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L.A. Reid, Patti LaBelle and Lee Daniels were among those being honored at The 2016 BET Honors. Arsenio Hall hosted the event which featured some amazing performances.

Both Toni Braxton and Usher took to the stage to show their love for their mentor, Reid. Braxton performed her greatest hits including “Breathe Again,” He Wasn’t Man Enough,””Another Sad Love Song” and “Un-Break My Heart” to name a few, while her sisters, minus Tamar, performed backup. Personally, I thought the 48-year-old singer did well, but the audience wasn’t really feeling it. Only a handful gave her a standing ovation. Underrated!!!

Meanwhile, the audience was all about Usher and his casual performance. In between songs, he reminisced about all the sage advice L.A. had given him over the years. It was quite touching I have to say.

Fantasia was also on hand, but she used her powerful vocals to honor LaBelle. Girl didn’t hold anything back. As Hall stated so succinctly, she saaaaang. So much so, she practically blew off her bangs. Check out the performances below.

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Fifth Harmony Signed To Syco Music & Epic Records

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The journey is not over for the girls of Fifth Harmony. Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke, Normani Hamilton, Dinah Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui announced this morning that they have been OFFICIALLY signed to Simon Cowell’s Syco Music and LA Reid’s Epic Records. This news comes just one month after the girls placed third in the most recent season of The X-Factor.

I cannot begin to explain how ridiculously and irrationally excited I am from this news. Ever since the judge’s homes round when they were first put together as a group and performed “Impossible,” Donovan and I have loved them and obsessed over them. They were always my choice to win and we would constantly re-watch their previous week’s performances in anticipation of the next week. Even now that X-Factor is over, we still play a lot of their performances when we get together.

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The BIG night has finally arrived. Since I have to head out the second The X Factor reveals the results, I’m going to write my recap as it happens live. It’s real-time blogging ya’ll. Carly Rose is probably going to win this thing, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Fifth Harmony pulls an upset. Like they sang, “Anything Could Happen.” Without further delay, let’s get the ball rolling.

The action kicks off with Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian on the red carpet. Side note: Khloe’s green lace dress is really pretty. All of a sudden, the judges start arriving via SUVs. As they get out of their ride, either Khloe or Mario interview them. Note to Simon Cowell, this isn’t the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards. This is kinda ridiculous. Even Lopez feels like a glorified valet. Speaking of Cowell, Khloe continues her streak of shamelessly flirting with him. Commenting how she loves his hairy chest. LOL. Demi looks pretty in her metallic mini.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely excited about the Judges Homes Round on The X Factor this week. We’ll finally know for sure (despite the Top 16 Spoilers) who has made it through and who has which judge as their mentor.

This week, we get to see the superstar guest judges stop by the judges homes to help them analyze the contestants and provide their own feedback and opinions on each of them. At Will.I.Am is at Britney Spears’ house, Justin Bieber & Scooter Braun are at L.A. Reid’s house, Marc Anthony is at Simon Cowell’s house, and Nick Jonas is at Demi Lovato’s place. Based on the preview below, it looks like it’ll be a good episode.

Also, at the beginning of the preview, we see L.A. Reid storm off after hearing some disappointing news on the phone. Watch all the drama and discussion in the preview belw.

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Simple answer, a resounding “YES“. It was heaps better than last year’s clunky premiere. That said, there were a few moments in the middle that I snoozed off and got a little bored. A few more amazing auditions would’ve been nice, but overall it was a good combination of emotional backstories, trainwrecks and delusional fools. A good start to X Factor Season 2.

What I noticed immediately was how Simon Cowell was no longer front and center. It was definitely the Britney Spears and Demi Lovato show, with the “Toxic” singer dominating the first hour and the “Skyscraper” one shining in the second half. While Brit received all the top billing and the majority of pre-show hype, I have to say Demi was the surprise of the night. She was adorable, engaging and her chemistry with Cowell is phenomenal. The way they playfully bicker (in a non creepy way) is entertaining. Almost like a big brother, little sister type of relationship. How he constantly teases her or warns her to stay away from Niall who’s a member of his money-making machine, One Direction- it was all working. My only criticism for Spears and Lovato is their makeup. Britney needs better foundation, while her younger colleague needs to not cake so much on her face.

As much as I love the new additions to the panel, my favorite change for Season 2 has to be all the backstage footage. Without Steve Jones to awkwardly interview contestants, we receive a more candid look at what goes on behind the scenes. Without a host asking them questions to their face, contestants have to be careful what they say. You never know who’s watching or taping your conversation. Perfect example, that heinous snooty beyotch Kaci Newton. She probably had no idea all her eye rolling was going to give her the bitch edit. LOL. Check out all of last night’s auditions and montages with my commentary below.

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We may have to wait until September 12 to see The X Factor US back on the boob tube but luckily, fans and newcomers to the show have been graced with a multitude of spoilers, audio snippets, pictures and videos from the behind-the-scenes of the show’s touring audition call. Recently, Access Hollywood caught up with 3 of the 4 judges backstage and was able to capture a few Q and A’s with the three stars.

I have to start off by saying Britney Spears looks stunning during this on-camera interview and she looks very comfortable asking questions about her judging style. She responds to whether or not she is a hard or fair judge and what she thinks of Simon’s judging style. The beautiful Demi Lovato states she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and won’t smile if a performer is doing a bad job. And last but not least, LA Reid admits that Britney’s star power intimidates him and that Demi has become his best friend for life. How sweet! Check out their on-camera, backstage interview with Access Hollywood below and tell us if you’ll be watching this season.

Watch Britney, Demi and L.A. talk about X Factor below.

The 2012 season of ‘The X Factor‘ unleashed its first promo last night during the American Idol 11 Finale. In case you missed it or want to rewatch it, I’ve included it below. Here’s what is said in the new promo: “Last fall, ‘The X Factor’ rocked America. Now, everything is about to change. Simon & L.A. welcome Demi & Britney as X Factor judges.” The text on the screen then reads, “Are You Ready?“, as the four judges walk out on stage. “What was I thinking?”, says Cowell.

“Britney Spears has done it all – she is the ultimate pop icon – and I am thrilled that she has agreed to join ‘The X Factor’” said executive producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz. “Nobody embodies ‘The X Factor’ more than Britney – she has shown the world what it means, how to do it and how to sustain it! Demi, like Britney, was discovered at a young age. Her ambition and drive solidifies her as one of the most popular young artists today. Now they will each get a chance to share their experiences and skills with the acts that they will mentor on ‘The X Factor’.”

I didn’t really watch ‘The X Factor’ last season (suffering from singing show overload), but will absolutely be tuning in next season for new judges, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears. Check out the first promo below.

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Praise Jesus. The speculation, rumors, failed negotiations and all that drama is officially over. The worst kept secret over at FOX has finally been confirmed by the network at their Fall upfront presentation today. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato are officially joining the second season of “The X Factor“. The two singers fill the vacated judging seats left by Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. Now, we can shift our speculation on the male and female who’ll take over hosting duties.

“Britney is an unparalleled superstar. Her success in the music industry over the last two decades makes her a perfect fit for ‘The X Factor’ judging panel,” Mike Darnell, FOX’s President of Alternative Entertainment, says in a statement. “Demi has mass appeal and is beloved by her fans around the world.”

Given that the first season failed to live up to Simon Cowell’s prediction, obviously, he wanted to clean house for Season 2. Based on his replacements, he thinks appealing to a younger demographic is the way to go. If you combine Britney and Demi’s age which are 30 and 19 respectively, they equal to Paula’s age of 49-years-old. Poor Paula.

While I think Spears is a good choice for the slot, I’m not crazy about Lovato. But given Spears is costing Cowell a pretty penny ($15 million to be exact), he probably didn’t have much left in the budget for the second new judge. Ergo Demi. Personally, I would’ve loved Janet Jackson on the show with Britney. But that’s just my two cents. Check out a picture of L.A. Reid, Britney, Demi and Simon together for the first time below.

check out a picture of the four judges together below

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