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Those baby blues of his may have helped Lee DeWyze top Crystal Bowersox for the “American Idol” Season 9 title, but they have done squat in selling albums. When DeWyze’s debut album sold a paltry 39,000 units in its first week, he earned the unwanted distinction of having the worst first week sales by any “American Idol” winner, or runner-up, for that matter. There’s only one direction to go, right? (Click here to see how all winners and runners up did in first week sales)

Many of his fans optimistically hoped that “Live It Up” would be a slow yet steady seller. A year later, those hopes and dreams have been squashed. With almost a year on store shelves, the album has only sold a disappointing 168,000 copies. The numbers were so sad, newly appointed RCA Records CEO Peter Edge dropped Lee from the label. When his option ran out at the end of September, the label said “thanks, but no thanks“.

RCA is still the home of several Idol winners. Which ones? You know, that ones that sell. Season 8′s Kris Allen, season 7′s David Cook, Season 6′s Jordin Sparks, season 4′s Carrie Underwood and season 1′s Kelly Clarkson all still call RCA home. Reigning Idol winner Scotty McCreery better sell records if he wants to stay in their company. Judging by estimated first week sales, he won’t have to worry.

see how many copies Scotty is estimated to sell in his first week

Kelly Clarkson‘s highly anticipated “Mr. Know It All” music video is finally here. Clarkson shows the many sides of herself in the video, including one where she’s all glammed up in a beautiful gown. “There’s different sides of me, and that whole outfit was more for all the freeing aspect,” she told MTV News. “Like, there’s all these different sides of you, and that was the free-spirit side of me. That’s one of my favorite shots in the video. It keeps coming back to my hair everywhere.”

“Miss Independent” makes her “Mr. Know It All” points when singing to a guy seated at a chair, as well as singing in front of a wall of tabloid headlines. The video features this giant “wall of doubt” with actual headlines that have been written about her that include: “Kelly Forgets Her Old Friends,” “29 & Still Single,” etc. “I think there’s that free-spirit side of me, and then there’s that feisty performer in me,” says Kelly. “Then there’s the funny side of me. I mean, obviously you have to be funny to have a big giant wall of doubt with actual headlines of your life on the wall. It’s a little fun, a little feisty.” By the end of the video, Clarkson tears down the headlines, to reveal a highway. She then steps through the hole she created (with the suitcase she packed earlier in the video) and gets on her way.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think! “Mr. Know It All” is the lead single from her “Stronger” album that comes out in October.

Watch the video after the jump…

Yesterday, Kelly Clarkson made a stop at The Ellen Degeneres Show to perform her new single, “Mr. Know It All.” The track is the lead-off single from Kelly’s upcoming album, “Stronger” which is due for release on October 25th. So, it’s no surprise that Clarkson is starting the press tour to promote the debut.

I actually love this track a lot but this performance is a little lackluster for me. Kelly’s vocals sound great but she didn’t seem super engaging. The track is also a pretty easy listen without a lot of flare. So, without anything happening on stage, I feel as though the performance came and went and nothing happened in between. But, you can decide for yourself when you check it out below.

After her performance, Kelly talked about her not so secret crush on Friday Night Lights star and now Emmy winner, Kyle Chandler. She goes on to tell Ellen that he’s the perfect kind of man but they don’t make them like that anymore. She also found out he’s married so she can’t stalk him now. Awkward.

Watch Kelly’s performance on Ellen after the jump…

Much to the delight of her fans (ahem…Donovan), the original “Idol” Kelly Clarkson has released the official album artwork for her upcoming album, “Stronger” and she looks absolutely stunning. She went with “Stronger” as the title of the album “mainly because the entire album is very much about empowerment and just strength overall and I love singing songs like that,” said Kelly Clarkson.

The album is set for release this fall on October 24th. Her first single, “Mr. Know It All“, debuted last week and is currently in the top 40 of USA TODAY’s AC and Hot AC charts. I absolutely love the song. It’s written by Ester Dean, Brian Kennedy and Brett James, and was previously described by some people as a fusion of Bruno Mars and P!nk. I can totally see that and it definitely makes me really excited about the rest of the album. If this song, and some of the other track leaks are any indication, the album is going to sound incredible and be very empowering, as her music always is.

Listen to “Mr. Know It All” after the jump…

While some singers *cough* Nicole Scherzinger *cough* can’t wait to step out on their own and leave the girl group that made them famous, Kelly Clarkson is doing the complete opposite. In a surprising move, Clarkson is joining forces with her two backup singers to create “Already Famous“. She follows in the footsteps of Miranda Lambert, who also recently created a girl group side project.

Joining Clarkson on Already Famous are longtime friends Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier. The trio have already hit the studio and begun to record new music. They premiered a small snippet of one of their songs via Twitter. “I’m Not The Only One” is a ballad that seems to take a more indie-pop route than Kelly’s previously released solo music. You can check it out here.

find out what Kelly revealed about her new group after the jump

Two More Kelly Clarkson Leaks

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Apparently today is the unofficial Kelly Clarkson leak new songs day. Earlier today, Patrick shared “What Doesn’t Kill You” and now I’m giving you a first listen at two more tracks from her upcoming fifth studio album. Three new songs from the original American Idol all in one day. Today is off to a great start. Clarkson must be livid about all these leaks. In previous instances, Kelly has been very vocal about her unfinished work hitting the internet. When half her last album leaked, the German hacker responsible was sentenced and is currently behind bars. I wonder if the same fate awaits the person uploading all of Kelly’s new tracks. Maybe she’ll be more lenient this time, which brings me to the first track.

The first of the two tracks I have for you today is “I Forgive You“. The beat and arrangement is very Kelly Clarkson, but the lyrics reflect a more grown-up Kelly. Instead of being the angry “Since U Been Gone” or “Never Again” singer, this Kelly chooses the path of forgiveness instead of kicking her man to the curb. Check out a snippet of the lyrics:

“I forgive you, we were just a couple of kids trying to figure out how to live, doin’ it our way. No shame, no blame, cuz the damage is done, and I forgive you.”

Kelly Clarkson “I Forgive You”

check out the second leak after the jump

Kelly Clarkson’s “What Doesn’t Kill You” Leaks

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Another song has leaked from the original “American Idol,” Kelly Clarkson and it’s another goodie. Recently, I wrote about a leaked song called “Let Me Down” that also delivers and certainly makes me eager to get the whole album (if these two tracks are even on it). The sound and lyrics from this new song, “What Doesn’t Kill You” definitely falls in line with Kelly’s other empowering comeback songs like “Never Again,” and “Since You’ve Been Gone” (although I can’t say it is at the same level as those mega-hits). Here are some of the lyrics:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller, doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone. What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter, footsteps even lighter, doesn’t mean I’m over, cuz you’re gone.”

The version below is a tad slowed down from the original version (which I’ve also heard), but great nonetheless. Enjoy!

Listen after the jump…

About a month ago, a teaser was released for what might be Kelly Clarkson‘s upcoming single, “Let Me Down” and it sounded amazing. Well now that the full song has leaked, you’ll be happy to know that the full version doesn’t disappoint!

Clarkson starts off the song by singing, “I think I might be a fortune teller, I read your face just like a letter. The funny thing about forever, is it comes with a side of never, never…” In the rest of the song, she sings about how she can see right through the person she’s singing about, knowing that they are only going to let her down when it counts – but knowing and doing are two different things. “You’re only gonna make me feels so crazy, but when I think we could be something, you go and let me down, let me down….”

Listen to the track below. It sounds like it has a little bit of a “P!nk” influence, which for Kelly’s powerhouse voice is definitely not a bad thing! This has to be her next single – you’re gonna love it!

Listen to the track after the jump…

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