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She’s gotta make money somehow, right? TMZ has just confirmed that Hollywood’s jail ginger, Lindsay Lohan will be posing nude for Playboy for a little under $1 million. She had apparently previously been offered $750,000 but declined the offer because she wanted a million. Hugh Hefner and Co. then came back at her her with a lesser offer, but close enough to what she was asking that she has made the deal.

This deal has apparently been in the works for several months. When asked about this whole deal, Firecrotch’s rep (Steve Honig) said, “I can neither confirm or deny at this time. Sources told TMZ that the shoot started over the weekend (in between her morgue duties). Gross. E! News isn’t certain about the truth behind this Playboy business, but they do know that Lohan had a top secret photo shoot over the weekend.

In other news, her dad got thrown in jail this morning…

Find out why her dad is in jail after the jump…

I have to say, I’m just as sick of this Lindsay Lohan bad girl story as you are. That being said, there was something satisfying about watching the video clip of her getting handcuffed yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I want her to get better and move on with her life, but when she continues to act like she’s above the law, she should be handcuffed like any other citizen.

This all came about because Lohan has missed too many community service appointments required by her probation, and after her hearing on Wednesday, she was handcuffed and taken into custody. You know what other appointments she’s been missing? Her dentist appointments, but that’s another story. Anyway, the judge had ruled that she had violated her probation and as a result, she will return to court on November 2 where she could be sentenced to a year and a half in prison. With prison overcrowding, it’s doubtful that will actually happen.

After she was handcuffed and taken away, she posted the $100,000 bail and was released. Get your life together already, Lindsay!

Watch the clip after the jump…

There are a lot of annoying celebrities out there – each annoying for their own reasons. Whether we just get too much of them from all angles, or they pull ridiculous publicity stunts for attention, or they’re just famous for being famous. Regardless of how we may feel about them, they are celebrities and they likely won’t be hiding from the spotlight any time soon.

Parade magazine did a Pop Culture Poll with omg! on Yahoo!, looking for who their readers thought was the most annoying celebrity of 2011. I’ve included a poll below with the same candidates used in their poll. Select the one you have found to be the “Most Annoying Celebrity” this year and then read on to find out the outcome of Parada magazine’s poll.

Who do you feel is The Most Annoying Celebrity Of 2011?

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Find out who was voted most annoying celebrity after the jump…

When you used to think of the name Lindsay Lohan, you associated it with that cute red-head who played double duty in Disney’s The Parent Trap or remember her hilarious lines and antics in Mean Girls. Now when you think of Lindsay Lohan, you think of a troubled young actress who can’t seem to catch a break and get out of the party lifestyle to get her life back on track. Even being on house arrest didn’t keep Lindsay out of trouble.

So when rapper Pitbull wrote the lyrics for his hit Give Me Everything, I don’t think he expected for Lindsay to slap him with a lawsuit over the line, “got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” While the lyric may be clever (and somewhat true), Lindsay and her camp don’t think so. She filing suit for defamation saying that the line is causing “irreparable damage” to her image and career. Right, because YOU weren’t the one who got arrested for a DUI, right?

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Today, Lindsay Lohan will get the tracking device removed from her ankles so she’ll be free to leave her home as she pleases. She’s not grounded anymore! Can you imagine what the paparazzi will do the next time she walks into a jewellery store? LOL.

She’s not completely off the hook. She’s still on probation for the jewelry theft and must complete her 480 hours of community service. In addition, she still has to enrol in a “shoplifters alternative class” and also see a psychologist for counselling.

Lindsay Lohan will be celebrating her 25th birthday on Saturday, July 2nd with a low key get together, according to her mom. Dina Lohan explains, “She’s staying in Los Angeles and planning a quiet birthday dinner. It will be very low key with family and close friends. And then she plans to return to her community service right away on Monday.”

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Come on Lindsay! Since you couldn’t hit the bar, you had to bring the bar to your house? A little over a month ago, Lindsay Lohan was spotted having a little get together on her roof (I hope she had enough cheese and crackers for six people). She was seen drinking from a red cup while her friends drank beer & wine. Well, after just being tested for drugs and alcohol, they did find that she tested positive for alcohol consumption during her probation and now she has to face the music. On the plus side, I’m sure she’ll enjoy getting out of the house for a little bit. LOL. Also, this is my favorite court outfit of hers that she’s worn to date! She’s had plenty of time to play dress up in her closet at home.

Lohan is supposed to be under house arrest until June 29th, but now after her court appearance today, she could be sentenced to additional house arrest or even jail time as was originally expected. TMZ is reporting that the L.A. County Probation Department will ask Judge Stephanie Sautner to throw Lohan in L.A. County Jail. Anything is possible at this point. The hearing is scheduled for 10:00am this morning, so I will update you once more information comes available. *** UPDATE BELOW***


My Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Mugshots

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Tyrell

I haven’t done a Top 10 list in a long time so I thought it would be fun to make one to enjoy this weekend. However, I didn’t want to make it about music, or movies or TV. So with all of that content removed what in the world would I list? Celebrity Mugshots that’s what. With the amazing amount of hilarious photos and situations out there, I couldn’t help but find my ten favorite for various reasons and share them with you.


Charlie Sheen has been in the public multiple times this year with his departure from Two & A Half Men but if you take it back to 2009, you’ll remember that Sheen was arrested for domestic violence. He allegedly tried to choke wife at the time Broke Mueller who was renting an Aspen home. I love this mugshot because Charlie still shows his smug attitude in it despite his situation and being arrested. Must be the Tigerblood.

Check out more celebrity mugshots after the jump…

Lindsay Lohan Commences House Arrest

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Me: “Omg, I love your ankle bracelet! Where did you get it?!”
Lindsay: “Lynwood Jail.”
Me: “It’s so fetch.”

I couldn’t resist. I can always bring it back to Mean Girls.

Today, 24 year old Lindsay Lohan turned herself in to Lynwood Jail to be fitted for her electronic ankle monitoring bracelet which will keep her confined to her townhouse for 35 days of her sentence. “She is now confined to the interior premises of her home at all times,” LA Sheriff’s spokesman, Steve Whitmore, told People Magazine. It’s kind of ironic that she stole a necklace, and got ankle bracelet instead.

Back in April, she was sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating her ’07 drunk driving probation by stealing the necklace from the Venice jewelry store. She had applied for house arrest, but the place wasn’t ready yet. Now that it is, as I mentioned, she’ll be serving about 35 days of her sentence at home.

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