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Katy Perry Joins Club Ginger

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Tyrell

I don’t know what’s in the water in the Hollywood hills, but it’s causing starlets to drastically change their hair color. Gone are the days of adding a few hi-lites or lo-lites to your mop to give you a fresh change. Now, it’s all about giving your head a whole new deck of color. So who’s the latest to join Club Ginger? None other than California Girl Katy Perry.

While in Miami, FL on her California Dreams Tour, Katy took some time off to splash around in a pool with some friends. While showing off her fabulous bod in an itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie pink and purple polka-dot bikini, she had everyone talking about something other than her fit body; her new hair color.

Last week Katy tweeted, “tonight I dye my hair a different color… Can you guess which color?!” However, she has now gone on to explain that this color is only a three week pit stop before transitioning into her true desired color. So why the 3 week wait? Because her hair was dark for so long, she couldn’t get the color she wanted in just one session. Therefore, she must stay ginger for three weeks and then her hair can be dyed the way she wants it. Anyone out there think she’s going blonde?

Check out Katy’s new ginger hair (and hot bikini bod) after the jump

Ahead of schedule, Katy Perry’sLast Friday Night” music video has leaked and we have your first look at the full version. The 26 year old recently gave us a little teaser of the 80s “Teenage Dream house party” music video, and let me tell you… the full version does not disappoint.

We were informed that Rebecca Black, of the infamous “Friday” single, was enlisted to be in the video (which is SUCH a brilliant idea), but I had no idea how big her role would be. To my delight, Black is essentially with Perry the whole time in the video, helping her transform from the goofy “Kathy Beth Terry” with head head gear, to the more sexy “Kathy Beth Terry” with braces. Rebecca Black doesn’t look as “awkward teenager” in this video and plays a much more confident, sexed up version of herself.

Other familiar faces in the video include Kevin McHale (who plays a nerdy character that is head over heals for Kathy), Hanson, and Kenny G. In my opinion, the whole 80s themed video was done really well and Katy Perry played an awkward geek amazingly. In fact, I actually laughed out loud a few times at her goofiness. One last thing, keep your eyes peeled for a hot guy with amazing abs in the video! Enjoy!

Watch the video after the jump…

Katy Perry & Rebecca Black Join Forces On Friday

In: Donovan, Music

Fittingly enough, Katy Perry debuts her new music video this Friday. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” is Katy’s fifth single from her multi-platinum album, “Teenage Dream”. The CD has already yielded four number one singles in a row. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” certainly has a lot to live up to. To keep her fans happy til the video premieres on Friday, Perry is giving a sneak peek.

Based on the thirty second clip, it’s going the retro route with an 80s themed party. There’s lots of visual references from the “Me Decade”. If that wasn’t cheesy enough, Rebecca Black of “Friday” fame, makes a cameo in the vid. That being said, trying to pick her out in the party scene is sort of a “Where’s Waldo” game. See if you can spot her out. Perry certainly has a hard-on for Black. Not only has she included her in the video, but she’s incorporated the CGI bulletin board from Black’s video as well in the trailer. Plus, she also covered Black’s ubiquitous hit during one of her concert tour stops.

watch a sneak peek at Katy Perry’s video after the jump

In the video below titled “Katy & I,” you’ll meet a guy named Jack Moore who is crazy obsessed with Katy Perry. He’s essentially a Katy Perry hoarder. He jokes about the fact that his room (covered in Perry pictures) resembles that of someone who’d be depicted as a serial killer in the movies. Very creepy.

Despite the fact that I’m weirded out, I do feel bad for him considering he’s received a lot of hate (some of which is homophobic) online for his fascination with Katy Perry. I don’t know the whole situation, but I think his parents should have tried to tone this obsession down so this guy could have focussed more of his attention on his own life, rather than spending all of his time and money on all things Katy Perry. It’s never too! Time for a Katy Perry intervention, Jack!

Oh, and by the way, be sure to keep your eyes peeled in the video for a mouse or rat that runs across his bed at the 1:27 mark!

Watch the video after the jump…

The Glee Project Cast Go Boom Boom Boom

In: Donovan, TV Shows

A month ago, I introduced to you the cast of Oxygen’s “The Glee Project“. With less than two weeks before its premiere, the network is giving you a closer look at the 12 contestants vying for a recurring guest role on “Glee’s” upcoming third season. The winner of the competition will score a coveted seven-episode arc which could be the launching pad for their career. Just look what it’s done for Season 2 addition, Darren Criss, who just so happens to be the first episode’s guest mentor. Other Glee stars will appear in subsequent weeks.

The Glee hopefuls channel their inner Gleeks and perform a group performance worthy of the hit Fox show. They perform a cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework”. Even though, the track is my least favorite Perry track, the kids’ performance has me stoked for the show’s debut on Sunday, June 12 at 9 p.m. EST on Oxygen. Check out their rendition and see if it compares to Lea Michele’s version on the show. I think it would be wise for Rachel Berry to watch her back.

watch the contestants sing Katy Perry’s hit after the jump

Check Out Maxim’s 2011 HOT 100

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Fashion, Tyrell

It must be so grueling to work at the MAXIM office during the days of deciding who is going to make this years, 2011 HOT 100. With so many gorgeous women in the field of Hollywood entertainment, how can you narrow it down to only 100? Is there eenie, meenie, minee moe? Drawing names from hats? Who pays more for the highest spot? Who knows. What I do know is that this year’s HOT 100 has some great choices and leaves me wondering where some famous female hotties are?

One noticeable name off of this year’s list is Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively. Where is she? She is so hot and talented to boot. Did you not see her in The Town MAXIM? She killed it. One interesting addition to this year’s list is recently married Kate Middleton. Glee got some love with both Naya Rivera and Lea Michele making the list, although I don’t really agree with Lea being #28 and Naya being way down at #43. But what can you do when there is simply just too much sexy to go around?

Check out Maxim’s 2011 HOT 100 here.

American Idol 10 : Top 7 Eliminations

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Hey ya’ll. Sorry this is a little late today. Last night, a few of us had to go to an event where Homorazzi was being honored for helping out the charitable organization, YouthCo Aids Society, so I wasn’t able to watch the episode til this morning. To boot, it was Redd’s going away party and the first night out in Vancouver for me in a month. It was awesome seeing friends I haven’t seen in weeks. To say, I had a good time would be an understatement. Thankfully, Good Friday is a holiday up here. Now, onto to American Idol.

Last night’s time fillers were Katy Perry, Kanye West and David Cook. While, I like all three, I’m sooooooo glad we were on hand last week to watch Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson live instead. Having seen the results show in person, I have a whole new appreciation for the show and more importantly the audience. I know what those poor saps in the rafters went through. Neither of last night’s performance was great, but I do appreciate Katy going all extraterrestrial on us. That pin-up schtick is so tired. Also, was it wrong that I wanted Kanye’s fur vest. I’d risk the chance of PETA supporters throwing red paint on me to wear that hot little number.

Read the rest of this entry »

On Saturday, I teased you with pictures and a video that Katy Perry had released to promote the release of her video for E.T.. This Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Ammo produced song is the third promo single of her album Teenage Dream. However, for the video and full release of the single, Katy added Kanye West to the mix and in all honesty, I’m not to sure why. I liked the song without him before and his verses don’t add anything to the song. In fact, they don’t really fit.

The video despite its major use of effects, green screen and computer generation is pretty basic. We begin with Kanye spinning around in a zero gravity while an alien floats through space. That alien suddenly turns into Katy and we watch her float through the stars in some pretty impressive costuming and make up. Once she hits a planet, she makes eyes with a robot and kisses it to turn into a skinny man, painted white and naked. Katy removes her dress and we see that she actually has the legs of a deer. WHAT?!

Check out the “E.T.” video here.

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