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I don’t know about you, but this never gets old. Watching celebrities read nasty things said about them on the Twitterverse always makes me laugh. Watching the 9th edition of the Jimmy Kimmel Live staple is as fresh and as hilarious as the first one.

A couple that I found myself chuckling to involved Kurt Russell and Colin Farrell. The former recited “Kurt Russell’s face is made of aged denim,” while the latter cracked up during his delivery of “Colin Farrell in True Detective looks like he smells like depressed couch farts.” Kinda half true 😉

Others participating for the latest instalment were Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sean Penn, Liv Tyler, Elizabeth Banks, Daniel Radcliffe, Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Michael B Jordan, Key and Peele, Julianna Margulies, Jordana Brewster, Viola Davis, Matthew Perry, Lake Bell and Sarah Paulson. The American Horror Story actress along with Dunst’s reaction to their respective haters were the best. Check out “Mean Tweets #9” below.

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If you’re like me and love a good movie where the female lead or leads find their inner strength and fight back against the “bad guys,” just as Jennifer Lopez does in Enough or Ashley Judd does in Double Jeopardy, then I think you might like this movie.

The first trailer for this new thriller titled The Black Rock has just been released, starring Katie Aselton, Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth. In the movie, the women play three childhood friends that embark on a weekend getaway to the isolated island of Black Rock, a remote island off the coast of Maine. Shortly after they arrive, the girls discover that they are not alone.

Expecting to be the only people on the island, the women are caught off guard when they come across three guys who are on the island to hunt. One of the women recognizes one of the guys as the brother of a guy she went to high school with. After a disturbing incident occurs later that night, what was supposed to be a relaxing and fun little getaway for three friends quickly turns into an absolute nightmare that will propel the women into survival mode and beyond. The film hits theaters on May 17, 2013. Check out the first trailer below!

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I don’t realize just how much I miss Megan Mullally as Karen Walker, until I see her pop up on some show or online video. When Mullally guest starred on an episode of “Happy Endings” this season as Penny Hearts’ mom, memories of her comic genius on “Will & Grace” came flooding back. While not the greatest daytime talk show host, there is no denying that Megan is one fine comedic actress. Some network needs to snatch her up and give Megan her own sitcom to star in immediately. Perhaps, the following video can provide inspiration for a new show.

For Funny or Die’s newest video, they’ve enlisted Megan to play the eccentric Peggy Dvorak. This acting coach teaches aspiring starlets the fine art of being cool. She takes these girls in and instructs them to throw conventional wisdom out the window and to become cool renegades. Toss out that boxed set of “Sex and the City” (guilty as charged) and trade them in for NPR (National Public Radio). Also an offense in Dvorkak’s teachings is listening or singing to Ke dollar sign ha aka Ke$ha. Again, I’m guilty as charged. What’s their punishment for committing such a heinous crime? Watch the video and you’ll find out.

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Scream 4 Loses A Cast Member

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Filming for “Scream 4” just got underway, but the producers have already faceing a major hurdle. One of their actresses has dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with their current gig. Now the producers are scrambling to find a last-minute replacement for said actress.

31-year-old Lake Bell broke the news via her Twitter account. She tweeted: “Scheduling conflicts with my current gig means I cant do #Scream4! (Hey horror bloggers, I know who the killer is…) #i’llnevertell”. Bell has appeared in the feature film “It’s Complicated” and the legal drama “Boston Legal“. The scheduling conflict is probably due to the untitled Ivan Reitman project she’s currently attached to.

The brunette beauty was supposed to play Deputy Judy Hicks who works with Dewey (David Arquette). Here’s what the casting call revealed about the character:

“A police officer, decidedly sexy but a bit off, she knew Sidney from high school. Didn’t make a big enough impression for Sidney to remember her. Likes her boss, Dewey, perhaps a little too much. NAME CAMEOS PREFERRED;”

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