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Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan aren’t letting the split with their record label, Epic Records, slow them down. The real life couple are back in the recording studio working on new material in hopes of proving Epic they made a huge mistake. In the label’s defense, none of the tracks off Karmin’s sophomore album, Pulses, made a blip on anyone’s radar. Here’s hoping to better luck via the indie route.

Karmin recently premiered “Sugar‘ on their SoundCloud account. The duo previously teased their new offering at the end of the first episode of their brand new YouTube webseries “Kickin’ It with Karmin” last week. An accompanying visual has already been shot and scheduled to premiere in a few days. Check out “Sugar” below which features breezy synth beats and Amy showing off her rapping skills.

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Karmin Kinda Butchers Grease Classic For Twizzlers

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Even though Karmin has failed to match the success of “Brokenhearted” with their followups, I’ve remained a fan. I love me some Nick Noonan ;) However, their latest is somewhat of a tragic mess.

On paper, the real-life couple tackling the classic duet “Summer Nights” from Grease sounds like a great idea. Sadly, it fails on every level in my opinion. The arrangement is just awful. Why they and their team chose to sell out for a Twizzlers commercial is a little puzzling. Give it a listen below and weigh in below.

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It’s the day Karmin fans have been waiting for. The clothes have finally left Nick Noonan’s body. With their current album not spawning any hit singles to date, the Boston duo have resorted to the ‘sex sells‘ approach. And for that, I’m sure plenty of their female and gay fans are thankful. I know I am.

Opting for a black and white clip with the occasional splash of color, Karmin shows off an edgier and hip hop pop sound with “Pulses,” the title cut off their latest LP. Not only does the clip showcase Nick’s torso but also his vocals. For all you So You Think You Can Dance viewers, fan-favorite Hok pops up to execute a few of his signature moves. Check out the clip below.

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Karmin Wants It All In Disco-Themed Lyric Clip

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With the success of their Top 20 hit “Brokenhearted” off their EP Hello, Karmin is releasing their much-anticipated debut LP titled Pulses in a couple of weeks. The lead single “Acapella” barely made a blip on the Billboard Hot 100 but is a huge success in Australia. While not as catchy as their breakthrough hit, I didn’t mind “Acapella” but I can see why it didn’t resonate with North American listeners.

The follow up, “I Want It All,” is definitely catchier and on trend with its disco-tinged vibe. Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, The Saturdays and Beyonce have all demonstrated going with a retro R&B sound can yield success. The pop duo recently debuted a lyric video for “I Want It All.” It’s cute and definitely complements the track with all its 70s roller-disco graphics. Check it below.

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Karmin Serves 90s R&B Realness In Acapella Music Video

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If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear it was the 90s all over again. Watching Karmin’s latest clip reminds me of all those Hype Williams-directed R&B clips so popular during that decade. If you were alive kicking it then, you know it was all about those colorful vignettes and fish eye perspectives. The real-life couple even busts out some choreography- a first for them.

“We had people around us at the time who tried to steer the Karmin ship a certain way, so it feels good to create something like this where we are at the helm and can really be proud of. The video definitely plays homage to the 90s videos we grew up with and are still inspired by today,” – Amy Heidemann

Karmin definitely hit the nail on the head. This clip is so on point, it could easily blend with any of Destiny’s Child, Missy Elliott or R. Kelly videos from that era. Hopefully the throwback video will help “Acapella” on the charts. So far it’s only peaked at No. 38 on the pop one but hasn’t made a dent on the Billboard Hot 100. Check out the fun visual below. As always, Nick Noonan is as handsome as ever. Dude needs to go shirtless in an upcoming vid. Sex sells honey. Sex sells.

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She’s been behind some of the biggest hits in recent memory. In only makes sense that Bonnie McKee forge a recording career of her own. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter debuted the music video for “American Girl” and enlisted a few of her famous friends to lip sync for their lives.

Naturally, Katy Perry appears in the clip prominently considering McKee co-penned four of her No. 1 hits- “Teenage Dream,” “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” “California Gurls,” and “Part of Me.” Also making a cameo are other artists she’s written for including Adam Lambert (“Chokehold”), Taio Cruz (“Dynamite”), Ke$ha (“C’Mon”) and Carly Rae Jepsen (“Turn Me Up”).

Too bad Britney Spears (“Hold It Against Me”), Kelly Clarkson (“Hello”), Christina Aguilera (“Let There Be Love”) and Rita Ora (“How We Do (Party)” didn’t show up in the video. Oh well, there isn’t a shortage of familiar names “singing” her lyrics. Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police crew, Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass, George Takei, Nicole Scherzinger, Jewel and her hubby Ty Murray, Macklemore and plenty other randoms make an appearance. Check out the clip below.

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Karmin Goes Acapella For New Track ‘Acapella’

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Before we get to the new track, can we briefly talk about how insanely cute Nick Noonan looks on the cover art? WOOF. That Amy Heidemann sure is one lucky chick.

Karmin just unveiled “Acapella,” the lead cut from their upcoming debut album. After the success of last year’s “Brokenhearted” the real-life couple have graduated from EPs to a full-length offering. I can’t wait. For this brand new era, the pop duo is channeling their earlier work before they were signed, just more aggressively and with a harder beat. Amy recently revealed to Rolling Stone, the stripped down track was “created almost exclusively with human voices.”

“We flipped the original meaning of Acapella to mean ‘D.I.Y.’ or should we say ‘D.I.A. – Do It Acapella!” – Amy Heidemann

I have to say, at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. After a couple of spins though, I found the hook irresistibly catchy and couldn’t get it out of my head. Give it a listen below and see if you find yourself in the same predicament afterward.

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What do you get when you mix pop duo Karmin with clothing from Coach and stylist Rachel Zoe? You get a music video for the classic Christmas song, “Sleigh Ride“. The “Brokenhearted” hitmakers are all dressed up for winter in fashionable threads from Coach’s 2012 winter collection.

The plaid fringe cape worn by Amy Heidemann in the clip is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t even get me started on Nick Noonan’s wardrobe. I want that tote, the duffel, the cardigan… I want it all. Mind you, anything looks good on that sexy Nick. Too bad he’s engaged (and straight) *wink* All the outfits were put together and accessorized by celebrity stylist extraordinaire Rachel Zoe.

Pure commercialism pimping aside (which I love) I actually like their rendition of the classic holiday tune, especially the rap interlude. It’s also nice to her Nick sing on a track besides being relegated to keyboard guy. They should really duet more often for future releases. As stylish as Karmin are, the video looks like a Target commercial. Probably not the vibe Coach was looking for. Watch it below and you’ll see what I mean.

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