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If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the “Roar” music video, you’ll be happy to know it’s just around the corner. Katy Perry revealed she’ll be premiering the clip on Thursday September 5, which means it’ll probably leak roughly around Tuesday 😉

Along with the announcement, the 28-year-old singer unveiled a poster promoting it. She’s pictured channeling Tarzan and Mowgli as she swings on vines in the jungle. Speaking of jungle, her visual will be presented in junglescope… whatever that means.

If you haven’t checked out the video teaser, check it below. I hate to admit it, but I’m sorta looking forward to it. I’m living for the retro vibe of the poster. It’s very old school Hollywood.

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There’s just no stopping him. Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” clocks in another week on top of the Billboard Hot 100. The monster hit rules for a 12th week joining an elite group of 14 songs to spend at least twelve weeks as No. 1. If “Lines” can keep its grasp on the pole position for four more weeks, it could tie Mariah Carey and Boyz II Mens’ epic duet, “One Sweet Day,” as the longest-running chart-topper.

Holding steady at No. 2 is “Roar” by Katy Perry. With “Lines” slowly eroding in airplay, Perry could unseat him in the coming weeks. On the flip side, Lady Gaga’s “Applause” rises from 6-4 on the strength of the accompanying music video. Streaming on YouTube, Vevo and other online sites now factor with chart placement. Sandwiched in between the two ladies is Thicke’s VMAs duet partner Miley Cyrus with her hit, “We Can’t Stop.”

Lana Del Rey scores first Hot 100 Top 10 and check out the longest-running Billboard chart-toppers after the jump

When a short teaser of Katy Perry’s Killer Queen fragrance ad first hit online, allegations of plagiarizism quickly surfaced. Many of Beyonce’s loyal fans thought it was a blatant ripoff of Bey’s Mrs. Carter World Tour video announcement. With their similar period royal vibe, I could see their arguments. It didn’t help that both visuals were directed by Jonas Akerlund. Now that the full-length commercial has debuted, Perry’s clip doesn’t seem like an outright copycat. At least to me, it doesn’t.

The 30-second TV ad begins with the 28-year-old “Roar” singer channeling Marie Antoinette. She quickly breaks out of the period costume and makes it distinctly hers by cutting the gown and tearing off her white pouf. In other words, slutting it up 😉 She ends the clip by kicking down the throne and sexily poses on it. Check out the clip below and weigh in afterward if you still think it’s copying Bey’s vid or not.

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John Mayer & Katy Perry Duet On Gentle Ballad

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John Mayer and Katy Perry might not always romantically work well together, but in the recording studio, they make beautiful music with each other. The two sound fantastic on their duet “Who You Love” featured on Mayer’s new album Paradise Valley.

Without her typical glossy production, Perry’s restraint vocals on the track are quite sweet. On his part, Mayer’s songwriting prowess almost makes me forget about his real-life douchey persona. Almost being the operative word. That being said, the two harmonize quite beautifully on the gentle ballad. Definitely a winner and should do well on AC and country radio. The latter due to the song’s surprising twang factor. Give it a listen below.

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Just days after “Roar” leaked online, plagiarism allegations have already surfaced. Critics of Katy Perry’s latest accuse it of sounding very similar to Sara Bareille’s “Brave.” From the beat, to the vocal and instrumental arrangements, and the hook, the two tracks sound too identical for Bareilles’ fans.

Whether intentional or just coincidental, Bareilles doesn’t seem bothered by the supposed plagiarism. She squashed any ill feelings by tweeting her followers over the weekend with, “All love, everybody. All love.” Personally, I can hear the similarity in the beat, but that happens quite often nowadays.

Onto other news. Perry just released a too-cute lyric video for “Roar.” It begins with a woman (probably Katy) picking up a phone and then proceeds to text friends. Instead of gossip, the conversation entails texting the song lyrics, substituting some words for Emojis. She maybe out of her Teenage Dream days, but she’s still a teen at heart with this clip. Check out the lyric video below, along with Bareilles “Brave” clip. Weigh in below if you think Katy plagiarized Sara afterward.

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Katy Perry’s Roar Leaks Early

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Katy Perry has sprung a leak. “Roar” which was supposed to make its official debut on Monday, debuted ahead of schedule. Perry has gone to great lengths to prove her upcoming album, Prism, is a departure from her Teenage Dream era. Does she deliver? I would say so.

As promised, it’s a “more mature” sound yet still very radio-friendly. It’s anthemic but more subtle with its mid-tempo foot-stomping beat. The Max Martin/Dr. Luke co-production definitely soars. Give it a listen below. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the accompanying visual.

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Katy Perry Shares A ‘Roar’ Snippet

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I’m not Katy Perry’s biggest fan by any means, but I’m just loving all her teasers for her new single debuting on August 12. As each one debuts, they only get better. Her latest finds an adorable white cat devouring a feathery toy before letting out a big roar.

At first, I actually thought it was a peacock feather given that each clip shown thus far has had her bidding adieu to memorabilia from her Teenage Dream phase. After all, “Peacock” was a track from the album, but I don’t think it was. Unlike her previous teasers, this third clip features a short snippet of “Roar.” The track definitely sounds promising. Check out Katy’s latest teaser below.

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To further drive the point home that she’s going with a much more mature sound for her upcoming effort, Katy Perry is saying good-bye to more Teenage Dream memorabilia. The first video teaser for her forthcoming single “Roar” showed the burning of the blue wig she wore on her previous album cover. This time around, she’s holding a funeral for her twirling peppermint bra.

To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised she didn’t do this sooner given that her insurers were worried she’d injure her neck after her hair got caught in the wheels while on tour. Not only was that bra heinous but apparently a death trap as well. Check out her newest promo clip for “Roar” below. The wig-wearing girls bawling their eyes out are hilarious.

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