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Katy Perry Goes Sims

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If you think you’re annoyed already by the mass consumption of Katy Perry, then hold on to your hat because there is a whole lot more of Katy Perry coming your way. Yesterday, Electronic Arts (EA) announced that they have partnered with Perry to be featured in a series of games in The Sims franchise. One of those is a collector’s edition of their upcoming The Sims 3: Showtime which will be released this coming March. “I always like to think of myself as a cartoon, and now I’m a Sim,” Perry said in a statement.

The Guardian reported more on the announcement stating that Katy is working with the The Sims Studio to create accessories, clothing, furniture and the like to “celebrate the imagination that she brings to her performances, music videos and life”. Steve Schnur, executive of music for EA worldwide says, “Today marks the start of the most integrated and exciting collaboration with any artist in the history of The Sims. No performer could better represent the humour and fun of The Sims brand.”

I’m not a Sims player at all but for Perry fans and fans of the game, this could be something right up your alley. Check out a few photos of Katy Perry as a Sim below.

Check out Katy Perry as a Sim after the jump.

Some say this may Katy Perry’s last ditch effort to make her mark by hitting 6, #1 singles from the same album on Billboard. Some say she is re-releasing the track to capitalize on the publicity of her divorce with Russell Brand. I say it’s a beautiful, stripped down version that the song truly deserved.

Today, Katy has released a stripped down, acoustic version of her latest single, The One That Got Away featuring a raw vocal edge from Katy that we rarely see. Accompanied only by guitar and what sounds like a cajon, Katy passionately sings the lyrics to a song that rings some serious meaning into her life at the moment.

Could this version of the track give Katy the push she needs to garner herself six number one singles on Billboard? Who knows. Despite the controversy, I am loving the sound of this track and think you will too. Give it a listen below.

Listen to Katy’s stripped down single after the jump.

Not too long after the divorce papers were signed between Katy Perry and Russell Brand, a leaked Katy Perry demo has surfaced called “Bullet“. It was actually a song she co-wrote with and for country singer, Jessie James and it was featured on James’ last album, “Wanted“. I loved the album and “Bullet” is actually one of my favorite songs on it. “I’m a bullet and headed straight for your heart,” sings Perry in the chorus. Sidenote: I also had the chance to interview Jessie James when the album was released. I hope she comes out with a new album this year!

Perhaps the twangy song was leaked on purpose as a message to Russell Brand? The first verse goes as follows: “My mama warned me about boys like you. It’s the reason I wear these high heel boots, yeah. And let me give you a little piece of advice, my papa packs heat and he won’t think twice, yeah”. It’s an empowering country/pop song and I highly recommend you listen to it!

Listen to Perry singing “Bullet” after the jump…

2011 wasn’t a banner year for celebrity couples. This year, we saw our fair share of quick hook-ups and disastrous break-ups. Divorce seemed to be the word of the year. Now, a new celebrity divorce has hit the fan and my jaw is hitting the floor.

Russell Brand has filed for divorce from his mega-pop star wife, Katy Perry. The two were married last year in India and seemed to be absolutely in love. The docs were filed in LA with the reason for ending the marriage being “irreconcilable differences.”. The pair had recently been spotted separately without their wedding rings one which started a media storm of trouble ahead.

However, many are saying that Brand may have blindsided Perry with the filing of the divorce petition. Yikes! The two did spend Christmas apart this year, a weird tradition for a newly married couple. What do you think of Russell and Katy’s new divorce? Sound off below.

10 Most Watched Music Videos On YouTube In 2011

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The other day, Patrick wrote about the most viewed videos on YouTube in 2011. As you probably noticed, that list didn’t include music videos from artists from major music labels. Ergo, why Rebecca Black’s “Friday” topped that list and the likes of Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez were nowhere to be seen in that Top 10 list.

As luck would have it, YouTube has a separate list for established artists or as they officially refer to it as, “Most Watched Videos From Major Music Labels Globally“. Man, that’s a mouthful. On this list, you’ll find most of your favorites and surprisingly a few notable omissions. Even though, Adele, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears have topped several year-end lists from Best Song to Best Artist to Best whatever, the trio are MIA on this one.

So who made it? Since it’s a global list, some entries may surprise you. For instance, Pitbull shows up in three spots. WTF, dude must have a huge following in all the Spanish-speaking countries. I was also a bit stunned, yet happy, to see Jessie J’s “Price Tag” on this list. Love that song. See what other music videos YouTube watchers watched over and over and over and over again in 2011 below.

check out the 10 most watched music videos this year after the jump

Who’s The Top-Earning Woman in Music For 2011?

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Adele topped both Rolling Stone and Billboard’s year end charts. Rihanna reigned supreme on Facebook’s year end lists. While topping those lists are all well and good, everyone wants to be number one when it comes to earning bank. As Cuba Gooding Jr. said in “Jerry Maguire“… SHOW ME THE MONEY. Both Adele and Rihanna earned some decent moolah in 2011, but fell short compared to the Top 3 earning women in music. Check out what how much of your money these female superstars raked in.

10. Alicia Keys and Britney Spears ($10 million each)
9. Adele ($18 million)
8. Celine Dion ($19 million)
7. Carrie Underwood ($20 million)
6. Pink ($22 million)
5. Rihanna ($29 million)
4. Beyonce Knowles ($35 million)

see who the Top 3 are after the jump

Tonight, Barbara Walters revealed her list of the most fascinating people of 2011. This is Barbara’s 19th year of delivering the end of the year special. Like every year, Barbara gets up close and personal with the biggest names in entertainment, politics and pop culture. This year’s list seemed a little heavy on the pop culture but in this day and age, pop culture influences every aspect of our culture.

This year’s line up included hit maker of the year, Katy Perry along with the creator of X Factor, Simon Cowell. They were joined by the who coined “you’re fired” as a catchphrase, Donald Trump as well as the gay couple from Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet and Jessie Tyler Ferguson. One of my favorite additions to the list that hadn’t previously been announced is a very controversial political figure: Herman Cain. This man has created a lot of buzz surrounding the never-ending list of women who came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment which in turn ultimately lead him to fold his campaign and pull out of the presidential candidacy.

But every year, we must wait until the special airs to find out just who will be Barbara’s most fascinating person. Last year, General David Petraeus topped the list while Michelle Obama topped it in 2009. This year, there has been a lot of speculation on who would gain Barbara’s top honor this year. In the end, Barbara decided the rules were meant to be broken and picked someone that a few people weren’t expecting.

See who Barbara thought was the most fascinating person of 2011 here.

2011 Billboard Year End Charts… Who’s On Top?

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Earlier this week, Rolling Stone Magazine named Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” as their #1 track of the year. Now it’s Billboard Magazine’s turn to honor the British songbird. While Rolling Stone’s rankings are purely subjective, Billboard based their honors on sales, radio airplay and streaming statistics, which to me is the way to go.

Adele dominated Billboard’s year end issue. Not only, was she named “Artist of the Year“, but she also held top position on both the Hot 100 singles chart and Top 200 album one, with “Rolling In The Deep” and “21” respectively. Plus, she’s the first woman to get Billboard’s top honors of “Artist of the Year”. That’s such an amazing feat. Check out the also-rans who came close, but no cigar with regards to album sales.

The TOP 10 of BILLBOARD‘S 2011 Year-End TOP 200 Chart

  • 1. Adele, 21
  • 2. Taylor Swift, Speak Now
  • 3. Lady Gaga, Born This Way
  • 4. Jason Aldean, My Kinda Party
  • 5. Susan Boyle, The Gift
  • 6. Lil Wayne, Tha Carter IV
  • 7. Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday
  • 8. Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More
  • 9. Rihanna, Loud
  • 10. Katy Perry, Teenage Dream

How amazing is it that Susan Boyle can move so many CDs and not have any hit songs on mainstream radio? You gotta hand it to the woman. Even though I don’t write about them that much, I’m so glad Mumford and Sons made the list. I’m obsessed with that entire CD. Surprising right, considering I’m all about the R&B divas? Now that you know who the Top 10 were in album sales, see who had the most popular songs of the year below.

check out the Top 10 songs of 2011 after the jump

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