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The old dog still has some new tricks up his sleeves. To promote the release of Deja Vu on June 12, the legendary 74-year-old Italian producer unleashed an epic video preview.

Instead of having your run-of-the-mill album sampler, Giorgio Moroder, with the help of director JIMES, filmed a megamix dance video highlighting his high-profile collaborations. It’s only fitting it involved dance, given Moroder was responsible for the Flashdance soundtrack and countless Donna Summer hits.

Check out the video below which features dancers moving to tunes assisted by Mikky Ekko, Kelis, Kylie Minogue, Foxes, Sia, Matthew Koma and Britney Spears. I love how the clip ends with the latter’s “Tom Diner” contribution and that there’s no dancing involved. They simply just walk off. Shady? Watch below.

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The Summer blockbuster season is all about movies with breathtaking action scenes and eye-popping visual effects trying to make up for a mindless plot. San Andreas certainly fits that bill. I love me a big budget disaster film so I’m definitely looking forward to this film. Plus, it features Kylie Minogue and Colton Haynes in minor roles.

Movie Synopsis

After the infamous San Andreas Fault finally gives, triggering a magnitude 9 earthquake in California, a search and rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) and his estranged wife make their way together from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save their only daughter.

But their treacherous journey north is only the beginning. And when they think the worst may be over…it’s just getting started.

The scene where The Rock is on a boat navigating a huge tsunami as the Golden Gate Bridge is about to be crushed looks sensational. This is going to be sick on a huge IMAX screen. Check out the new riveting trailer below. It’s going to be a fun and exciting ride. San Andreas hits theaters on May 29, 2015.

On a side note, is it me or is the San Andreas official poster a bit reminiscent of the artwork for The Dark Knight Rises and Star Trek Into Darkness? Weigh in below.

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In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan where thousands of lives were lost, the recording industry is banding together to raise money for the relief efforts. The three major record labels- Sony, Warner Music and Universal- created a compilation album titled Songs for the Philippines. It features 39 hit songs from some of the biggest names in the business.

Spanning multiple genres, you’ll find music from Justin Timberlake, Bob Dylan, Josh Groban, P!nk, Madonna and countless others. While some tracks like “Carry On” by Bruno Mars, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson and “Brave” from Sara Bareilles feel appropriate, others seem out of place. “Best Song Ever” by One Direction and “Feel This Moment” by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera have me scratching my head. Oh well, I suppose casting the net a little wider doesn’t hurt. It’s nice to see artists with Filipino heritage also taking part, including Jessica Sanchez, Black Eyed Peas’ and Mars.

All the artists, record companies and music publishers working on the project have waived fees. The compilation album is available on iTunes for only $9.99 with all proceeds being donated to the cause. Even if you have several of the tracks already in your music collection, I urge you to purchase the album. It’s a small price to shell out to help so many. On a day where many of us have so much to be thankful for, it’s nice to think of others who are less fortunate. If you want to donate more, there’s a link to the Red Cross from iTunes.

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Preview Kylie Minogue’s 2014 Calendar

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Kylie Minogue must make a killing with these. Year in, year out the 45-year-old Aussie shills out a calendar. If you’re one of those fans who purchases anything from her, prepare to open that wallet. You can pre-order her 2014 offering now. Check out the “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” singer in all her glory below.

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New Kylie Minogue Track Surfaces

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It’s not exactly what I was expecting from the Aussie pop icon, but any new material is always welcome. However, I’m getting a little impatient for Kylie to give us a taste of what’s in store now that she’s signed with Roc Nation.

Kylie Minogue teams up with Italian singer Laura Pausini for a bilingual mid-tempo duet. Not surprisingly, Kylie sings her parts in English on “Limpido.” Even though she probably doesn’t know a stitch of Italian, an attempt would’ve been nice. If Little Mix can record Korean and Japanese versions of “Wings,” the “Timebomb” singer could’ve belted out a couple of lines in Italian.

Just in case you were wondering, the song title roughly translates to “clear” or “clean.” Based on the lyrics, cleaning in this case refers to a relationship and not to household work. Can you imagine Kylie singing about cleaning the toilet? That would be hilariously epic. Check out “Limpido” below. It’s already hit the top of Italian iTunes.

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Watch Kylie Minogue’s Sexy ‘Skirt’ Lyric Video

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Last month on her 45th birthday, Kylie Minogue was the one giving a gift to her fans as opposed to the other way around. She debuted her first single from her Roc Nation era. “Skirt” is a different sound than we’ve heard from her previously. It’s slightly dub-step’y with gritty synths and ethereal choruses. Not what I expected given she had signed with Jay-Z’s company. I was thinking she’d go more of an R&B route.

Minogue just dropped the lyric video for her hot new track. The visual is everything you’d expect from her. It features Kylie in a form-fitting dress writhing around on the floor, sexily flipping hair back and forth. The Aussie singer gave the exclusive to and revealed the following about her upcoming album. Watch the clip after reading it.

“[The album will be] pop dance but with a few new flavors. Expect the unexpected! … Joining the Roc family has been an exciting whirlwind. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some producers who have been on my wish list for a number of years so it’s amazing! Roc Nation is such a dynamic company, combining many years of experience with a hungry young team. It makes for fireworks and I think that will be heard in the music.” – Kylie Minogue

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First and foremost, Happy 45th Birthday Kylie. Typically, when it’s someone’s birthday, the customary thing to do is to shower them with gifts. Not for Miss Kylie. The Aussie pop star flipped the script and gave her fans a treat on her special day by dropping a new single. Boys and girls, we’re officially in the Roc Nation era.

Skirt” is different from what we’ve heard from her previously. It’s slightly dub-step’y with gritty synths and ethereal choruses. Given that she signed with Roc Nation, I was expecting more of an R&B direction with her new material. Clearly, my assumption was wrong. The track was co-penned by The Dream and produced by Nom De Strip. The latter actually premiered it during a DJ set in Ibiza last night before making it available online. Check it out below.

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Watch Kylie Minogue As She-ra In FOD Clip

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For the honor of Grayskull. This is the best thing Funny or Die has done in ages (save for those hilarious Gay of Thrones recaps). For their latest, they’ve tapped Kylie Minogue to star in a live-action reboot of the classic cartoon, She-Ra: Princess of Power. The reboot is even rebootier. At least that’s what the narrator claims. I know it’s only a joke but truth be told, this faux NBC show looks better than 80% of the shows currently airing on the peacock network.

Stepping into She-Ra’s shoes isn’t much of a stretch for the Aussie popstar. After all, she’s worn a similar headress during her Aphrodite days. Watch her as she battles Skelly aka Skeletor, teams up with her male counterpart, He-Man, and discover that she’s with child. You’ll never guess who her baby daddy is. That’s not even the biggest reveal. Who knew her last name was Weintraub? Check out the clip below.

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