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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Charlie Hides parody where he pits Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Cher against each other, but today, we’ve got just the fix.

In this new parody, the divas reenact some memorable scenes from The Devil Wears Prada. This movie is up there with Mean Girls as one of those guilty pleasure movies I can watch over and over again. In the parody, Charlie’s version of Madonna plays the role of Miranda Priestly, famously played by Meryl Streep. Charlie’s Lady Gaga plays Andy, the role originally played by Anne Hathaway. Lastly, Cher plays the role of Emily, originally played by Emily Blunt.

When Stefani Germanotta interviews with Madonna for a job at Runway, both her and Cher are not too keen on how Madge treats them. Charlie’s Liza Minnelli makes an appearance as well. Enjoy the parody below!

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Lady Gaga Shaves Her Head

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Miley Cyrus recently chopped off a good chunk of her hair and showed the new ‘do on Twitter. Lady Gaga is the latest celebrity to use the microblogging site to debut a new look. While Cyrus’ makeover was for the sake of fashion and/or self-discovery, Gaga’s intention is a show of support for her good friend, Terry Richardson. The “Bad Romance” singer shaved half her head in honor of the photographer’s mom who passed this week.

“did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high.” – Lady Gaga via Twitter

The 26-year-old frequently collaborated with Richardson on several projects including a picture book. Recently, Terry accompanied Gaga during her tour in Finland. I posted a few candid pics he took of her during some downtime at the hotel. Richardson announced his mom’s passing via his Tumbler page, “R.I.P. Annie Lomax, My Mom 1938-2012.” Check out Gaga’s new hairdo below.

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Just when I thought I was done with Glee, Ryan Murphy snags Kate Hudson for a six-episode arc as deliciously wicked Cassandra July. Slowly, FOX has teased us with glimpses of Hudson’s debut, with episodic pics, to an extended clip of her first interaction with Rachel Berry and even the audio for her first performance. At long last, we finally have the official video for her first number on the FOX show.

The powers-that-be were kind enough to debut Hudson’s performance days before the show’s fourth season premiere and it lives up to all the hype. Not only does she sound great but her dancing is flawless. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who saw Nine. She was the best thing in that musical bomb. Check out the clip and witness Kate school Lea Michele (Rachel) on how real dancing should look like.

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Lady Gaga Gets On All Fours For Terry Richardson

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Photographer Terry Richardson has collaborated with Lady Gaga numerous times, including a photography book, Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson, where he followed the “Bad Romance” singer for a 10-month period. Looks like he was having a hard time going through Gaga withdrawal. Once again, he’s following the 26-year-old singer as she galavants around the world. Not sure if they’re working on another picture book together, but he’s definitely taking a few photographs that he’s posted on his website,

Dear Terry’s Diary,

Me again! Same old, same old on this front – Got another incredibly famous person (LG today…luv her) to prance around in a skin tight outfit and get in sexual positions on a bed while I shutterbugged. Annnnnyways I’m pooped!

xoxo from Finland,

Terry Richardson

Given that she’s posed for Richardson several times, it’s only natural she feel comfortable around him. Whether she’s doing a little brokendown doll on the runway as she boards a private plane or spending some downtime wrapped in a pride flag in her hotel room, Terry is there to snap the camera-friendly singer. As mentioned in the quote above, Gaga lets loose and shows off how flexible she is in the bedroom. I’m sure boyfriend Taylor Kinney appreciates her being so bendy. Check out a few photos below which include her in a doggy style pose. If you’re craving more pictures, be sure to head to Terry Richardson’s site.

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I feel like Lady Gaga has taken “Mother Monster” into a literal sense with her promos for her Fame fragrance. She released the first one not too long ago (watch it here) and has now released two others.

These two new version are so creepy, they look like they are taken straight from a horror movie with Lady Gaga as the freaky monster. As I mentioned when writing about the first version, it reminds me of something that would have been seen in The Cell or the videotape on The Ring. In one of the versions, Gaga does a fierce catwalk through a pathway of shackled male models in leather/latex underwear.

Watch the black goop, caviar and egg yolk infused perfume ad teasers straight from Haus Laboratories in Paris below. Note: This probably isn’t a perfume for your mother or grandmother.

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Lady Gaga Marries Taylor Kinney For Humanity

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I honestly thought Lady Gaga released all the fashion films for “You and I” last year. Apparently, I was wrong. The 26-year-old singer still had one left up her sleeve which she finally debuted over the weekend. Given that Gaga is on the September 2012 issue of Vogue, and a new album, ARTPOP, coming out soon, promoting a track from her last album seems silly. The “Bad Romance” singer explained her reason why in a tweet this past weekend, “I’m supporting & sending love to Beyoncé & the UN for WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY #whd2012″. World humanitarian or shameless self-promotion? You decide.

Once again, the visual was shot by the editorial team of Inez and Vinoodh. This time, however, it features Gaga’s sexy boy toy Taylor Kinney. In the newly-released clip, Gaga and Kinney get married, fake of course. Still, it could be a sign of things to come. The two have been shacking up for a decent amount of time now. Check out the clip below.

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I can imagine being a celebrity can be scary at times, with people running up to them when they least expect it or when they’re not supposed to be. Such was the case when a fan tried to approach Lady Gaga in Bucharest, Romania.

In the footage below, Lady Gaga was just coming through the hotel lobby in Bucharest, escorted by two bodyguards and about to greet fans outside. One older gentlemen decided to not follow the rules and rushed in through the other revolving door to try to ensure he gets an autograph from Gaga. Because of the sudden and unauthorized approach, Gaga was quite startled for a moment and the bodyguards quickly, and calmly took the guy down. These guys are good at their job!

The guy wanting the autograph was taken down to the ground, but not seriously injured. Afterward, he got up and went back out the door he came in. Needless to say, there was no autograph for him. Watch the footage below. Also, Gaga’s fancy black & white is fabulous.

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Lady Gaga Fires Back At PETA

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After reading the unprofessional letter the VP of PETA wrote to Lady Gaga, I have to say her response was perfection. Like Gaga, I don’t agree with wearing fur, etc. but when they recently accused her of doing just that because of pictures and videos they had seen, they went too far in the what they said to her. I dont’ believe for a second that she wore real fur.

I’ve included both open letters below. In PETA’s, the Senior VP Dan Mathews asks Gaga if she has amnesia because she had in the past said she doesn’t like fur and hates it and they request to know her official stance on the matter. He also says that Gaga is making herself a target like the “mindless Kim Kardashian“. With respect to that, he’s referring to when Kardashian was once flour bombed at a red carpet event for having previously worn fur. When you read his letter, you’ll see how immature it sounds and I feel they should have just contacted Gaga directly if they had questions about what she was wearing, rather than making accusations they can’t backup. Read the back & forth below.

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