemeanor citation. On Sunday night, Lindsay Lohan (who has “sucked all the poison out of her life” and is finally on the straight and narrow after several years of being a trainwreck) had something to say about all of this.

Lohan tweeted, “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +,” and then added in a second tweet, “These are the moments that I appreciate my life experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress-night all”. Lohan then retweeted Derek LLoyd Saathoff, formerly of The A-List New York who retweeted her tweet adding, “Couldn’t agree more!”

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Seeing this preview of Dina Lohan and her interview with Dr. Phil makes me feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan and realize perhaps why she’s been in so much trouble over the past few years.

This coming Monday, September 17, ‘The Lohans’ episode airs where Dr. Phil sits one-on-one with Dina and asks her some tough questions. The bizarre part is that she seems either drunk or heavily medicated in her responses and Dr. Phil calls her on her strange behavior as well. Dr. Phil also chats with Michael Lohan over video and even Michael asks, “Was she drunk?!” in reference to Dina’s behavior.

Seriously, you should watch this preview. Lindsay mustn’t bee too thrilled about this interview, or perhaps maybe it is good so that people can show some empathy to why she has been in so much trouble the past few years. With no parents to keep her grounded or to keep her healthy (as evident by her parent’s behavior), she was a loose cannon.

Watch the preview after the jump…

You’ve probably seen the photoshopped pics of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor or paparazzi pics snapped of the actress while filming on set. At last, we finally have the first official pics from the Taylor biopic, Liz and Dick. Lifetime released a trio of pics showing Lohan’s transformation into the late actress. Let the judging begin.

In one of the promo stills, Lindsay is pictured with her co-star Grant Bowler playing the role of Richard Burton. It captures Linds in a yellow dress with flowers in her hair, depicting Liz’s first wedding to Burton in 1964. They later divorced in 1974, but remarried in 1975, only to divorce again a year later in 1976. In another photo, LiLo is dressed as Cleopatra, one of Taylor’s iconic roles. Lohan dons heavy dark makeup while wearing a cropped wig and gold dress.

When the 26-year-old was cast as the movie legend, floods of comments hit the internet voicing their disgust that the Mean Girls actress was miscast. Now that we have official images, I’m sure naysayers will say she looks horrible, while fans will proclaim Lohan has captured Taylor’s essence. Check out the other pics below and judge for yourself.

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This could really help seal the deal on a comeback! Things finally seem to be going write for Lindsay Lohan in terms of her career. Right now she’s got Liz & Dick coming to Lifetime, another film called ‘InAPPropriate Comedy’, and lastly a role in ‘Scary Movie 5‘. Now, she’s got one more big project to top all of this off courtesy of Mother Monster, Lady Gaga.

Lindsay Lohan will allegedly be starring in Lady Gaga’s next music video from a song on her upcoming album ‘ARTPOP‘. A source told E! News, “She will be in Gaga’s video. They’ve become good friends, they talk and text all the time. Gaga really likes Lindsay and Lindsay is really happy to be able to be part of it—she has a genuine respect and admiration for Gaga and her music.”

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Can Lindsay Lohan not just simply focus on her acting gig(s) for a while? Is it too much to ask? In a recent photo shoot with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, Lohan is depicted with a gun in a handful of photos that look like she’s about to commit suicide.

The controversial photos have since been taken down, but the above photo was one of those photos. I’ve included some of the less racy photos (even though she’s in her underwear) from the shoot below. I’m guessing that since Terry took them down that he (or Lohan’s people) thought it probably wasn’t such a good idea to be drawing any more negative attention to the actress.

On a sidenote, I feel like there should be a documentary made about Terry Richardson’s life. He shoots so many celebs and gets them to do pretty racy or controversial shoots. I’m just intrigued about how his mind works, what his life is like, etc. He seems like a pretty fascinating guy. Check out a few of the other photos from the shoot below.

Pics after the jump…

While we are gearing up for Lindsay Lohan to play icon Elizabeth Taylor, she currently ready to appear in a new short film presented by Richard Phillips. The new short film titled “First Point” features a sultry Lindsay prepping to catch a few killer waves on her baby blue surf board. The film is set to debut at Art Basel in Switzerland next week. Here’s a quick take on what the film is about.

“First Point” is a post-modern take on the surf film genre through an abstract framework of imagery in which the actress engages in cinema performance tropes inspired by contemporary film noir.

When watching the preview below, don’t be impressed by Lindsay’s surfing skills. Pro boarder Kassia Meador had most of those scenes on lock. Lindsay just looks pretty and handles the surfboard on dry land. Check out a quick preview of the new short film and share your comments and thoughts with us!

Check out Lindsay’s surfing skills in “First Point” after the jump.

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