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Earlier this month, Lady Gaga attended Britney Spears‘ “Femme Fatale” concert and met her backstage. According to The Sun, “They sat for around an hour gossiping and talking about collaborating together on a track. GaGa already has two songs in mind.”

During the concert, Britney gave a shout out to Lady Gaga, telling her fans, “I have a very special guest here tonight… Lady GaGa is here!” She then blew a kiss in the direction where Lady Gaga was seated. That’s Gaga in the header picture on the left, watching the concert. Watch the video of her announcing that Gaga is in the house below.

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It seems like life is a drag for one, Mother Monster. On Twitter along with the message “You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself,” Gaga debuted the look of her new single cover art for You and I. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Lady Gaga in drag as her alter ego Jo Calderone. He first appeared in September’s Vogue Hommes Japan.

Leaving her motorcycle rocker chick look behind, Gaga opts for a more rugged and mugshot-like looking photo op for her drag personality. I wonder if Jo makes an appearance in the upcoming video release. Gaga stated on Twitter that her 1,000th tweet would be the premiere of the You and I video. She is currently at 992. Only 8 more tweets to go! Are you looking forward to a new Gaga video? If you haven’t heard the song yet, give it a listen below. It’s actually one of my favorites from the album. It has that late 80’s/early 90’s rock feel.

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Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare Part 2

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Not too long ago, I shared with you the hilarious “Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare” parody video in which Madonna struggles to get her career back on track because Lady Gaga took everything away from her – including her gays. Now, a “Part 2″ to this series has just been released and it’s just as funny. This time, Madonna continues to get tormented by Gaga who is prank calling her and scheming against her with a little help from another gay icon…

If you liked the movie “Death Becomes Her,” starring Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, you’ll especially love this video. I used to own that movie on VHS – LOL. Just as in the last spoof, many other gay icons (including Cher) may their little cameos in the story as well. Enjoy!

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SYTYCD Season 8: Top 8 Eliminations

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So right out of the gate I am desperately excited to see what guest judge, Lady Gaga, will be wearing tonight and how her critics from Wednesday night’s performance show will shape the fates of the remaining eight dancers in So You Think You Can Dance. Apparently Gaga is performing in the results episode as well! HECK YEAH!

The final eight contestants opened the night in typical fashion, with a group routine performed to The Circus Sets Up from the Water for Elephants soundtrack. I absolutely love this instrumental tune, and the dance was gorgeous. The costumes and styling of each performer were stunning and incredibly true to the movie-adaptation of the novel. This piece had an incredible Cirque du Soleil clown vibe, and I didn’t want it to end. It was beautifully peaceful, and it brought Cat Deeley to tears. Surprizingly, this was a Tyce Diorio number and I’ll admit, this piece definitely redeemed his abilities as a choreographer in my eyes.

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SYTYCD Season 8: Top 8 Performances

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Dear Skeletor, why on earth do we still need to have a two-hour performance episode when we’re down to the top eight dancers?! I understand that each performer is dancing with an all star, but seriously, cut out the nonsense filler and give us the content we REALLY want to see – DANCING!

Holy SHIT I forgot LADY GAGA was a guest judge this week! YES! YES! YES!!! I will actually be listening to the commentary this week, just to see what she has to say about the different dancers and routines. That is, unless it ends up being incoherent nonsense and then I’ll just start fast-forwarding again! Did you see Gaga’s outfit?! It was AMAZEBALLS to the MAX! OH MY GOD I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! Mary Murphy, Skeletor and the second guest judge joined her for the week, the pumpkin, Rob Marshall. Did you see his spray tan?! Tonight is going to be amazing.

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If you’re a little monster, you’ll recognize this male as one of Lady Gaga’s featured male dancers. This sexy latino, Michael Silas has been with the Haus of Gaga since October of 2008. Before that, he was a contestant on Bravo’s Step It Up and Dance.

Michael was born in Germany and grew up in a military home. When he was 9, his family moved to Houston, Texas which is where he began dancing and found a passion for it. As an adult, he began taking classes at other major studios like Broadway Dance Center and Millennium Dance Complex, booking jobs with artists like Kelly Rowland and Hilary Duff. Michael is very involved in the LGBT community hosting dance mentoring programs. But, Michael is also involved in another aspect of the gay community… gay porn

This mixed ethnic male of Black, Latino, Puertorican, and German can be found on porn site playing with his disco stick for your viewing pleasure. There is no official date stamp on when these photos an videos were taken, but there is no doubt that it’s him. Check out a sneak peek of Michael’s tape below.

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Out with the old and in with the new. And by old I mean Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper, and by new I mean Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin. The latter will be the new faces of MAC Cosmetics’ new Viva Glam ad campaign for 2012. The Viva Glam initiative has been very fruitful for the cosmetics brand and the charity it supports. Viva Glam’s lipsticks and lip glosses have raised over $200 million for the MAC AIDS fund. The foundation uses the monies raised to help with prevention, treatment and education of HIV and AIDS.

This isn’t the first time Minaj has been involved with MAC. Last year, she teamed up with the cosmetic company to release a limited edition lipstick, “Pink 4 Friday“. Reportedly, the lipsticks flew off the shelves. Based on this, enlisting Nicki for it’s new ad campaign should’ve been a no-brainer. You might think the addition of Martin seems a bit odd, but he’s the third man to front the campaign. The two previous male spokespersons were Elton John (2001) and Boy George (2004). Other celebrity faces previously featured include Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Fergie, Missy Elliott and Pamela Anderson.

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MTV VMA 2011 Nominees Announced

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We’re almost halfway through the summer, which means we’re getting closer to the 2011 MTV VMA Awards. This one is my favorite music awards show because it’s always the most entertaining. So many memorable moments take place at this show: Britney & Madonna kissed, Britney had her “Gimme More” train wreck performance, Brandy & Monica performed together (proving they weren’t feuding), Gaga wore a meat dress, and many more.

This year, it’s Katy Perry that is leading the pack of nominations. She has a total, of nine nominations which include “Video of the Year” and “Best Female Video,” for her explosive hit, “Firework,” “Best Pop Video” for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)“, and “Best Special Effects” for her “out of this world” hit “E.T.” featuring Kanye West. Speaking of Kanye, he has the most nominations for a male artists with a total of seven (including the collaboration with Perry).

Check out the rest of the nominees below. I’ll tell you this much, it’ll be nice to have an award show that isn’t going to be dominated by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga for once…

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