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Just when you thought all of The X Factor casting was over, you may have forgotten about the host(s). This season there are two hosts and the cat seems to be finally out of the bag as to who they are. That’s right, there are two. Up until this point, there has been plenty of speculation, just as was the case when they were casting the judges. Now, Perez Hilton has revealed exclusively who the two hosts are.

I actually think the two that have apparently been chosen will make a great team and great hosts. They both have experience in hosting capacities and they’re both recognizable faces and liked by many. One of them is a little more controversial than the other, but I think this person will prove skeptics wrong and they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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I’ve said in the past that I was done with all of the singing shows because there were too many for me to keep up with, but like many bandwagon jumpers, I watched The X Factor last night and absolutely loved it. I laughed, I cried, and I can’t wait until the next episode (to check out the performances from last night, check out Donovan‘s recap here) Britney Spears was amazing as a judge and I actually loved Demi Lovato as well – she was very witty and I quite enjoyed her. Also, the backstage drama with that self-absorbed blondie judging everyone around her was also quite entertaining. She was introduced to Karma once she stepped on stage.

Anyway, last night, Simon Cowell and Britney Spears stopped by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ for quite a lengthy interview talking all things X Factor. Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hold back on anything, even bringing up the fact that Khloe Kardashian is rumored to be the host and how he thinks she’d be a trainwreck. Cowell disagreed, and actually revealed that there will be two hosts. If that’s the case, it is even more likely that Khloe is one of them.

Before their time was up on the show, Britney and Simon played The Newly X-Game (a play on The Newlywed Game) where they were quizzed on how much they know about each other. Watch all of the Britney goodness below!

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Although she’s not officially hired or anything as of now, Simon Cowell has revealed who he thinks would be a great host for the upcoming season of The X Factor and he says that she is definitely up there in the running for the job.

Cowell obviously has a lot of pull and influence in who the network will end up selecting. Some of the rumored names that have been floating around have included Chrissy Teigen, Kevin McHale and Miley Cyrus, but one other name is buzzing around a lot more and it seems likely that she could very well be it. Yes, she… There’s your first hint.

Simon has also stressed the importance of having a connection with the others involved (ie. the judges) and this person does have a connection to Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, and Simon apparently loved her spunk as well. Find out who the rumored host is below.

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Last year, Forbes Magazine named Eva Longoria and Tina Fey as the two highest paid actresses on television with $13 million each. Even though they’re still raking in the cash with Longoria at $15 million this year and Fey at $11 million, they had to relinquish the crown. Watch out people, there’s a new rich bitch in town and her name is Sofia Vergara.

The “Modern Family” actress is having a great couple of days. First, she topped Forbes annual Highest-Paid TV Actresses list, but she also scored another Emmy nomination, making it her straight nod. Not only is she gorgeous, talented, but she also has a huge bank account. Forbes estimates her net earnings for the past year at $19 million. With her multiple endorsement deals, own Kmart clothing line and role on the ABC comedy, it’s no surprise she’s on top. Congrats.

Coming in at second, is actress (and I use that term loosely) Kim Kardashian Voldemort. I will not speak her name on the site 😉 The other half of Kimye earned an estimated $18 million. How is it that this talentless hack earns so much yearly. People, stop watching her show. I beg of you. Rounding out the Top 5 are Longoria who drops to third this year with $15 million, new talk show host Bethenny Frankel at $12 million and the only Kardashian offspring I like, Khloe with $11 million. Check out the entire Top 20 list below.

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Now I know some of you dislike the Kardashians so I am much more selective about what I post about them. Well, in this preview for Oprah’s interview with the entire Kardashian family, she absolutely does not hold back. I freaking love her.

Mamma O asks if Kim Kardashian would be where she is today without the sex tape, how she feels when people say her last marriage was a stunt, and much more. She even asks Kris Jenner if there ever was a point where she asked herself, “Am I pimping my kids?” LOL. Yes, she went there. She also asks, “How much of it is real?”

Towards the end of the preview, we see Oprah asking the gang, “You think you’re famous for… what?” These are tough questions for them and I’m glad she didn’t hold back! I’m actually very curious to see how they answer these questions and how honest and genuine their answers seem. Check out the preview below to see for yourself and be sure to tune into Oprah’s Next Chapter this Sunday to see it all go down.

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As much as people like to hate on this “overexposed” family, they have a lot of fun together and I for one wouldn’t hesitate in joining them in one of their videos – LOL. Remember when I posted about Kris Jenner’s “I Love My Friends” video? Absolutely ridiculous, but clearly the daughters take after her. Although it often looks like they take themselves so seriously, these types of videos show that they actually don’t and they are not above participating in these silly videos with their younger siblings/daughters.

Last Summer, Kendall & Kylie Jenner uploaded a family video of the whole crew lip syncing to Katy Perry’s “E.T.” song. The whole family was on vacation and the video even included Scott Disick, Lamar Odom, and Kris Humphries.

This latest lip sync video was also uploaded on Kendall & Kylie’s YouTube account, with the caption reading, “We shot this video last year at our family Christmas Card shoot!” The song is ‘Lady Marmalade‘ by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and Lil Kim.

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I love Forbes because they can make a list like this and it’s supes totes official. The magazine has just released their list of the Top 10 Most Overexposed Celebrities. The list was created based on a survey conducted in conjunction with E-Poll Research.

The names on the list are certainly ones you’d expect to see on a list like this, although some I was a little surprised to see because they aren’t as much “in the news” as they used to be a few years ago. The rankings take into account almost 50 factors, including personality traits, likeability and awareness. Over 6,600 celebrities were on the list that is now comprised of the Top 10.

Despited being “overexposed,” it’s not necessarily a bad thing as E-Poll CEO Gerry Philpott explains: ““A decade ago being overexposed was the kiss of death. But today it’s necessary to fuel reality TV,” he says. “If you want to be a serious movie actress maybe you don’t want high overexposed numbers, but if you’re going to be a successful reality star, you need those numbers.” Find out who the Top 10 below.

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Punk’d Is Back! Check Out A Clip Here

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During MTV’s New Year’s Eve telecast last night, the network revealed the premiere date for the return of Punk’d. The celebrity prank show will be re-launch Monday, March 19. In the past, the show was hosted by Ashton Kutcher. Now, the show will be hosted different celebrities each time. The first batch of celeb hosts include Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Kellan Lutz, Bam Margera and Dax Shepard, who you may recall appeared in the original series.

In the preview below, we get a preview of Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne “punking” Khloe Kardashian – amazing. It has to do with someone getting testicles stuck in their zipper.

Having always been a prankster myself, I’m definitely looking forward to the return of this show. I also love the concept of having different hosts. I can only take so much of Ashton Kutcher these days, so this will be perfect.

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