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While isn’t exactly the be-all-end-all of polls and stats as far as the American man is considered, they do have a pretty good site and a high readership so I’m willing to give them some credit as they boldly proclaim the results of an extensive poll of over half a million of their readers, titling Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show”: The Most Influential Man. Running 14 years (god, I remember when it started; I am old), this once-college-campus gossiped about comedic news show has become a ratings bonanza, but more importantly it has garnered the trust of throngs of TV-viewers. To me, that’s the most important thing.

In a time where dozens of the world’s countries control the votes, the information released to and the lives of their people; where America itself is slowly becoming brainwashed by an ever-more watched, right wing controlled, propaganda machine AKA FOX News, it’s not just a breath of fresh air but a boon that’s maintaining the sanity of a nation in turmoil. It may sound a bit hyperbolic, but truly this man has changed the face of news in the US and set new standards for other programs to aspire to. And, it’s for that that this once stand up comedian and writer of basal skits has captured the attention of millions.

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Kanye West’s Runaway Video

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Kanye West just released a 34 and a half minute video called “Runaway”, which incorporates nine songs from his new album. He debuted the film last night (which he directed) on MTV, MTV 2 and BET.

In the video, he encounters 27 year old Selita Ebanks as she crashes down onto earth (a “fallen Phoenix) in front of his car. She falls in love with him and he tries to show her his world, but she soon realizes that she doesn’t fit in to his world and she must return to where she came from. If you don’t recognize her from being a Victoria Secret supermodel, you may remember from Celebrity Apprentice last season where she made it to week 5 before being fired by Trump.

Just went you thought Lady Gaga’s videos were getting long, West went and trumped that with this mini-movie. But, just as Lady Gaga’s videos are beautifully shot and very artistic, so was this. He seems to be working extra hard this year after last year’s Taylor Swift incident. His recent performances on SNL were incredible, and this video is certainly worth watching too…

Watch the video after the jump…

As a big Taylor Swift fan (not even gonna closet that music-crush!), I was pretty unimpressed with Kanye West‘s antics last year at the VMAs as he trampled her big win and tried to award the trophy to Beyonce cause she “deserved it”. So, after a year of not paying attention to the diva’s (and I do mean Mr. West here) releases and newest videos, I allowed him to pop onto my screen while viewing October 2nd’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” and i was BLOWN away! We all love Katy Perry and her apparently huge boobs (thanks to last week’s episode for showing us that!), but her September performance on SNL was lacklustre and basically amounted to a shuffling of feet back and forth on stage… Kanye however (who was brilliant a year or so ago as he belted out in front of a huge lightbulb-filled backdrop) showed all past and future musical starts just how to do it. His performance was stunning, classy and over-the-top in all the right ways.

He performed twice (click through to see them both) but while “Runaway” was great, his act “Power” was jaw-dropping and gorgeous. Looking like a hugely-invested into opening to “America’s Next Top Model”, “Power” had the self-crowned Czar opening to a sea of blanket-covered models crowding the stage like a sea of undulating beauty as he descended a mid-stage staircase. Without boring you too much with praise of this piece and over-analyzing/describing the preciseness of choreography and styling, I do have to say that the man that created this masterpiece is a genius. Doing exactly what it was suppose to I’m currently hunting down everything this man has recently put out to have this number bompin’ on my iPod the next time I get in my car.

Click through to see “Power” and “Runaway”

I have a habit of putting things on repeat when I love them, and my music changes as quickly as my underwear. Even though I just jotted down a few good fall songs here last week, I got a good mashup, a good throwback, and a stellar track to make you move.

Get Outta My Teenage Dream – Katy Perry vs. Kylie Minogue

Okay I’m not usually this cheesy but this rules. If you remember, I HATE Katy Perry, but she has this demonic hold on me, (she’s the queen of the damned for sure). And well Kylie’s a goddess sent from heaven. So I think that balances me out a little. The beat and tune almost work better than the original, and I’ve listened to it more than a few times. It gets my stamp. I know Donovan loves his mashups, YOU’RE WELCOME.

Listen to this and other songs I have on repeat after the jump…

2010 MTV Music Video Award Photo Recap

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The 2010 MTV Music Video Awards are officially in the history books. What will the footnote be for this year’s telecast… zzzzzzzzz snoozefest. . Seriously, I found myself fast-forwarding through a lot of it this year. Perhaps because, there wasn’t that one big water cooler moment, everyone would be talking about the next day, or maybe because host Chelsea Handler failed to make me laugh or was it the lackluster performances. Whatever it was, it just didn’t live up to the hype. Maybe I’m being a little harsh due to the fact I high expectations for the show. Regardless of the negative nelly overall opinion, there were a few memorable moments worth mentioning. As a side note, can you spot SYTYCD alums Mark Kanemura and Neil Haskell in the picture above?

relieve the evening via photos after the jump

With the MTV Video Music Awards coming up next Sunday, you can’t help but flashback to Kanye overshadowing Taylor Swift’s big win with his rude interruption during her acceptance, on how she didn’t deserve it. Yeah, it’s still as shocking now as it was then.

Now, as a year has gone by, and as we are just a week before the show, Kanye opens up even more about how he feels about his actions last year:

With new found humility … who am I to run on stage? I would never ever again in a million years do that. Sorry to let you down.

It is distasteful to cut people off as a general rule. What’s the point of dressing tastefully if I’m going to act the complete opposite?

Yes I was that guy. A 32 year old child.

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Justin Bieber Runs Away With Kanye West

In: Music, Patrick

Justin Bieber & Kanye West have teamed up with rapper Raekwon to remix Justin’s My World 2.0 song “Runaway Love”. Everybody wants a piece of the 16 year old Bieber! Earlier this month, 33 year old Kanye announced that he’d be releasing a new song every week until Christmas, so here’s the one for this week.

Rumor has it that the two will be performing together at the MTV Video Music awards coming up. How ironic that he be working and collaborating with a young star like Bieber, after slamming the young Taylor Swift last year on stage during her acceptance speech, saying she didn’t deserve to win and that Beyonce was the one who did. Ironic or strategy? My guess is the latter. Either that or he’s just straight up copying Usher, who worked with Bieber in one of my favorite songs of the year, “Somebody To Love“.

Check out the song after the jump…

Jay-Z Is The Richest Hip-Hop Artist

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

It ain’t no Hard Knock Life for Jay-Z! He may have 99 Problems (and a bitch ain’t one)…but neither is putting food on the table. . Brotha’s bring in that cash-money! He makes more money than any other rapper out there. How much? Last year, he brought in $63 million! The shitty deal for him is that because of his tax bracket, he’ll be shelling over approximately $22 million to Uncle Sam – man that’s gotta hurt! That is almost as much money as the runner up made, P Diddy who made $28 million. Kanye West went South, going from making the 3rd most last year to 10th at $12 million this year – perhaps because of his douche comments about Taylor Swift earlier this year. Pharrell made just a bit more than him this year, at ninth place. Drake raked it in at 11th.

To be on this list, artists have to make their primary earnings off of hip-hop or rap and it includes all record/digital sales, tours, TV shows, endorsements, movies, books, etc.

Check out the Full Top 20 List after the jump…

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