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Last week Entertainment Weekly gave us a sneak peek at it’s music issue. Naturally, Adele graced the cover where the publication names the “30 Greatest Artists Right Now“. With the British Songbird selling millions of copies of her second album “21” (what sophomore slump???) and her domination at this year’s Grammys, Adele is not only the perfect choice for the cover but also as their No. 1 musician right now. Her success is nothing short of remarkable given that she wasn’t able to promote it for months due to surgery. She truly is changing the face of music today. Everyone’s trying to find and sign the next Adele.

Ranking the “30 Greatest Artists” of the moment is a dicey situation and is certainly going out on a limb. You’re bound to piss some people off with omissions and how low their favorite artist ranks on the list, if they make the cut. For instance, Lady Gaga and Beyonce barely make the list and don’t even crack the Top 20. At least they made it. I’m sure my Seattle friends and Patrick will be annoyed that their beloved Britney Spears was snubbed from the list.

Even a bigger omission, IMHO, is Madonna. Sure, she’s prehistoric but she did just clock in her eighth No. 1 album last week. Even equally fellow geriatric Bruce Springsteen ranked on the list. Why the Madonna hate??? That being said, I’m happy that a few non marquee names made the cut- Azealia Banks, fun. and Gotye all got some loving. See who else made’s Top 30 below.

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What Are The Two Biggest Songs of 2012 So Far?

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Boy, does time fly. I can’t believe we’re almost a quarter of the way done 2012 already? Where does the time go? Since April is almost upon us, I thought I’d share the two biggest singles of 2012. It’s never to early to start looking at the race for year-end Billboard supremacy, if you ask me. Last year, Adele earned that title with “Rolling In The Deep“? Can she do it again? She did clean house at this year’s Grammys after all.

Up until this week, a certain artist held the honor of having the biggest song of the year so far. Sadly for them, they were usurped according to Billboard’s latest chart. Wondering who the Top 2 are? Here’s a couple of hints. Both singles were featured in car commercials and covered by the cast of “Glee” this season. Keep reading to find out.

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Kelly Clarkson Covers Shania Twain & Madonna

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Kelly Clarkson is currently on her “Stronger Tour” promoting her fifth studio album. The concert has been met with positive reviews from both critics and fans alike. During a segment of her show, the original American Idol returns to her roots and performs covers of well known hits. It’s like Season One of the FOX singing competition all over again. Instead of being saddled with theme weeks, Clarkson picks the songs based on fan requests. Depending on the particular night and city, Kelly belts out tracks from various genres. From pop, to rock to country, Clarkson delivers a solid cover every night.

So far on her tour, two particular covers have caught my eye. The first is from her recent concert in Ontario. Since she was on Canadian soil, the 29-year-old singer paid homage to a Canuck icon. Kelly gave a solid performance of Shania Twain’s signature balled, “You’re Still The One“. Speaking of ballads, the other cover that spoke to me was her take on Madonna’s 80’s hit “Crazy For You“. Clarkson’s performance of this track is good, I hope she records a studio version of it soon. I’d definitely buy it.

On a side note, it’s surprising that, to my recollection, I’ve never heard a cover of Madge’s ballad in any of the singing reality shows out there. It seems perfect for someone to have an Idol moment on. Check out both covers below and cast your vote on your favorite.

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Meet Kelly Clarkson’s New Man

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For the past six years, Kelly Clarkson has been the unofficial spokesperson for single women all over the world. But now, it’s looking like Kelly is going to have to retire that flag for a while because she has officially announced she’s latched on to a new beau.

Kelly has fallen into the arms of her managers son, Brandon Blackstock, who also happens to be the step son of Reba McEntire, someone Kelly has dueted (and toured with) a few times in the past. Hmmm. How convenient. I wonder if she set them up?

Apparently, the two have been dating since last year and attended the Super Bowl together this year after watching Kelly bring the house down with her version of the American National anthem. See who this mystery man is and learn more below.

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Are you tired of watching singing competition shows on TV? You have to admit, the market has become a little saturated. Currently, we have FOX’s Idol and X Factor. NBC keeps it real with The Voice and now ABC is ready to try one of their own.

The concept? It’s all in the title: Duets. The show takes a note from the best part of the Idol finale – where amateur singers get to sing a song with their own celebrity idol. In the very vague press release from ABC, the show will center around four celebrity singers who will serve as judges and mentors. The judges will wittel the pack down to two singers each and then weekly, the pros will sing a duet with their picks. Yes you heard that correctly, the pros will sing live each week.

What’s the prize? The winner will walk away with a recording contract from Hollywood Records which is owned by ABC’s parent company, Disney. But the question on everyone’s mind is, “who will be the four pros?” Well I can you tell there is a major hint in the main image above. Check out the pros below.

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This coming Tuesday (February 21), Glee will debut their winter finale titled On My Way before going on a gigantic hiatus not returning until April. Say it ain’t so! Thankfully, it looks like the FOX hit will be going out with a bang for their sectionals competition. Also, Sebastian (Grant Gustin) is returning to reek havoc for the kids on the McKinley High glee club and this time, he’s sinking to a brand new low.

Thanks to a sneak peek provided by E! Online, Sebastian tries to blackmail Rachel with a photoshopped nude photo of Finn wearing women’s heels. If Rachel and the New Directions don’t drop out of sectionals within 24 hours, Sebastian threatens to upload the photos online. What will they do?

In anticipation for Tuesday’s show, FOX has offered up two clips of performances from sectionals. The first is The Warblers tackling British boyband The Wanted’s single, “Glad You Came“. If you’ve been following my Wanted posts, you’ll know that they’ve been taking the US by storm with their mini tour and television appearances. Now, with their song appearing on Glee, I think it’s fair to say, the boys are glad they came to the US to promote their music.

Kicking off the New Directions’ performance is a cover of Kelly Clarkson’Stronger“. However, don’t expect to see the boys in this performance. The fallen Trouble Tones are taking the stage for this one lead by Santana, Brittany and Mercedes. I have to say, this kick at a Kelly song is way better than their attempt at last season’s My Life Would Suck Without You. Check out both performances and catch a sneak peek at Sebastian’s scheming below.

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Kelly Clarkson is riding high on the charts with “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” currently at No. 8 on the charts. The single off her fifth studio album is Clarkson’s tenth Top 10 song on Billboard’s Hot 100. Man, where does the time fly. It seems just like yesterday when Kelly was belting out “A Moment Like This” on the finale of “American Idol’s” inaugural season.

Kelly is currently busy on tour in North America to support her latest album, but she found time to remix “Stronger’s” lead cut. The 29-year-old singer has given “Mr. Know It All” a country twist, replacing the pop beat with guitar and banjo rhythms. To be perfectly honest, I sorta like it better than the original. I always knew I was a country boy at heart;) Perhaps, this will give the track some new life and might find itself on country radio. Watch out Carrie Underwood, Clarkson is encroaching on your territory.

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It’s that time of year again when another American Idol season is upon us. Before tonight’s premiere, I thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and rank the best songs from previous Idol contestants. If American Idol didn’t exist, perhaps a few of these songs would’ve never been hits. Love it or hate it, American Idol is a huge force in the music industry and has churned out one multi-platinum artist after another.

Originally, I was going to keep it down to ten tracks, but I couldn’t narrow it down to just ten. Another thing to keep in mind while checking out the list is, I imposed a two song maximum per artist. Let’s face it, I could’ve filled the list completely from songs solely from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood alone. Also, no coronation songs were eligible since I’m doing a post, ranking the American Idol cheesy winner’s song at a later date. Without further ado, here’s my Top 15 Tracks From American Idol Contestants.

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