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Kristin Chenoweth Joins NBC’s Hairspray Live!

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NBC just snagged a Tony award-winning actress for its annual musical production. And she’s a good witch to boot. Kristin Chenoweth is the latest star to join Hairspray Live!

The 47-year-old Wicked actress joins previously announced cast members Harvey Fierstein as Edna Turnblad, Martin Short as Wilmer, Jennifer Hudson as Motormouth Maybelle, and Derek Hough as Corny Collins. Newcomer Maddie Baillio beat out over 1,000 hopefuls to play Tracy Turnblad. Find out below which role Chenoweth is playing. If you watched the feature film musical, you probably have a good idea who.

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Reunited and it feels, and sounds, sooooo good. The original Elphaba and Glinda are back for the newest installment of WICKED’s Out of Oz series. They perform the farewell song of the beloved musical, “For Good.”

The duet marks the first time Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel have performed together since the 2004 Tony Awards. It’s been far too long. If you’re a fan of the Tony award-winning musical, it’s a definite must-watch. Check it out below.

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Who’s Returning For Glee’s 100th Episode?

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When Glee paid tribute to Cory Monteith, many fans were surprised not everyone returned for the special episode. Most notably Dianna Agron (Quinn), since her character and Finn had such a complex history. Speculation began that there was beef between the actress and Lea Michele or Ryan Murphy. All parties involved denied it (naturally of course).

For the FOX show’s milestone 100th episode, Murphy sent out invites to the original cast. One by one, former regular cast members including Amber Riley, Mark Salling and Harry Shum Jr confirmed their participation. While it’s great to see them, today’s announcement is the most exciting. Both Heather Morris and Agron have been added to the returning alums. Morris was written off the show when she announced her pregnancy. In addition to all the above, one notable guest star is also joining the celebration. Find out who below.

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Simply effing amazing. I know that word is beyond overused these days, but it’s the perfect one to describe this truly sensational performance. Comedienne Christina Bianco covers Bonnie Tyler’s 80s classic “Total Eclipse of The Heart” while impersonating 19 divas. Her Julie Andrews and Christina Aguilera moments are EVERYTHING. Also impressive are her Bette Midler, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Cher and Alanis Morissette impersonations.

It’s uncanny how she can switch up her voice to sound exactly like these ladies. She starts off her performance with Adele, which IMHO is her weakest, but it definitely builds from there. Check out the video below, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

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Turns out the rumors and TMZ reports were true. Kristin Chenoweth is dating a former star of The Bachelor. In the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, Kristin picks someone NOT in my Top 10 Hottest Bachelors list. In fact, the diminutive Broadway star picked one of my least favorite Bachelors ever from the history of the ABC dating show. Oh Kristen, I expected more from you.

Chenoweth confirmed her new relationship with People magazine saying, “We have been spending a little time together.” The new couple have been spotted dining together in West Hollywood and at a cafe near this Bachelor’s home in Texas. The two reportedly met at an event in October. I wonder if he gave the former Pushing Daisies star roses on their first date or other flowers… daisies, perhaps? Find out who Kristin’s new beau is below.

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Yesterday, Anderson Cooper debuted his newly formated daytime talk show, Anderson: Live. To say the show ran smoothly in the live format would be a complete lie. The show was actually a mess. Missed cues, technical difficulties and over-talkative guests plagued the debut episode. Thankfully, Cooper’s bubbly co-host for the day, Kristin Chenoweth made up for the some of the show’s untimely mishaps. My favorite part of the show was during a new segment, The First 15. Chenoweth really turned up the heat when asking Anderson about his summer.

“I think we’ve both had big summers,” Kristin jokes with Anderson. “I just wonder if you’d like to say, I don’t know, maybe, you went out a lot? Maybe you came out, and talked…?” Hahaha! Nothing like trying to poke the real subject out there Kristen. That certainly wasn’t very subtle. Anderson replies, “Everybody in my life has always known, you know.” He continues to explain, “it’s just not something I talked about publicly because as a reporter, I didn’t think it was appropriate. It didn’t seem part of my job.” Watch Anderson’s full conversation about coming out below.

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I don’t watch “The Good Wife” but constantly hear good things about it. Perhaps, I’ll pick it up during the rerun filled summer months and catch up before the fourth season of the CBS drama premieres. When it does return, the show will have a trio of new characters to introduce.

First on board is Maura Tierney. Her addition will mark a mini “ER” reunion. Both Julianna Margulies and Tierney appeared on the hit NBC medical drama together, albeit for one season. Maura will play “”a self-made millionaire who has become the doyenne of Chicago Democratic politics.” Sounds juicy.

Second on the newbie list is British actor Marc Warren. The 45-year-old actor will portray the manipulative ex-husband of Kalinda (played by Archie Panjabi), for whom she still harbors an irresistible attraction. Sounds even juicier. Warren’s previous credits include “Mad Dogs”, “The Vice” and “Hustle”.

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Last night, ABC debuted their new female power-driven comedy GCB formerly known as Good Christian Bitches. With this being the final season of it’s highly followed series Desperate Housewives, the network will be looking for something strong to fill that void. What should have been Pan Am’s time to shine failed miserably. Enter GBC. However, will the novel adaptation have what it takes to keep the ratings?

The show stars Kristin Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb and Annie Potts tells the story of Amanda Vaughn (Bibb), a recently divorced mother of two who, to get a fresh start, moves back to the affluent Dallas neighborhood where she grew up to find herself in the whirling midst of salacious gossip, Botox, and fraud. And, it’s AMAZING!

Already off the first pilot episode, I am hooked! Find out why below.

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