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Katy Perry Debuts Striking Video For Unconditionally

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Thankfully, Katy Perry has forgone her usual campy antics and gone the glamourous route for her new visual. This refined sophisticated style suits her much more. If I never see those peppermint candy breasts spin again, I’ll be one happy man.

Inspired by period pieces like Dangerous Liaisons, director Aya Tanimura gives us a beautiful world filled with an elaborate ball with time-period appropriate choreography, a gorgeous owl flying in slow motion and Perry battling the elements while looking stunning the entire time. At one point, she’s even bursting into flames. Forget Katniss Everdeen or Alicia Keys, this girl is on fire.

“Yes, unconditional love sometimes feels like being hit by a car… Or being on fire… How does it feel to you?” – Katy tweeted about the video

As previously predicted, “Unconditionally,” is hands down her best music clip to date. Check out her striking new vid below.

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Katy Perry switches gears for her new clip. She’s forgoing the camp and cheese found in “Roar” and going the glamorous route. “Unconditionally” could possibly be her best video to date. It evokes luxury to the max with it’s Great Gatsby-like vibe. Baz Luhrmann would be proud of all the excess. Plus, I’m a sucker for animals in slow-motion. That’s what made Drake & Rihanna’s “Take Care” visual so captivating. Katy features a stunning owl flapping its wings. Check out the 45 second preview below.

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Glee: Watch All The Katy Perry & Lady Gaga Covers

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I just got around to watching Glee’s latest episode now. I ended up going out way too late last night. Nic was back in town, plus Brian had a colleague visiting as well. Naturally, I had to play host and head out on the town. Always a team player 😉

Based on the ratings last night, not many of you caught “A Katy or A Gaga.” The Fox show tied a series low. In all honesty, this season is a little off. Mostly likely due to the untimely death of Cory Monteith. I haven’t been at all engaged with any of the storylines. I tune out for most off the show with exception to the musical performances. They’re the best part of the show.

Last night’s “Roar” and “Applause” covers were hilarious and sexy. The facial reactions of the cast plus the shirtless moments of Jacob Artist, Blake Jenner and Chord Overstreet made them thoroughly entertaining but for very different and obvious reasons. Check them out below.

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Katy Perry scored her second No. 1 album of her career. Prism moved 286,000 copies, making it the largest sales week this year for a female artist. It sneaked past Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz which debuted with 270,000. Prism’s first week total also beat her previous album, Teenage Dream, which notched 192,000 units back in 2010.

Also making a Top 10 debut this week were Simon Cowell’s Fifth Harmony. The quintet sold 28,000 copies to land at No. 6. It’s pretty impressive given they only had an EP with six songs, two of which were released months ago. As sad as it is, they’re the highest-charting act born from the U.S. edition of The X Factor. Emblem3 who released a full-length album earlier this year landed at No. 7. Not a bad start for the ladies. Check out a recent performance of them covering Spice Girls below.

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If there is one thing Glee always gets right, it’s their video spoofs. Based on preview pics for “A Katy or A Gaga,” Ryan Murphy and company nailed both “Roar” and “Applause” homages. The picture alone of Artie (Kevin McHale) swinging on a vine in his wheelchair already had me chuckling. Meanwhile, the visual of Sam (Chord Overstreet) wearing Victoria’s Secret Fashion show-worthy wings while shirtless had me excited for another reason 😉

When Glee returns on November 7, both the gang in Lima and New York explore who they are as artists. They go on this journey of discovery using, naturally of course, the music of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. If that wasn’t enough gay for a Thursday evening, Adam Lambert makes his debut during this episode. Glambert, Gaga and Perry oh my. Check out more preview pics below.

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Katy Perry’s Prism Available Now

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Calling all Katy Cats. Today is the big day. Katy Perry’s highly-anticipated album Prism is finally here. If you’re a hardcore fan, we suggest you head to the stores immediately. The “Roar” singer previously revealed the first 300,000 people who purchase a physical copy of Prism will get limited edition packaging.

“USA: EXCLUSIVE! The 1st 300k copies of #PRISM (Deluxe) has a seed prism you can plant to spread the light! Pre-order,” – Katy Perry

Along with her chart-topping lead cut “Roar,” the album features plenty of wicked tracks. The ones that impress us the most after our first listen include “This Is How We Do,” “Birthday,” “Walking On Air,” It Takes Two,” “International Smile” and of course the already leaked “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J. If you want to check out the tracks before purchasing, Perry has the entire album streaming on her official website.

After my first listen of Prism, “Unconditionally” was one of the tracks that didn’t leave too much of an impression. What a difference a second listen makes. This is the Katy Perry I was expecting when she promised a more mature sound. The soaring ballad is Perry’s favorite on the album and was inspired by her boyfriend John Mayer, and a recent UNICEF trip to Africa.

“I went to Madagascar and did a UNICEF trip that changed my life and gave me this song. It’s just a simple message about loving someone and accepting them and kind of driving at you don’t have to be so self-conscious, you don’t have to fear, because essentially, everybody has their stuff. Nobody comes stuff-free. Everybody has their things and you’re never going to be perfect, and accepting that and understanding that, especially in a relationship, it makes room for a real, genuine kind of love.” – Katy Perry to EW.com

For the accompanying lyric video, thankfully Katy ditched all those annoying emojis found in her “Roar” lyric clip. Instead, she enlists two models Janell Shirtcliff and Erika Lander to passionately lip sync and emote. The Aya Tanimura-directed black and white visual is effective in its simplicity. Check it out below.

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Listen To Every Track Off Katy Perry’s Prism Album

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Earlier this week Katy Perry previewed 30-second-snippets of every Prism track on iTunes. With just a few days to go before the official street date, the 28-year-old is streaming the entire album on her website via Soundcloud. That’s one way to beat all the leaks. The “Roar” singer revealed the first 300,000 people who purchase a physical copy of Prism will get limited edition packaging.

“USA: EXCLUSIVE! The 1st 300k copies of #PRISM (Deluxe) has a seed prism you can plant to spread the light! Pre-order,” – Katy Perry

After a quick listen to the album, the tracks that impress me the most are “This Is How We Do,” “Birthday,” “Walking On Air,” It Takes Two,” “International Smile” and of course the already leaked “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J. I have to admit, I enjoyed the album much more than I expected given that “Roar” drives me absolutely crazy. It appears that Miss Perry could match the success of Teenage Dream and rack up several chart-toppers. Listen to Prism below and weigh in afterward.

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