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Lindsay Lohan stopped by Jay Leno‘s “Tonight Show” yesterday for a pre-taped interview that will be airing this evening. She received a standing ovation from the audience when she walked in. In the interview, a very mature sounding Lohan speaks very positively about her currently situation and future outlook:

“I think that when, ya know, being young and being in a position that I was in, you don’t really take the time to appreciate what you have. It’s all kind of a whirlwind and people make decisions for you, but I’m not a kid anymore, I’m 24…. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I recognize that. But I’m in the clear now and I feel like as long as I stay focused the I will be able to achieve what I want to achieve.”

You hear that? Apparently, she’s in the clear now. Lindsay chose to do her interview with Leno because she was appreciative of how he had treated her over the years, in comparison to some of the others. Aside from the personal drama in her life, Lohan also talks about the acting kind and reconfirms that she is going to be playing the role of John Gotti Jr.’s wife in the movie.

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Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Jail

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

It’s been a busy month for Lindsay Lohan with a few potential new movie deals in the works. Time for her to now get 120 days of R&R in JAIL for violating her probation from her 2007 drunk driving conviction. She has been taken into custody and taken to the basement of the courthouse for booking. Her lawyer has said that they intend to appeal, meaning that Lindsay will be entitled to post bail.

In addition to the prison time, Judge Sautner also sentenced her to 480 hours of community service. The time is broken down into 360 hours at the Downtown Women’s Center and 120 hours at the L.A. County morgue.


In a press conference that took place this week for the upcoming film, “Gotti: Three Generations,” a surprise guest was in attendance: Lindsay Lohan (Oops, I mean just “Lindsay,” since she dropped her last name). The troubled Hollywood starlet is set to play Victoria Gotti, daughter of John Gotti who is going to be played by John Travolta (another Hollywood star that hasn’t been a stranger to scandal). The producer of the movie, Marc Fiore confirmed on Tuesday that they are in talks with Lohan, whom he referred to as “a terrific actress,” but a deal has not been finalized. I guess that also depends on whether or not she goes to jail.

As mentioned, Travolta (now 57 years old) is playing John Gotti, leader of the notorious Gambino crime family, known for evading his convictions. In 1992, the mobster was finally charged with murder and racketeering. He died in prison 10 years later.

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Lohan Who? It’s Just “Lindsay” Now

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

“It’s pronounced Katie.” “Yeah, i’m gonna call you Cady.” – Mean Girls

I’m not even joking, Lindsay has officially declared that she is only going by “Lindsay” now and ditching her last name, Lohan.

Lindsay is dropping the Lohan and just going by Lindsay,” Dina told Rob Shuter of Pop Eater, exclusively. “Plus, me and [younger daughter] Ali will be officially changing our last names back to my maiden name, Sullivan.

A friend of theirs also added, “So many of the greatest people in showbiz are known by just their first name. Look at Oprah and Beyonce. Now you can add Lindsay to that list. And it’s a way for them all to start over. No one in the family want anything to do with Lindsay’s father [Michael Lohan] anymore and that includes sharing a last name.” As for Lindsay’s dad, Michael…he’s in denial about the whole thing. He responded to the story by saying, “I don’t think it’s true at all. I would never imagine any of my kids changing their name, especially Lindsay.”

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Lindsay Lohan Faces The Judge Today…

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Lindsay Lohan is at her second home today (the courtroom) facing the judge on her probation and grand theft cases and the rumor is that the Judge Keith L. Schwartz is set on making Lindsay do time. According to TMZ, the plea bargain they are trying to get her to accept is rumored to be her accepting jail time for the probation violation & three years felony probation for the grand theft case. Along with that though…if she gets in trouble during the three years, she’ll go to state prison.

Lohan insists that she is innocent and apparently will not be accepting any plea bargain and will go to trial to attempt to clear her name on this matter. “Ms. Lohan maintains her innocence, and now that I’ve seen the police reports, I believe the case is entirely defensible,” her lawyer said in an interview with CNN last week. “Having said that, we will entertain a discussion concerning a plea if it means no jail so that she can move forward with her recovery and her career.”

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LOL – I just remembered! Remember when someone stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from Lindsay Lohan when she was at the airport in London in 2009? My oh my, have the tables turned. Today, Lohan went to court for stealing a $2500 necklace from a store (Kamofie & Company) and was charged with felony grand theft.

Shown on surveillance walking out of the store wearing the necklace, Lohan denies that she stole the necklace and claims the store owner lent it to her for publicity purposes. I find that quite interesting, considering Lohan allegedly recently sent flowers to the store. Why would you send flowers to a store that is falsely accusing you of theft? Although she wore a white dress, she’s no angel.

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Our favorite trainwreck ginger might be getting an orange jumpsuit to match her hair after her court hearing tomorrow. Lindsay Lohan is being accused of stealing a $2500 necklace from a store and has an arraignment hearing tomorrow at 1:30pm where we’ll see if she actually does get charged with felony theft. She denies stealing the jewellery.

TMZ reports that there is surveillance video footage showing Lindsay wearing the necklace as she left the store, hidden amongst the rest of the jewellery she was wearing. Hmm – I’m undecided at this point. On one hand, I wouldn’t put it past her to do something like this…she’s been on a downward spiral for years. On the other hand, the police say she had more than enough money on her in cash to pay for the necklace, and when you’re a celebrity, wouldn’t you expect that all eyes would be on you at all times? As if the people in the store weren’t gawking over her while she shopped (or shoplifted in this case)

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Lindsay Lohan Reckless For A Necklace

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Fresh out of rehab, 24 year old Lindsay Lohan has apparently decided to start a new bad habit: Stealing. Now, that she’s taking a page out of Wynona Ryder’s book, will the ginger be heading back to jail?

On Tuesday, Lohan was accused of stealing a $2500 necklace from a store in Venice Beach. The police issued a warrant for her home, but late Tuesday night, a friend of Lohan turned the necklace into authorities. Lt. Jeff Bert told Radar Online that “if the DA’s office files charges, it could be grand theft which is a felony.”

I can’t help but picture a scene from Mean Girls for this scenario: “OMG, I love your bracelet necklace! Where did you get it!?”

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