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There’s no denying that “Irreplaceable” is one of Beyonce’s signature hits. It’s so unforgettable that anything remotely sounding like it, immediately calls the 2006 hit to mind. While listening to this recently-leaked Rita Ora track, I couldn’t help but sing ‘to the left, to the left’ in my head.

There is a bit of confusion if “Solid Ground” was originally intended for Ora’s debut album or to be included on her upcoming sophomore effort. If it’s the former, wise move on her camp to not release it. It’s not wise to record a blatant rip-off of a chart-topper, if you’re an upcoming artist.

If it’s for her new album, I’m sure Rita is regretting allegedly cheating on Calvin Harris. The Scottish DJ who produced most of the tracks, yanked them all after parting ways with the 24-year-old singer. Check out “Solid Ground” below and weigh in afterward.

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Justin Bieber has a song off of his upcoming ‘Believe‘ album that just leaked and I think you’re gonna love it – I sure do! The upbeat, dance floor-ready track is called “All Around The World” and features Ludacris (who he collaborated with on his first hit single “Baby”).

In the chorus, Bieber sings, “All around the world / People want to be loved / all around the world / They’re no different than us.” If this song is any indication of what we can expect from his album, it’s gonna be fantastic. “All Around The World” people will soon be dancing to this song.

Many hardcore fans are enraged that a song has leaked and refuse to listen to it. I can understand why Bieber’s crew would be angry, but for fans I think if anything it has just created more anticipation for what’s to come (in my opinion). If you need another reason to listen to it, it’s way better than “Boyfriend” and I didn’t even dislike that song. Check it out below while you can.

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I LOVE this song! In this new leaked track from Kesha, the singer/songwriter pays homage to and sings about hot boys in drag in “Pretty Lady“. In the chorus, Kesha sings, “Big hair. Nice rack. High heels. Sweet ass. Boy, you’re such a pretty lady. Fake nails. Red lips. Shaking those hips. Boy, you’re such a pretty lady!”

In the bridge, the song actually features soundbites from real life drag queens which I’ve read are Lady Lloyd and Detox. The song is fun, upbeat, and super catchy. I seriously hope that it’s on her new album and that it is released as a single. The music video for this would be fabulous!

Kesha has promised that her new album will be a new genre of music she refers to as “Cock Pop“! I’m all over it! Listen to “Pretty Lady” below.

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So far most of the song previews we’ve heard from Madonna’s upcoming album have all been short snippets. It’s been beyond annoying, if I’m being perfectly honest. Hallelujah, that today we have a full-length track from “MDNA“. Madonna has officially released the Martin Solveig-produced “I F*cked Up” for her fans to enjoy. If you love it, you’ll have to buy the deluxe edition of the CD since it’s only a bonus track. Personally, it’s one of the better tracks I’ve heard from her upcoming release.

Based on all the previews we’ve heard, “MDNA” is shaping up to be one of Madonna’s more eclectic albums in recent memory. “I F*cked Up” is departure from what we’ve heard so far and is more of a ballad with sincerely heartfelt lyrics than a club-ready track. No nonsensical gibberish here for the sake of accompanying club beats. In the surprisingly honest track, Madonna apologizes for messing up a relationship. Could art be imitating life? Is Madonna taking a page for her extensive dating history for this emotional track? Guy Ritchie perhaps? You be the judge. Listen to the latest morsel from “MDNA” below.

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Two unreleased Britney Spears tracks have been leaked by producer Michelle Bell, according to BreatheHeavy.com. The songs were to be included on the “Original Doll” album in 2004, but the album (and songs) never got released. The songs are called “Peep Show” and “Money Love & Happiness“.

Michelle Bell has worked with artists that include Nas, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Girls Aloud and more. Bell released the songs saying that if she gets enough followers, she’ll release a few new tracks from Britney’s mysterious Original Doll album. Wouldn’t that be a treat?! She produced six tracks for the unheard album.

Check out the two snippets below. Hopefully she releases the full tracks soon!

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Not too long after the divorce papers were signed between Katy Perry and Russell Brand, a leaked Katy Perry demo has surfaced called “Bullet“. It was actually a song she co-wrote with and for country singer, Jessie James and it was featured on James’ last album, “Wanted“. I loved the album and “Bullet” is actually one of my favorite songs on it. “I’m a bullet and headed straight for your heart,” sings Perry in the chorus. Sidenote: I also had the chance to interview Jessie James when the album was released. I hope she comes out with a new album this year!

Perhaps the twangy song was leaked on purpose as a message to Russell Brand? The first verse goes as follows: “My mama warned me about boys like you. It’s the reason I wear these high heel boots, yeah. And let me give you a little piece of advice, my papa packs heat and he won’t think twice, yeah”. It’s an empowering country/pop song and I highly recommend you listen to it!

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The other day I was getting my hair cut by my good friend Adam when he filled me in on the fact that a new Britney Spears song had leaked on Christmas Day. I’ve come to realize that there have actually been two songs released over the past week.

One of the unreleased songs is called “Strangest Love” with Spears singing in the chorus, “Til something changes / It’s a different language / His words say too much / And get in the way, We talk in the strangest love.” To add to that, a clip of a third song called “Secret” has also been released. That one is only a snippet, but it’s left me thirsty enough for the whole beverage.

Get your first Britney Spears fix of 2012 ( that is if you haven’t already heard these two new leaks) below.

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Two More Kelly Clarkson Leaks

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Apparently today is the unofficial Kelly Clarkson leak new songs day. Earlier today, Patrick shared “What Doesn’t Kill You” and now I’m giving you a first listen at two more tracks from her upcoming fifth studio album. Three new songs from the original American Idol all in one day. Today is off to a great start. Clarkson must be livid about all these leaks. In previous instances, Kelly has been very vocal about her unfinished work hitting the internet. When half her last album leaked, the German hacker responsible was sentenced and is currently behind bars. I wonder if the same fate awaits the person uploading all of Kelly’s new tracks. Maybe she’ll be more lenient this time, which brings me to the first track.

The first of the two tracks I have for you today is “I Forgive You“. The beat and arrangement is very Kelly Clarkson, but the lyrics reflect a more grown-up Kelly. Instead of being the angry “Since U Been Gone” or “Never Again” singer, this Kelly chooses the path of forgiveness instead of kicking her man to the curb. Check out a snippet of the lyrics:

“I forgive you, we were just a couple of kids trying to figure out how to live, doin’ it our way. No shame, no blame, cuz the damage is done, and I forgive you.”

Kelly Clarkson “I Forgive You”

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