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Lohan Admits Failed Drug Test

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Yesterday, was a big day for our two favorite twenty-something red-head actresses. Emma Stone‘s “Easy A” premiered and SNL announced that she would be hosting SNL on October 23rd. They also announced that Lindsay Lohan would be hosting on December 4th! That wasn’t the only Lindsay news yesterday. Reports surfaced that she had failed her drug test. If that was they case, she could face 30 days in jail. This morning, Lohan admitted that this was true, in a few heartfelt, honest…tweets:

“Regrettably, I did in fact fail my most recent drug test and if I am asked, I am prepared to appear before judge Fox next wee as a result. Substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn’t go away over night. I am working hard to overcome it and am taking positive steps. This was certainly a setback for me but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I’m prepared to face the consequences…I am a work in progress, just as anyone else. I am keeping my faith, and I am hopeful…Thank you all!!!”

Actually, all three will be showing up on the Saturday Night Live stage in the next few weeks. Emma Stone (Easy A and The House Bunny) and Jon Hamm (Mad Men) both announced their respective hosting gives during their recent visits to Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. NBC hasn’t confirmed the hosting gigs, but it’s safe to say it’s a sure thing, considering they both made announcements on a former SNL cast member’s show.

Stone will make her SNL debut on October 23, then Hamm will hit the stage the week later on October 30. This will mark Hamm’s third hosting duty and second time hosting the episode right before Halloween, in perfect time to for “Mad Men’s” season finale.

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Lindsay Lohan In Talks To Be On Oprah

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NOW THAT’s a good career move for once! Lindsay Lohan, daughter of White Oprah Dina Lohan, was apparently in talks with the Today Show for a post rock bottom interview. Now it looks like the Big O, who is in her final season, might be getting the former Mean Girl on her show.

Oprah’s final season commences on Monday, September 13th and the talks between Lohan and Oprah have apparently being going well. That being said, apparently there are other’s being considering (I mean come on, it is her final season) so a decision won’t be made for a while.

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Movie Review: Machete

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Machete comes out today, and I had chance to cut the lines and check out the Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez “Grindhouse” type film yesterday. In case you don’t know, the film has tons of recognizable faces including, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Seagal, Robert DeNiro, Linsday Lohan, Cheech Marin, Jeff Fahey, Rose McGowan, and more. The plot is that “after being betrayed by the organization who hired him, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss.” His name? Machete.

The story revolves around Machete, played by Danny Trejo and he plays a former “Mexican Federale” turned renegade. After he runs into some trouble, Machete ventures out to do yard work in order to earn some cash. When he so desperately needs the money, a businessman and spin doctor shows up to save the day and needs his help. He tells Machete that the corrupt Senator is sending hundreds of illegal immigrants out of the country and to stop this, he needs Machete to kill the Senator in return for $150,000. He accepts, but we soon learn that it’s a set up, as you can expect. It turns out that the “spin doctor” set him up to make him look back and actually help the senators anti-immigration laws succeed.

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Our once favorite teenage red head actress turned celebrity media whore turned train wreck recently got out of treatment and Lindsay Lohan seems to be a changed woman for once. Wasting no time, she’s already sat down with Vanity Fair and graces the cover of their October issue, opening up and taking responsibility for who she was and what she has done. She’s honest about where her career is and knows what she is capable of and seems ready to work for it once again. Check out some of the interview below:

On her rumoured alcohol addiction: “If I were the alcoholic everyone says I am, then putting a [scram] bracelet on would have ended me up in detox, in the emergency room, because I would have had to come down from all the things that people say I’m taking and my father says I’m taking — so that says something, because I was fine.”

On denying a drug problem: “I’ve never abused prescription drugs. I never have — never in my life. I have no desire to. That’s not who I am. I’ve admitted to the things that I’ve done — to, you know, dabbling in certain things and trying things ’cause I was young and curious and thought it was like, O.K., ’cause other people were doing it and other people put it in front of me. And I see what happened in my life because of it.”

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Paris Could Face Year(s) In Prison

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A couple days ago, word got out that Paris Hilton had been arrested for suspicion of cocaine possession. Today, the story goes to a whole new level, as the Hotel Heiress has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance for .8 grams of cocaine. She could get anywhere from probation to four years in the slammer, but the norm for this Nevada law is 1-4 years for this crime. In addition, she could be fined $5,000 (which of course is nothing to her).

When one trashy drugged up diva leaves the big house (ahem…Lindsay Lohan), another is on her way in. I think the spoiled brat should get a full year in prison. Seriously, learn your lesson. At this point it’s like this sort of bullshit helps these bitches careers in the spotlight and on the cover of the magazines – and they know it.

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Lohan Out of Rehab

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Most people get to leave on day 23 out of a 90 day treatment program right? Well, if you’re Lindsay Lohan you do. The 24 year old is going to be grounded receiving outpatient care for the remainder of the time, after being released from UCLA rehab on the 24th of August.

Apparently, as per TMZ, “the doctors at UCLA were very clear with Judge Elden Fox … they felt Lindsay should be released from the facility immediately, and the judge saw it their way.”

The judges stipulations are:

  • Reside at home until further notice
  • Random drug and alcohol testing twice a week
  • Participate in psychotherapy a minimum of 4 days a week
  • Attend behavior therapy sessions 2 times a week
  • Attend a 12-step program

If Lohan fails her drug and alcohol tests, she’ll go to the slammer for 30 days.

I hope she’s better for good. I’d love to see her on The Apprentice and I miss the old Cady. Yeah, I’m gonna call her Cady.

Lindsay Lohan On Celebrity Apprentice?

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Lindsay Lohan is expected to be out of prison this week (at the recommendation of the doctors at UCLA) and onto her outpatient care – long before the 90 days the judge had originally ordered. So once she’s on the loose, what’s next for her? Well, apparently her people (who, her mom? Janice Ian?) have been in touch with Celebrity Apprentice to try and get her a spot on the next season of the show. Donald Trump is entertaining the idea but will only do it if they feel Lohan is 100% well enough to compete and follow through.

Trump told Extra, “We haven’t made a decision. We just want her to be 100 per cent, get better and be strong.”

I feel that having Sharon Osbourne & Cyndi Lauper on the show last season really brought the celebrity factor back up in the show, not to mention made it entertaining once again. With a tabloid regular like Lohan in the boardroom, I think Trump could do no wrong for his ratings.

If she does make it on the show, we can only hope that Firecrotch doesn’t get fired too early in the game! I could see her being a hard worker in that setting, maybe?

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