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2013 Golden Globes: My 10 Favorite Dresses

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Did you watch the 70th annual Golden Globes? Expectations were high for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s first hosting attempt, and boy did they deliver. I had a few people over for a potluck viewing party and we found ourselves laughing throughout the three-hour ceremony. Hopefully, this is the dawn of a new era. Fingers crossed that the duo emcee the event again next year. It definitely didn’t drag with them on deck.

Equally as impressive, were the ladies on the red carpet. There were barely any fashion trainwrecks this year which is a shame since it’s fun to mock bad choices. If there was a common theme this year, it was to go simple and understated. Another big trend was long sleeves. A few ladies really worked this to perfection. Check out my Top 10 picks for best dresses at the 2013 Golden Globes below.

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A week after the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, two videos from very opposing camps hit the internet. First you have celebrities asking in a PSA, “How many more colleges? How many more classrooms? How many more movie theaters? How many more house of faith? How many more shopping malls? How many more street corners?” Demand A Plan is a grassroots initiative to mobilize Americans to DEMAND a plan to end gun violence from Congress and President Obama. Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Selena Gomez, John Hamm, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and many, many more lend their voices to the PSA.

Coincidentally on the same day, National Rifle Association president Wayne LaPierre, held a live press conference. LaPierre claims the media is to blame for the shootings and not guns. He explains that the entertainment industry makes “the filthiest form of pornography,” citing violent music videos and films Natural Born Killers and American Psycho. He further goes on to say that “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” His most controversial comment that has celebrities on Twitter in a tizzy is his claim that had armed guards been at Sandy Hook, innocent lives would’ve been spared that day. Check out both vids below.

check out the PSA and NRA’s press conference after the jump

While not as fantastic as last week’s Kiki Turkey Lurkey mashup, this musical number is pretty awesome in its own right. Kate Hudson is back with her deliciously bitter Cassandra July to show Rachel (Lea Michele) how it’s done. Not only did Cassandra seduce that insanely sexy Brody (Dean Geyer) from Rachel’s hands for a hot steamy session, but now she’s showing Rachel that she reigns supreme on the dance floor as well.

On the upcoming episode of Glee, titled “Swan Song“, Cassandra and Rachel perform “All That Jazz” from the hit musical Chicago. Dressed in their finest black dance attire, the ladies strut and shimmy their butts off while belting out the show-stopping number. As vocally superior Rachel is to Cassandra, I have to give the edge to the NYADA dance teacher. In this battle, the teacher definitely schools the pupil. Check out the jazzy battle below.

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Just when I thought I was done with Glee, Ryan Murphy snags Kate Hudson for a six-episode arc as deliciously wicked Cassandra July. Slowly, FOX has teased us with glimpses of Hudson’s debut, with episodic pics, to an extended clip of her first interaction with Rachel Berry and even the audio for her first performance. At long last, we finally have the official video for her first number on the FOX show.

The powers-that-be were kind enough to debut Hudson’s performance days before the show’s fourth season premiere and it lives up to all the hype. Not only does she sound great but her dancing is flawless. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who saw Nine. She was the best thing in that musical bomb. Check out the clip and witness Kate school Lea Michele (Rachel) on how real dancing should look like.

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If you liked watching Kate Hudson sass Lea Michele for being from Ohio in the first Glee Season 4 teaser, then you’re going to love this. Thanks to FOX, we now have an extended look at Hudson’s Cassandra July and Michele’s Rachel Berry’s first interaction on the season premiere, titled “The New Rachel.” The former McKinley High student is enrolled in Cassandra’s Dance 101 class at NYADA. Sufficed to say, she’s not the teacher’s pet.

The dance teacher has no problem holding back, and tells it like it is. She singles out Rachel and calls her Miss David Schwimmer and informs her she can’t stand her stuck-up attitude. Loves it. I’m really looking forward to watching Hudson on the show. I wonder if Sarah Jessica Parker’s character will be a joy to watch as well.

Preceding the clip is some awkward lame banter between The Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz and Cory Monteith (Finn). Barinholtz reveals he’s been on the edge of his seat all summer, wondering if Finchel will reunite and how the show will handle simultaneous stories in NYC and Lima. If you’re not interested in any of that, fast forward to the 1:31 mark to catch Kate Hudson’s character tear Rachel a new one.

watch the clip below

Glee Season 4 Artwork, Who’s Missing?

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Everyone’s favorite new Twitter user, Ryan Murphy, bestowed a couple of goodies online, making Gleeks universally ecstatic. The Glee co-creator unleashed the show’s first Season 4 poster, along with a cast photo with one notable fan-favorite missing. Is someone not coming back, even though Murphy stated a few months ago that everyone was returning in different capacities?

The first visual features special guest star Kate Hudson motioning the loser “L” in the show’s signature style. With the tagline “Sometimes the Big Apple bites“, it appears things will not be a walk in Central the park for former New Directions MVP. Someone will definitely not be the teacher’s pet. Rachel Berry better be on her best behavior or in this case, pointed toes since Hudson is playing a dance teacher. Hudson certainly looks like she’s embracing her deliciously mean new character.

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It’s a brave new “Glee“. At least that’s what the first Season 4 promo claims. Based on first impression, I think they’re half right. Still the same, Brittany is as “bright” as ever, Sue Sylvester is still throwing jabs at Will and not a single hair is out of place on Blaine’s head. Speaking of the latter, the slicked-hair half of Klaine covers Imagine Dragon’s “It’s Time” and is used in the Fox clip.

As for the new, Kate Hudson is a deliciously bitchy dance teacher, Coach Sylvester is a proud mama, and a “newish” character joins New Directions. The first official image of Hudson as Rachel Berry’s NYADA dance teacher Cassandra July (love the name), was released by Ryan Murphy via Twitter earlier this week. Doesn’t she look FIERCE in the picture above. And PS, who’s that hottie she’s hanging onto? Hudson signed on for six episodes. I can’t wait. Check out the dialogue from her first encounter with NYADA freshman Rachel Berry.

Kate Hudson: “I bet you were a big star back in Iowa.”
Lea Michele: “I’m actually from Ohio.”
Kate Hudson: “Oh, Ohio? Even worse.”

With half of New Directions graduating, some new bodies were needed to McKinley High’s Glee club. The first to be recruited comes in the form of transfer student, Wade Adams aka Unique. As you recall, Unique was played by “The Glee Project” Season 1 runner-up Alex Newell. Looks like, Newell has parlayed his short stint last year into a longer recurring part for Season 4. Congrats. I should also probably mention that Will Schuester is sporting a shorter ‘do. Definitely less Chia Pet’ish. Check it out along with everything else I’ve mentioned below.

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Before I get to today’s new celebrity babies, I just wanted to wish my boyfriend, Brian, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It’s the first time in our 11 years that we’re not spending his special day together. He’s off visiting his family, while I’m holding down the fort after being on a business trip for the past week. But enough about us, let’s get on to the future headliners who will undoubtedly be gracing tabloid covers in 18 years.

After giving birth to three boys, Victoria Beckham finally got the girl she’s been hoping for. I think if she didn’t get a girl this time around, she was probably hoping that one of her boys would be gay. LOL. If you have Posh Spice’s and David Beckham’s metrosexual genes, chances are pretty good, Brooklyn, Romeo or Cruz could play for our team when they grown up.

Alas, she finally has a baby Posh Spice to mold and turn into a future Toddlers & Tiaras star. Baby girl Beckham was born at 7:55 am this morning at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. The yet-unnamed girl weighed in at 7 lbs and 10 oz. Beckham spokesperson Jo Milloy, stated “Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are excited to welcome their new baby sister to the family,”.

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