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Since news broke this morning about Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries, the world has been going crazy with feedback. Because this is such a public family, everyone seems to have an opinion on the divorce and of the marriage itself . While some are supportive, many are writing this off as just another big, publicity stunt.

It didn’t take too long for the newly single reality star to release a statement regarding her divorce. Here’s what Kim had to say:

“I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever but sometimes things don’t work out as planned.”

I love that this was short and sweet. Being the Kardashian fan that I am, I feel terrible for the Kim. If you watch the show, you know that Kim is just a girl who loves love.  She may have rushed the marriage, but who are we to judge?

Of course Kim’s sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, took to their Twitter pages to publicly acknowledge the divorce.

Check out the other Kardashian’s tweets after the jump.

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Camille, our darling whacko wannabe from Cycle 2, was eliminated after a very lackluster run this year. I’m disappointed because we never really got to see her stomp out her signature walk that was going to make her famous but didn’t because she was never really that good. Oh Camille. On the flip side, Angelea is making some sort of epic come back. She went from the bottom two to top photo in one week. Tyrant sure is pimping this girl and her “ghetto bitch” storyline. God I hate Tyrant. On the flip side of that, I still love Allison who has been on an impressive roll this cycle. Can she keep it up? Will Angelea continue to be Tyrant’s obvious rags to riches fairy tale princess? Will Kayla rebound from her puke-a-thon slash was it actually some kind of OD as loyal reader Robyn has speculated? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Last week, you’ll recall that I devoted my fave second paragraph to how pissy I was. Sorry about that. Today, life is grand. I have a non-fat, no whip pumpkin spice latte sitting beside me, the planning for New Years’ Eve in Puerto Vallarta is well underway, and I just found out that the boys from the Island (AKA Victoria, BC)are coming over for Bearracuda in Vancouver next week. Stoked! Who doesn’t love a bear/cub/otter/wolf dance party!? Woof. Also, I have Avril’s yeah-ye-ah ye-ah-yeah-ah stuck in head.

We start off this week in the bus with Lisa and Bre lamenting their lower placements from last week. They’re stressed. Bre thought she was gonna be a front runner because she’s been “working” the last six years. Gurl please. Where you been working? Lisa then warns us that it is game on and she is going to go all out to brand herself on this ANTM All Stars platform. She actually used the word “explosive”. Oh shit. Crazy Lisa is coming back. Maybe she’ll shit in some diapers this time, not just piss. That would be fun.

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ANTM 17 Episode 5 Preview Pics

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Receiving the pictures for next week’s episode a week early has it’s pros and cons. On one hand, you get to see the girls’ final picture early and you get to formulate your own opinions without being swayed by editing or the judges’ views. On the flip side, you have to wait to see who’s going home. Last week’s preview, it was pretty obvious that Camille was next to be eliminated. How horrible was that pic? Like Rich, I also think that Camille wasn’t as cray cray this cycle. In fact, you almost felt sympathetic to the aging model during last night’s episode. Almost being the key word.

For next week’s episode we get a double dose of “celebrity” appearances. First we have the ever so popular annoying Kardashian sisters dropping by. The ladies show up during this cycle’s first runway challenge. I wonder what sage advice Kimmy K has to offer. Probably something like, make a sex tape, date athletes and have no discernible talent. Follow these steps and they too, can have a career on E! like her.

Also dropping by is Janet’s wacky older sister, LaToya Jackson. The “Entertainment Entrepreneur” (her profession on Celebrity Apprentice) shows up to give the girls pointers during the Michael Jackson-themed photo shoot. That’s right folks. The girls are emulating the “Thriller” singer during various points of his career. I can’t wait to hear Tyra’s explanation for this week’s creative direction.

Miss LaToya also pops up on the judging panel to help Nigel, Andre and Tyra with deliberations. I love how LaToya is now the go-to guest judge for these types of shows. First “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and now here. To be fair this cycle is pretty draglicious with Dominique, Isis, Lisa and Angelea in the mix. Check out this week’s preview pics below.

view more pics after the jump

“Khloe & Lamar” Renewed For 2nd & 3rd Seasons

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Alright Kardashian fans, your prayers have been answered. The spin-off hit “Khloe & Lamar” has been renewed by E! for not only a second, but a third season as well! I have to admit, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” has become a serious guilty pleasure for Patrick and myself so when the spin-off first aired, we were instantly addicted as to be expected.

A really interesting fact that many may not expect is that “Khloe & Lamar” is actually one of the highest rated shows in the E! networks history. Who would have thought? It may be because Khloe is less annoying than her sister Kim Kardashian and is a lot of fun to watch as the housewife character she is.

Now, with the NBA lockout going on, it may look like Lamar will have some more free time on his hands to film the second season. Apparently, Lamar met with series creator Ryan Seacrest to discuss filming of the upcoming seasons with rumors of them taking their cameras to Europe. How very “Jersey Shore” of them. See what a source close to Khloe had to say below.

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My Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Mugshots

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I haven’t done a Top 10 list in a long time so I thought it would be fun to make one to enjoy this weekend. However, I didn’t want to make it about music, or movies or TV. So with all of that content removed what in the world would I list? Celebrity Mugshots that’s what. With the amazing amount of hilarious photos and situations out there, I couldn’t help but find my ten favorite for various reasons and share them with you.


Charlie Sheen has been in the public multiple times this year with his departure from Two & A Half Men but if you take it back to 2009, you’ll remember that Sheen was arrested for domestic violence. He allegedly tried to choke wife at the time Broke Mueller who was renting an Aspen home. I love this mugshot because Charlie still shows his smug attitude in it despite his situation and being arrested. Must be the Tigerblood.

Check out more celebrity mugshots after the jump…

Last night, the premiere episode of the sixth season of one of my guilty pleasures debuted: “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“. Based on this first episode and the previews for the rest of the season, dare I say that this will be the best season yet? It certainly looks that way.

The family is struggling to come together like old times because they’re all currently wrapped up in their own busy lives. Kourtney misses family time, but Kris (their mom-ager) is too busy getting the girls work, Khloe is busy with her new marriage to Lamar, Kim is busy with her new love Kris Humphries, and Rob is busy living off of his sisters. Nice.

In this episode, Kim was really trying to get Khloe to realize how into Kris Humphries she was and that he really was “the one:. Khloe is hesitant to let another of Kim’s boyfriends in, so she makes it clear that she’s keeping the relationship at arms length. When they finally make peace in time for a family dinner that Kris Jenner has arranged, it’s now Kim and Rob that go at it. Rob, claiming he was just joking, tells Kim that she is a snob and thinks she’s too good for her family these days. Kim calls him pathetic and tells him to stop living off of his sisters, after he admits to getting an allowance from Khloe. Zing!

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It’s this kind of stuff that makes me love this family and make their reality shows my guilty pleasures. While enjoying the sun and bright blue waters, the growing Kardashian & Jenner family put together a homemade music video for Katy Perry’s hit song, “E.T”. The footage was captured and edited by Kylie & Kendall Jenner, but features the family it it’s entirety: Bruce & Kris Jenner, newly engaged Kim & Kris Humphries, Kourtney & Scott Disick (and their son Mason), Rob Kardashian, and of course Khloe & Lamar Odom. In the video, you can expect to see some shirtless eye candy from the boys – most importantly Kim’s new fiance, Kris Humphries.

The video just got me that much more excited for the new season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“. The season premiere is coming up on June 12th!

Watch the video after the jump…

Khloe Kardashian has probably fallen under the most scrutiny out of all her sisters when it comes to weight issues or problems. When she showed up to the People’s Choice Awards wearing a flowing, draped dress, rumors went amuck that she may be pregnant. So, it’s no wonder that Khloe is stepping up with Nivea to beat cellulite and welcome her new bikini bod for summer.

This challenge isn’t new for Nivea but this year, they are claiming that it’s back and better than ever. Nivea is teaming up with Facebook so you can invite your friends to join in on the challenge and track your progress. If you keep up with your fitness plans and goals, you’ll earn badges. Once you’ve completed the 10 day challenge, the 4 week program helps keep the momentum going and helps you stay bikini body confident all summer long.

“I love to be an advocate for anything that helps empower women and give confidence to them especially when I can relate to something as sensitive as cellulite.” – Khloe Kardashian

More about NIVEA’s Bikini Challenge after the jump.

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