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Previously on Big Brother, Keith became the first person evicted from the Big Brother house and Jordan helped keep the veterans in control by winning the HOH competition. In this episode, the BB 11 winner must put up a new pair for nomination. I’ve been going spoiler-free so as I write this, I have no idea who has been picked. My guess is that, with the advice of her alliance, she’ll put up Adam & Dominic, with the logic that Adam is siding with the veterans (or so they think) and that they’d be getting Dominic out considering he’s a threat. Kalia & Shelly were the newbies that switched their votes and bailed on the newbie alliance for one reason or another, but the rest of the newbies have no clue who switched their vote. This is creating a lot of tension within their group.

Dominic & Cassi really trust Shelly, but little do they know that she’s one of the ones playing both sides. At this point, Dominic realizes he has to change his game. “It’s time to start getting crazy and making some deals”. His strategy is to align with Daniele with some harmless flirting. Smart strategy, considering she also no longer has a partner by her side. He also ups his social game by hanging out with the other veterans as well. It could be too little too late.

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Last night was the first elimination ceremony for Big Brother 13 and it was between Keith and Porsche as to who was going home. As much as I like the idea of The Regulators, my hope was that it would be Keith who was sent packing…into the live studio audience to chat with Julie Chen (who was in dressed pretty in pink for the first live eviction). I find Keith quite annoying and too much of a liability.

The veterans realize they’ve been playing a poor social game by hibernating in the HOH room, so Rachel busts out her “Vegas party girl” and organizes a “Big Booty” drinking game for everyone to play. Dominic sees through it and isn’t as into it as the others. Later on, Rachel reveals that her and Brendon call each other “Bookey” as a term of endearment. Dominic then says Brenchel should now be called “Bookey Squared”. Brendon isn’t happy with Rachel for telling the houseguests this. He calls Rachel to bed and makes the biggest deal about her yelling Booki across the yard. The next day, they talk it out but I just love how much time CBS spent on this “Bookey” argument. Embarrassing for Brenchel. LOL.

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Whew, a lot has happened for it only being the first week of Big Brother 13, don’t you think? Just yesterday, footage of Jeff from the live feed started circulating where he went on a homophobic rant in an argument with Kalia. Awful, buddy! Also, a big game changer was Evel Dick having to leave the competition unexpectedly (which everyone found out about also through the live feeds, but we only saw it happen officially in this episode). As this episode starts, Porsche & Keith are the duo up for eviction, but houseguests compete for the Power of Veto in this episode which could change that.

Following the nomination, Porsche is on edge because she is worried about being on the block in the first week. The veterans try to calm her down and make her feel better, assuring her that it’s Keith that is going home and that they want her to have the Golden Key to keep her safe for a month.

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I know I just wrote about Big Brother 13‘s Dominic dancing to “No Speak No Americano” on YouTube, but I just had to share another Big Brother related video from the the live feeds in the house where Jeff Schroeder goes on a homophobic rant while arguing with Kalia. It’s kind of shocking and in my eyes, “Jeff & Jordan” (because of Jeff) will no longer be one of Reality TV’s most adorable couples.

Jeff didn’t know that Harry Potter’s Dumbledore, the headmaster of the school, was written to be gay. When Kalia informed him of this while the houseguests were just lazing around chatting, he said that writing him in to be gay when he’s the headmaster of a “fantasy camp” for kids was just “perverted“. Kalia Booker went on to explain that maybe he was written that way to change gay stereotypes like the ones Jeff seems to have. Jeff responds by saying, “He’s in a school with little kids, you don’t want to make that guy gay!” Kalia is shocked. “WHY!? Gay men can’t work with little kids?!” Yeah, Jeff. WTF!? He then says, “I don’t think it’s very…I don’t think its the right thing to have a kid’s book and have the headmaster (and you’re locked away in a magical land) be gay.” Wow. Kalia then says, “Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with him!?” Jeff disagrees. “Get the fuck out of here. Don’t start with that fucking shit…”

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Floaters grab a life vest because Brenchel, with Rachel as HOH, is in charge of nominations this week. So far, the game is definitely veterans vs. newbies so Rachel is definitely looking at getting rid of one of the new pairs.

Last season, we had “The Brigade” as the secret alliance that made it all the way to the end. This season, we’ve got a new one and it’s absolutely brilliant. Dominic, Keith, Lawon, and Cassi are in a four way alliance called “The Regulators” – pictured below. In case you didn’t notice, this alliance includes one person from each of the four newbie pairs. The four of them will have each other’s backs when any of their pairs goes up.

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Everyone’s favorite summer guilty pleasure is back! Man is this show like crack. When I realized this episode was almost over, I was going through withdrawals already. As always (and I promised not to say this as often as Chenbot does), “expect the unexpected.”

The eight newbies first enter the house and meet each other for the first time. Shortly thereafter, Julie Chen informs them that they’ll have to partner up as everyone will be playing the game in pairs, and that three former pairs will be coming back. So far, my favorite players are Cassi, Kalia, Dominic, and Shelly. The rest I find annoying. Keith thinks he’s a mack daddy sent from God, Porsche thinks her personality is as good as the plastic surgery work on her boobs, Lawon just won’t shut up, and Adam won’t stop heavy metal screaming. What a nightmare!

Before they choose their partners, Julie also tells them that if you win HOH, you and your partner are safe for the week. You then nominate a duo for eviction, and that duo will campaign against each other to stay in the game. Yikes – so cutthroat! So here are the the newbie duos…

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Big Brother 13: Meet The Houseguests

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The summer guilty pleasure favorite is just one week away with the Big Brother 13 premiere. Today, the houseguests were officially revealed – well, mostly. Below you’ll find eight new houseguests that will be entering the Big Brother house for the first time ever. As I mentioned yesterday, the twist this year is “dynamic duos from the past will play a significant role.”

This has now been explained because the twist is that there will be six former houseguests that will paired up and will be returning into the game. The best part is that you get to vote on who you think those three pairs of former houseguests should be, choosing from six pairs of duos. Four of these pairs are from last season. Find out who they are and who the new cast members are below.

Meet the new and potential additions to the Season 13 cast after the jump…

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