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First Still Alice Movie Trailer Released

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Julianne Moore has been racking up Best Actress awards for her portrayal of a woman battling early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease in Still Alice. The 54-year-old actress is receiving some of the best reviews of her career. She’s a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination and in a tight race for the statue with Boyhood‘s Patricia Arquette.

I’m hoping she pulls it out. She’s long overdue. At long last, we get to see a sampling of Moore’s acting tour de force in the film thanks to the first trailer released by Sony.

“I didn’t want to depict anything onscreen that I hadn’t actually seen. Everything that you see – all of the actions, all of the reactions, all of the things that are physicalized – were all things that I had observed,” she said to Yahoo.

Still Alice is based on the bestselling 2007 novel of the same name by Lisa Genova. Alec Baldwin plays Moore’s husband, while Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, and Hunter Parrish star as the couple’s children.

It held its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September. The film opens in limited release on December 5 to quality for the Oscars, before opening wide on January 16, 2015. Check out the trailer below.

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Kristen Stewart Befriends A Prisoner In Camp X-Ray

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Normally, the idea of watching Kristen Stewart for two straight hours is nauseating. One can only watch Kristen deliver her go-to emotion for so long. As it turns out, that one look appears to be the perfect fit for her new movie Camp X-Ray due out in theaters on October 17, 2014.

Stewart plays a soldier stationed at Guantanamo Bay. The riveting drama chronicles her unlikely friendship with a detainee at the prison. As two people on opposite sides of a war, they struggle to find their way through the ethical quagmire of Guantanamo Bay. In the process, they form an unlikely bond that changes them both.

Peyman Moaadi plays inmate Ali Amir. Rounding out the cast are Julia Duffy, Lane Garrison and John Carroll Lynch. Check out the trailer for the Peter Sattler-directed film below.

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Things on the Anne Hathaway front have been relatively quiet lately. Wonder what the Academy Award-winning actress has been up to? It appears donning drag and pretending to be a musician.

Hathaway, along with Brie Larson and Kristen Stewart star in Jenny Lewis’ “Just One Of The Guys” music video. The three wear white suits before taking on bro personas in track suits and baseball caps. The Beck-produced single is off Lewis’ forthcoming studio album Voyager. Give the video a look below.

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Clouds Of Sils Maria Premieres First Trailer

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One of the films selected to compete for the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival is Clouds of Sils Maria. The German-French-Swiss co-production features a stellar cast including Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz. The upcoming drama is written and directed by Olivier Assayas.

Binoche plays an aging actress named Maria Enders who stars in a new production of the play that made her famous years ago. Picked to play her original part is young actress Jo-Ann Ellis (Moretz). When Enders sees Ellis’ interpretation of her signature role, her world starts to crumble. Haunted by her past life, she withdraws herself along with her assistant (Stewart) to the Swiss town of Sils Maria.

Clouds Of Sils Maria has no US release date yet, however, IFC Films plans to release it in theaters later this year. Watch jealousy and desire collide in the ominous trailer below which just debuted.

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No matter who you are, regardless of star status, everyone has their fair share of fans and haters. Celebrities just have more than most. Star magazine compiled a list of twenty celebrities who have more people loathing them, than adoring them. Check out which controversial singers, self-promoting reality TV stars and pretentious actors made the list.

Naturally, Chris Brown made the cut. Ever since assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009, he’s been on many people’s hit list. His seemingly lack of remorse and douchey attitude hasn’t helped redeem his image. Surprisingly, the R&B singer lands at No. 20. Believe it or not, there are 19 other personalities more hated than him.

Kim Kardashian, whom I loathe, and mom-ager Kris Jenner only placed at 11th and 10th respectively. Anne Hathaway with her perceived faux humility and humbleness during the Oscar awards season earned her a No. 9 slot. Not even cheating Kristen Stewart with her surly and less-than-thrilled expressions snagged the top spot. She came up short in the runner-up slot. Find out who the “Most Hated Celebrity In Hollywood” is below and the rest of the Top 20.

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Today is the big day, with the 2013 Oscars taking place after all of the usual insane buildup. One of the awards you won’t see awarded at the Oscars will be for “Best Handjob,” which had many contenders this year. Seriously, I didn’t realize how many handjobs there were in some of the top films this year.

In this video by Funny Or Die, Sandra Bullock presents the nominees for “Best Hand Job in a Leading Role.” The nominees include Amy Adams (jerking off Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master), Laura Linney (jerking off Bill Murray in Hyde Park On Hudson), Kristen Stewart (jerking off two guys at once in On The Road), and Joaquin Phoenix in The Master (or shall we say … The Masterbater).

Watch the funny video below to see the naughty scenes and find out who wins. The best part is the reaction faces of the actors after their scene is played.

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The Cult of Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart is probably hoping 2013 isn’t as dramatic as it was in 2012. I’m pretty sure the 22-year-old actress can’t take another major cheating scandal. I know Robert Pattinson can’t. If Kristen remotely even strays again, I’m sure he’s outta there. So far, she’s off to a good start. K-Stew graces the spring preview issue of V magazine. She also poses for a fashion editorial titled “The Cult of Kristen Stewart” which was snapped by photographers Inez & Vinoodh.

Kristen can currently be seen in the movie adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. Her next project originally had her starring opposite Ben Affleck in the comedy Focus. Recently, Affleck pulled out of the project where he was supposed to play her love interest. I wonder if Jennifer Garner influenced Affleck’s decision. Wouldn’t want another repeat of Affleck’s alleged dalliance with Blake Lively during filming The Town. Right?

With 2012 behind her, Stewart tells V magazine that she’s living life “unafraid” and doesn’t “want to deprive herself of any bit of life.” She tells the publication how she’s changed over the past year and how she plans on using her new-found confidence in her post-Twilight career. Here’s a tiny suggestion. Try to develop another signature look besides her go-to pissed off and bitter one. You know what I’m saying. I actually like K-Stew but she always looks so annoyed to be anywhere. Check out her latest photo shoot below. She looks gorgeous but a smile couldn’t hurt, or at the very least a smize ;)

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The last time we wrote about a “Bad Lip Reading” video was quite some time ago and it was for a hilarious interprettation of a Michael Buble music video. In case you haven’t seen one before, essentially they take the sound away and reinterpret what it looks like they could be saying when they move their lips. The video you’re about to watch is a perfect example.

Given all the drama surrounding the Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart breakup, this was the perfect time to do a lip read from Twilight to just bring some light-hearted fun to the franchise. The video puts together a handful of scenes between Edward and Bella and replaces their original dialogue with the most ridiculous and amazing conversation.

My favorite part of the video is when Bella says to Edward, “Dude. You slapped a fish. You punched? it. Why would hit it?” Edward responds, “I wanted to make some seafood.” The best part is that it looks like this was the actual conversation. Enjoy the video below!

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