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FOX Remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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In addition to their Grease remake, FOX is also developing one for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Unlike the former, the reboot of 1975 musical comedy cult classic won’t be a live production.

According to Entertainment Weekly, this way the network will have an easier time attracting top talent who are fearful of performing without the safety net of retakes.

Kenny Ortega, the man behind High School Musical, is helming the project. He’ll work alongside the original producer of the film, Lou Adler. This won’t be FOX’s first experience with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Glee previously paid homage to the film.

Who would you cast in the main roles? Hopefully Tim Curry or Susan Sarandon who appeared in the original make a cameo in the remake? Weigh in below.

Queen of Latin Pop, Gloria Estefan has just debuted her music video for her dance hit, “Hotel Nacional“. The song is from her most recent album “Miss Little Havana” that has been out since the fall. This single has reached number one on the Billboard Dance Music chart and the music video doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t heard the track yet, beware because the “rhythm is gonna get you”.

Directed by Footloose’s Kenny Ortega, the video features Susan Lucci (first appearing as her name is sung in the lyrics of the song), as well as various female impersonators. The impersonators had actually competed all around the country for their chance to be in this video. Hundreds of entries were received and Estefan herself selected the winner, April Carrion from Club Krash in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Oh, and as shown in the photo, there’s a lot of dancing by a hot guy in his underwear that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

This won’t be the only Estefan fix you’ll be getting this month. As you probably already know, she’ll appearing on Glee later this month playing Santana’s mom. For now, enjoy her wacky & fun new music video below!

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