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X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Perform (Videos)

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Between you and me, I don’t know why I’m still watching The X Factor, let alone recapping it. When you compare the talent to The Voice, the FOX reality show is a joke. Even the worst of the remaining singers on the NBC show would kick most of the asses vying for Simon Cowell’s $5 million prize. That said, this week collectively was better than last week, but that’s not saying much.

While the X Factor Top 12 may be talented, they’re certainly not aided by the shoddy sound system. For some reason the producers just can’t find a balance between the singers’ mics and background music. At least to me, it sounds off. Also, is there a way to drown out the crowd cheers during the performances? For some reason, on the X Factor, the crowd annoys me unlike any other singing competition. I swear if Fifth Harmony wasn’t in the competition, I think I might have to break up with the show. Here’s hoping the girl group makes it far. Check out this week’s performances below. PS. It was Diva week. Scary, right?

watch the performances after the jump

Tonight’s X Factor results show BLEW MY MIND. Not because of the bottom two or who was eliminated. Rather, it was a move made by the FOX program, going where no other singing competition has gone before. Believe it or not, Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian revealed how ALL the acts ranked based on viewer votes. I know the UK version releases the results of every week at the end of the competition, but never as it’s taking place. This is an ABSOLUTELY brilliant move by Simon Cowell. People are definitely going to be tuning in on elimination nights to see how their favorites are faring.

One Direction kicked off the evening with a live performance of “Live While We’re Young“, complete with oversize balloons. Personally, I loved the set with London’s signature red phone booths stacked on each other. Very British and very fun. This segued into the boy band pimping out their Pepsi commercial featuring Drew Brees. 1D showed up later to perform their newest track, the stripped down ballad, “Little Things“, which I absolutely adore. Cowell certainly hit the goldmine with these five lads.

check out how America voted after the jump

At the top of last night’s X Factor episode, it was announced a HUGE twist was coming our way. Before they said it, I knew they were bringing someone back. The second Demi Lovato eliminated Jillian Jensen aka cutter girl, I was keeping my fingers crossed she would be the Melanie Amaro of this season. Sadly, she wasn’t and instead Diamond White was the lucky recipient of a second lifeline. I like Diamond, but would’ve preferred Jillian. Speaking of White, didn’t those earrings look like they weighed ten pounds each. Poor girl’s earlobes.

While tonight didn’t feature any exposed areolas aka wardrobe malfunction, on Khloe Kardashian’s part, there were a few hiccups. Most notably on Britney’s part. When it was her cue to introduce her first contestant, she was completely lost. Then when Khloe reminded her, all Brit said was Arin Ray’s name. No kind words or build up to the performance, but just his name. LOL. I love Britney unedited. It’s those gems that make watching Spears live worth it.

Thankfully, tonight the sound engineers modulated the music perfectly. Everyone’s performance sounded much better with the correct settings. This week’s theme was at the movies which meant a track from The Bodyguard for sure. Given the young age of most of the contestants, a few Twilight tracks were thrown in for good measure. Check out this week’s Top 13 in action below, plus find out what name the manufactured girl group aka LYLAS aka 1432 choose from all of America’s suggestions.

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X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Elimination (Video)

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Tonight was certainly a tough night for the mentors. Before the public vote next week, each mentor had to pick two acts to save. The remaining two acts in their category had to sing to save themselves and their mentor would then pick one more act to save, sending the other home for good.

First up, the young adults!

After last night’s great performances by the young adults, Demi was already facing a tough decision. The first person she chose to save was Jennel Garcia. Not a big surprise there… she killed it last night. The second person she saved was Paige Thomas, who really didn’t do much for me last night. That meant that CeCe Frey and Willie Jones were up to sing for their lives.

CeCe went first with her performance of “Out Here on My Own” by Irene Cara. I thought she was still a bit pitchy, I didn’t really feel it from her. It definitely wasn’t a “singing for your life” moment. Jones was up next with “You Don’t Know Me” by Ray Charles. Even before Demi made her decision I was done with Willie Jones. His gimmick was over long ago and as I suspected, it got him sent home.

Watch the performances & find out who made the cut after the jump…

X Factor Season 2: Top 16 Perform (Video)

In: Donovan, TV Shows

If American Idol’s go-to phrase is “pitchy” then The X Factor’s is “entertaining“. If I had a shot for every time the judges praised someone’s performance with that adjective, I would’ve been schwasted. On second thought, that doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea. The contestants might’ve sounded better and in some cases (a lot) that would’ve been very beneficial.

Seriously, the debut of the live shows was a tad underwhelming. With exception to a handful of acts, I was either bored and found myself fast-forwarding or turning down the volume because my ears were in a world of pain. Why the production team thinks excess is a good thing is beyond me? Thank God I’m not epileptic or I have no doubt I would’ve had seizures from all the insane amount of flashing lights. The electricity bill for the show must be HUGE.

Before we get to the contestants, let me quickly share my thoughts on the judges and the newly-minted hosts. Khloe Kardashian had a bit of a shaky start, but by the end, she did herself proud. No wonder she’s the only Kardashian I can stand. I love how she’s not afraid to grill the judges to get the answer she wants. Khloe continually pressed both Simon and Demi for an answer. Love her. Speaking of Miss Lovato, I like the new sleek ‘do. Much better than what she showed during the auditions. That said, it looked a little wispy. A little clip-ins to thicken her hair would’ve been the bomb.

check out the performances after the jump and my thoughts on Brit’s first live night

Oh. Em. Gee. Chelsea Handler and a bunch of the comedians from Chelsea Lately just did a parody sketch of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and it’s absolutely hilarious.

In the sketch, Chelsea plays Kim Kardashian who, after watching Schindler’s List, decides she and her sisters must do something to help save the Jews from the Nazis. In order to save them, every Jew they come across in the scene they hide in the basement. When they question why, Khloe (Fortune Feimster) yells, “Get in the basement!” The funny and loveable Heather McDonald plays their mother, Kris Jenner in the parody.

The sketch makes fun of all the other family members too : Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, baby Mason (played by Chuy), Bruce Jenner, and even Kanye West. Kanye has to go to the basement because Kim just saw the movie Amistad and is worried about his safety.

Watch the spoof after the jump…

Just when you thought all of The X Factor casting was over, you may have forgotten about the host(s). This season there are two hosts and the cat seems to be finally out of the bag as to who they are. That’s right, there are two. Up until this point, there has been plenty of speculation, just as was the case when they were casting the judges. Now, Perez Hilton has revealed exclusively who the two hosts are.

I actually think the two that have apparently been chosen will make a great team and great hosts. They both have experience in hosting capacities and they’re both recognizable faces and liked by many. One of them is a little more controversial than the other, but I think this person will prove skeptics wrong and they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Find out who the hosts are after the jump…

I’ve said in the past that I was done with all of the singing shows because there were too many for me to keep up with, but like many bandwagon jumpers, I watched The X Factor last night and absolutely loved it. I laughed, I cried, and I can’t wait until the next episode (to check out the performances from last night, check out Donovan‘s recap here) Britney Spears was amazing as a judge and I actually loved Demi Lovato as well – she was very witty and I quite enjoyed her. Also, the backstage drama with that self-absorbed blondie judging everyone around her was also quite entertaining. She was introduced to Karma once she stepped on stage.

Anyway, last night, Simon Cowell and Britney Spears stopped by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ for quite a lengthy interview talking all things X Factor. Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hold back on anything, even bringing up the fact that Khloe Kardashian is rumored to be the host and how he thinks she’d be a trainwreck. Cowell disagreed, and actually revealed that there will be two hosts. If that’s the case, it is even more likely that Khloe is one of them.

Before their time was up on the show, Britney and Simon played The Newly X-Game (a play on The Newlywed Game) where they were quizzed on how much they know about each other. Watch all of the Britney goodness below!

Watch the segment after the jump…

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