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Lady Gaga Finally Unveils Venus

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Lady Gaga had every intention to release “Venus” as the official followup for “Applause.” However, rumor has it that she’s going with the R. Kelly duet instead. “Do What U Want” was originally supposed to be just a promo single, but due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback and success on iTunes, she’s replaced “Venus” as the second official release off ARTPOP. “Do What U Want” hit No. 1 on iTunes. A feat “Applause” couldn’t do.

“Venus” was co-written by DJ White Shadow and Gaga herself. It’ll be available to purchase tomorrow on iTunes. Give it a listen below and see if it was a good call for Gaga to push it aside (for now).

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If there is one thing Glee always gets right, it’s their video spoofs. Based on preview pics for “A Katy or A Gaga,” Ryan Murphy and company nailed both “Roar” and “Applause” homages. The picture alone of Artie (Kevin McHale) swinging on a vine in his wheelchair already had me chuckling. Meanwhile, the visual of Sam (Chord Overstreet) wearing Victoria’s Secret Fashion show-worthy wings while shirtless had me excited for another reason ;)

When Glee returns on November 7, both the gang in Lima and New York explore who they are as artists. They go on this journey of discovery using, naturally of course, the music of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. If that wasn’t enough gay for a Thursday evening, Adam Lambert makes his debut during this episode. Glambert, Gaga and Perry oh my. Check out more preview pics below.

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The above photo is one way to promote a new single. Sex may sell, but it’s not Lady Gaga’s bare butt that intrigues me. Though the barely-there floral printed thong is sorta fierce. Rather, it’s the fact she teamed up R. Kelly. I maybe in the minority in saying this, but I don’t completely hate this collaboration.

Do What U Want” is probably not the best offering lifted from Gaga’s forthcoming ARTPOP album, but it’s nice to see the “Applause” singer returning to her R&B-infused roots. That’s what made The Fame so flawless.

Gaga first previewed the track in a 30-second Best Buy commercial for Beats by Dre last week. It’s available today to purchase and kicks off Gaga’s ARTPOP iTunes countdown. She’ll also release a second and third promotional single on October 27 and November 4 respectively in anticipation of ARTPOP’s street date. Check out her R. Kelly duet below and sound off afterward.

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Lady Gaga Previews R. Kelly Collaboration

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I wonder if every track on the forthcoming ARTPOP will be licensed in some way. Kia used “Applause” to sell their Soul model. “Aura” was featured in the box office bomb Machete Kills. Now, Lady Gaga’s collaboration with R. Kelly appears in a Best Buy commercial for Beats Studio headphones. I can’t wait to see what else her ARTPOP tracks will pimp out.

With “Do What U Want” seemingly getting a promotional push, one would think it’s Mother Monster’s followup to “Applause.” That isn’t the case. “Venus” gets that honor. Instead, the R. Kelly collabo is just a promotional single being made available to purchase on Monday, October 21. She’ll also release a second and third promo on October 27 and November 4 respectively in anticipation of ARTPOP’s street date. Preview Gaga’s latest below.

listen to the preview after the jump

Did you catch Ryan Murphy and company’s tribute to Cory Monteith on Glee last night? I can’t even imagine how difficult it was for the writers, crew and especially actors to film this episode. With emotions still raw, I’m certain plenty of tears were shed during filming.

Did it live up to the hype? Given the delicate nature, producers did a solid job. It was a little uneven and disjointed at parts, but when it was on, they got it right. Without question, Lea Michele’s “Make You Feel My Love” performance was the most heartbreaking. I’m certain those tears were 100 percent authentic.

Other musical standouts include Amber Riley’s “I’ll Stand By You” and Kevin McHale & Chord Overstreet’s duet on “Fire & Rain.” On the complete opposite spectrum, Naya Rivera’s “If I Die Young” disappointed. It sounded too fast, plus her storyline seemed forced. Why Dianna Agron wasn’t invited is beyond insane. Besides Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry, Quinn had the closest connection to Finn and not Santana. I really hope behind the scenes drama and politics weren’t the reason for Quinn’s omission.

At the end of the episode, FOX aired PSAs filmed by the actors persuading people to help others, who are struggling with addiction. They urged people to call 1-800-662-HELP and find help on a treatment website. Profits from official track sales will go to Monteith’s favorite charity, Project Limelight. Check out all the performances from “The Quarterback” below and be sure to weigh in with your thoughts on the episode afterwards.

UPDATE: The tribute episode gave Glee it’s biggest audience in more than a year with 7.4 million tuning in. The episode tied ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy for the lead among adults 18-49 in its hour.
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For all you hardcore monsters, today is your lucky day. Lady Gaga bestowed a couple of gifts for you. The 27-year-old “Applause” singer unveiled the tracklisting for ARTPOP which drops November 8. Among the tracks included are “Sexxx Dreams,” “MANiCURE,” and “Swine” which she debuted at the iTunes Festival. A couple tracks that pique my interest are “Donatella” and “Do What U Want.” The latter features none other than R. Kelly. Interesting…

Beginning the 15-track aural journey is, appropriately enough, “Aura.” Gaga just debuted a lyric video for it. The clip could easily pass as a trailer for Machete Kills since it features plenty of dialogue from the film. Even with the lyric clip, it’s hard to decipher exactly what the final studio cut of “Aura” will sound like given all the film dialogue spliced in. Check it out below along with the ARTPOP tracklist.

watch the lyric video after the jump

The unveiling of the official album cover for ARTPOP was a worldwide event today. As the 27-year-old singer tweeted the artwork, it debuted on digital billboards in 18 cities around the world including London, Miami and Barcelona.

Created by Jeff Koons, the visual is a modern interpretation of Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. If you know the lyrics for “Applause” well, you know Gaga name drops the artist in the song.

“FULL ARTPOP ALBUM COVER.’One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me!’ #ApplauseJeffKoons” – Lady Gaga via Twitter

The image of Lady Gaga giving birth to a blue orb isn’t just a portrait, but in fact a sculpture that will be exhibited on November 10 at the artRAVE ARTPOP’s release party! The next day, Gaga’s highly-anticipated album hits streets. What do you think of the official album artwork? Check out the original inspiration below and sound off.

Lady Gaga ARTPOP Cover Art: Yay or Nay?

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Living in the shadow of an older sibling is something many brothers and sisters suffer from. Imagine that feeling magnified ten-fold because your older sis stars on television’s biggest sitcom. Up until now, Briana Cuoco was the other sister, but on Monday night that all changed when all eyes were on her during The Voice. Who am I kidding, it was still all about Kaley.

The Big Bang Theory actress showed up to support her sister as she performed Lady Gaga’s “You And I.” Kaley was on the edge of her proverbial seat as her family waited to see if any of the judges turned around. Once two red chairs swiveled, the 27-year-old blonde jumped up and down gleefully happy for her sister’s success. It was beyond adorable.

Keeping it real, while Briana got better along the way, I wasn’t overly impressed. She had a couple of bright moments, but nothing that made me tingle. I don’t think she’s in it for the long haul. Can anyone say stunt casting? Check out the audition and Kaley’s cute reaction below.

watch the audition and Kaley’s reaction after the jump

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